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Live Blog MEPT Dies for your sins and reads Batman Fortunate Son
MEPT722011-02-04 12:48:58

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So yeah I originally bought this as a present, never did exchange it so fuck it I'll read it. I planned on hurting a friend who's a batman fan with this piece of crap. So since I'm going to read it I figured I'd share with you guys.

This comic is out of publication and I actually was "lucky" to find it at Comicopia in Boston, giving them a shout out because it's a pretty cool store, even though I think I might be 1/2 of the Boston tropers. My plan is to have this done today, but I may take my time to collect thoughts and make scans so you can see the umm highlights.

If you're wondering: yes Linkara did a review. Yes I know I'm uncreative, no I don't care.

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