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TotemicHero2011-02-03 12:44:53

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Phoenix Wright - Boot to the Head (Part 2)

The video:

Well, let's return to this strange tale of drugs, drink, France, and one very evil attorney.

and another for taking away

Taking away what? This attorney must have gotten a hold of some of that alcohol or marijuana, he's making even less sense now.

next to my knowledge and at the rolls and this is so predictable highly even go to the

Maybe you find this predicable. I'm completely lost. I just want to find out what the heck is going to happen to Mister Modems!

the with and wanted to be in the wind

Why would they want to be in the wind? Something's not right...I suspect the attorney is hiding something.

this takes care of family obligations

If this is how you treat your family, Mr. Attorney, it's no wonder people were planning exits and France doesn't want to deal with you. I think we've got ourselves a Villain Protagonist here.

and now to missus mulroney

Missus Mulroney? Is her first name Ivy, or Kara? Or is this a new character altogether? Urgh...

and who took care of me faithfully these and many many years

Given everyone's reliance on the head, I'm guessing it's Kara. Missus Kara Mulroney. Interesting...

who cared
made me laugh

Awww, she mind just be a nice person after all. The only one so far, sadly.

brought me team why didn't mind to missus motorola it might be please

Wow, this attorney is so pathetic that he can't even remember people's names. I'll bet most of the named characters I thought of before are all just the result of him forgetting details like that. This is starting to make sense now...

but to the head

Quit it with the head. That will get you nowhere.

and one virginia with

First France, now the state of Virginia. I'm beginning to wonder if these are the places this attorney's no longer allowed to practice law in. Maybe Mister Modems was involved somehow...



and so did not accept that means i need my entire bast

Well, that would seem to confirm that theory for Virginia at least.

would do that

Would do what? What sick extreme will you go to now?

and finally tonight are you know who is helped me understand a little

Your psychologist? It certainly sounds like Mr. Attorney needs professional help of some kind.

i need not have been to the head

So now he's figured out that going to the head is useless. Ah, at least he had some Character Development.

by the rabbit has many in double to be placed in this house arrest

So he's under house arrest due to his insanity and what he did? Makes sense.

okay thanks entirely my entire statement ten million dollars to the people in calgary simply

So this lawyer is writing his own will or something. It's finally coming together...

cannot afford to lose some additions

Why can't you afford it? Now I'm curious...

taxes displacing heart there's one last thing for everyone

Ok, this guy hates taxes. At least he's not completely insane...heh. But what is this last thing?


Get on with it...

history history ice cream that's all that's all

Ice that it? What does that have to do with anything?

but but

My thoughts exactly.

picket but to that

So he wants people to picket taxes for ice cream? Um...yeah, he's crazy.

In summary, this apparently is supposed to be the recountings of a very insane attorney who finally beat someone's guts out and was confined to his home due to this insanity. A interesting story, to be sure, and a definite twist on the comedy of the main video. And to think this was all due to audio transcriptions...


Feb 3rd 2011 at 3:50:06 PM
This is great. Keep it up!
Feb 5th 2011 at 8:22:46 PM
I lol'ed. Hard. NEED MOAR.

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