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TotemicHero2011-02-03 11:05:00

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As you may or may not know, certain You Tube videos now have an option to display automated audio transcriptions for the video. This is obviously intended to be for the hearing impaired. These audio transcriptions are done by Google's voice recognition software, and are still in the testing phase.

Naturally, being in the testing phase means the software somewhat misrepresents what's actually happening in the videos. However, what they do say is so different that effectively it becomes the equivalent of computer-generated fanfic. And naturally, this becomes prime material to take a look at and see what sort of tropes are being invoked (as well as poke fun at it in general).

Of course, I mean no offense to Google, You Tube, or the hearing impaired. Indeed, the fact that they have (inadvertently) created something like this makes me do a little happy dance, because it is honestly just as entertaining as the videos themselves, and is a step in an interesting direction of computer-generated fiction.

There won't be regular updates, due to not that many videos using this feature. I'll just update whenever I find a video with this and have the free time to post something. Each update will have a link to and brief description of the video in question, so you may compare them as you see fit.

Hope you all enjoy.


Feb 4th 2011 at 6:00:49 AM
Mustn't forget that the audio transcribe tends to politicize things, turning innocuous sentences into what are almost political statements (or at least constantly referring to political figures).

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