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Live Blog Love and Armchair Psych at St. Michaels Girl's School!
Aondeug2011-01-28 23:05:25

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Torn Skirts and Excuses let's try this Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo thing again shall we? As before in the old liveblog the game will go by the name of Shankwo from here on out because the title is too long for its own good. I'm sure there's an actual nickname used by the fandom, but that won't be used. This thing is Shankwo and that's that. For those too lazy to read the page Shankwo is a series of Yuri Eroge that take place at some school that is likely a private all girls' Catholic institution. You know how this shit goes.

And now...we begin...

We are first greeted to this image that you see here. This is our title screen and those our lovely forgot their names. Well. I will call them Pink Girl and Rapist for the time being. This here is the music that plays on the title screen and during much of the game. I don't have terribly kind thoughts on the music and will sum them up as kindly as possible. It is boring. As such I will be listening to other music while playing. Currently said other music is the soundtrack of Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg which you should listen to because it's awesome. Before I continue I must comment on this title screen...There is Cheeky Mouth. Aondeug does not like to see Cheeky Mouth. Rapist has patterns on her bra. This is the most interesting thing about this particular image I think. I'm not sure why I am so fascinated by those patterns. It's something that I haven't noticed until now and for whatever reason I'm busy going “Hey! Neato!”. That's enough rambling about the title screen though...There's still a game to play (well read really).

And now our adventures begin! We are treated to a picture of what appears to be the school track and are informed that whatever this thing is about it began in April. Which is the month I was born in. Pink Girl worries about the length of her skirt. I would worry too if I were in an eroge. She tells us that her uniform is “bean-jam colored”. Reference 1 src= Reference 2 (with some girl ass!). That isn't really “bean jam” colored...That's pointless nit picking though... We have other things to examine! Apparently the translators aren't American because they spell it coloured. Well that's pointless too...Now back to Pink Girl...She is spending her time fretting about her appearance and informing us that she bought an uniform one size too small...I am not sure I understand Pinky's logic much. Pinky also thinks that bows look like bunny tails (look at reference 2 to see said bow). This was what made her decide to go to this school. Pinky concerns me already and I'm not even in the game.

Aaaaaaaaaaand the school is called St. Michaels Girls Academy. Private Catholic all girls school. Yep.

And...what is this? Pinky's parents laughed at her and her homeroom teacher just gave her a bad look. Everyone lacks faith in Pinky. I can see why. Pinky can too since her grades are shit. At least she admits to this. Pinky is apparently a stubborn thing who can actually work hard when her mind is in it. Needless to say she got accepted. Oooh. I have learned Pinky's name! Oda Nobunaga Nanami. With that we have a scene

Behind the school buildings! Remember this location kids. Exciting shit happens here later and by exciting I mean sex. For the mean time though Nanami is busy moaning about her uniform being too tight. Again I have to wonder why she ordered one that was too small... She's a growing girl. Even her mom said so. Well it's certainly backfired on her is just driving her already low self esteem down the drain. Nanami quickly blames her mother for this. Nanami here is demonstrating a one of Freud's defense mechanisms by making up an excuse that passes off her guilt onto her mother. We call this rationalization and Nanami is a big fan of this as are most people. Nanami is aware that she's not being exactly truthful here and then proceeds to make the excuse of “sweets are to girls like catnip is to cats”. It can't be her fault. The temptation is too much for anyone to bear. So Nanami is making another excuse for the excuse she already made in an attempt to avoid having to accept that she was dumb and should have listened to her mother (who she is blaming remember).

Now away from the arm chair psychology and back to the plot. Nanami is continuing to fret. It is what she does. Fret and get raped. But...wait...what is this...AN OMINOUS SOUND?! This can mean one thing and one thing only. Her uniform has ripped. She proceeds to blame God for this when she could be blaming the tree branch that her skirt got caught on. Either it is an unfortunate stroke of luck and we can't really blame Nanami for this one. Her dreams crashing before her very eyes Nanami does the only thing she can. Cry. I probably would too to be honest.

However as always there is the convenient mystery savior to help us! A mysterious woman known in the game as ??? and to us as Rapist (you will learn why soon enough). Nanami is dumbstruck by Rapist's hotness and no longer feels like her world is falling apart. She compares Rapist to the Virgin Mary which is...distressing on many levels. This means that Nanami wants to bone Mary who happens to be a Virgin and the Mother of all mankind. Then again Nanami's Japanese so we shouldn't assume she knows anything about Christianity beyond “Churches are pretty”, “There are nuns”, “Jesus came back from the dead”, and “CROSSES OMG”. Moving on... Like all good convenient saviors Rapist has on her a sewing kit and offers to fix Nanami's skirt free of charge! Lucky you girl! After this Nanami realizes that she is smelling something nice...PERFUME. I am not a fan of perfume really, but hey if that's what gets Nanami hot and bothered eh. We also learn something new about Nanami. She is fond of vaguely infant like noises like “Auuu” and “Fweh”. Perhaps Nanami is trapped in a baby like mentality at her age in some ways. Plot wise Rapist informs Nanami that she can take a shortcut through the gym to reach the Orientation Ceremony in time. Nanami runs off and stops to ask Rapist's name. Rapist happily obliges and reveals that she is named Matsubara Yuuno. Like everything else about Rapist this makes Nanami swoon. After saying thank you she runs off to her precious orientation. And this my friends is how Nanami met her Onee-sama. This is also where our first entry will end.

But wait?! Where's the sex! That's coming. Next time. And boy is it a thing...a thing filled with rape. Not that I'm complaining. Rape's good.


Jan 29th 2011 at 11:05:45 AM
Lol. Yeah, comparing Yuuna to the Virgin Mary is very strange especially considering what gets revealed about Yuuna fairly soon.

At any rate, it's good to see this liveblog back up. More armchair psyche about a yuri eroge is always good.
Jan 29th 2011 at 11:45:01 AM
I quite enjoyed your last liveblog of the game. xD Thanks for the new liveblog/analysis.
Jan 29th 2011 at 4:18:53 PM
Mary is the mother of all mankind? I was not aware of this.
Feb 9th 2011 at 4:58:09 PM
...when's the next part coming?