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Live Blog Comic Books from All-Star Superman to Y the Last Man
MEPT722011-02-05 13:29:18

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Introduction/Mission Statement

So, my fellow nerds shut ins and tropers, being someone easily amused who also wants to get more attention for comic books on this forum I decided I'd go through my collection doing reviews like I did for Fortunate Son.

I'm going to mostly be going through good comics but I will try to be objective here, if something works in a comic I don't like I'll tell you about it, if something fails in a comic I do like I'll tell you. This is my personal collection and I don't buy for snark often so for the most part the books I have are ones I expected to be good, and most of them are fairly good. With a few exceptions the worst anything in the group gets is forgettably bland.

I'm going to start with the character who got me into comic books as a child (strange to think I was once a child no?) and actually with the saga that got me interested.


Feb 5th 2011 at 1:33:46 PM

But All-star Batman And Robin isn't in your domain?
Feb 5th 2011 at 1:51:18 PM
I don't have ASBAR, I might borrow it from a friend, but it's also been gone over so many times it's a lower priority.
Feb 5th 2011 at 2:46:26 PM
Well, I mean... you could always download stuff. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

That said, yeah, All Star Batman and Robin has seen its share of criticism, comment, and mockery. Were I you and I did have a trade or something, I still wouldn't do it.