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Fusionman2011-02-04 09:49:15

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Oh God this question. This was comedic gold.

A woman walks in with a blanket and a bottle of warm white liquid. I then ask how to respond.

THIS happened. Daltar's being all good while Daionus thinks that the white liquid is not milk. Yeah...

The arugument begins. Daltar: Ha! He won't be listening to you until his adolescent years, and by that time you'll be helping me in keeping him away from drugs, dealers conspirancies and more.

Daion: Ah, but I was given to him through acquired genes from his father, an avid player of the adventure games that came out recently, like Kings Quest and Leisure Suit Larry. My ability to find potential danger in even the simplest situation is guaranteed to be the only way he'll survive in this cruel world!

Daltar: Yeah, starving to dead and antagonizing the person in charge of nurturing and caring for you is the way to go if you want to survive.

I'll call you when the pedophiles start trying to drag us into the vehicle, until that keep quiet paranoid.

At this point I come in and spoil that it's not Everything trying to kill you Sierra style. Also we're 1 year old at this time...

We finally find out she's our mom and then hears the doorbell ring. She leaves the bottle in the crib and goes to answer.

Are we patient or impatient!? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON ALTER EGO!!


Feb 7th 2011 at 11:11:15 AM
Yeah this ain't working. Time to kill it.