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Live Blog Everybody gets punched: A Zeta Gundam liveblog
PataHikari2011-01-23 15:53:50

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Introduction + Episode 1: The Black Gundam

So after watching Gundam Wing, Gundam00, Turn A Gundam, and G Gundam. I decided to go back a little in my Gundam experience.

Zeta Gundam is the second series in the Universal Century timeline, and is considered by many the best of the lot. I know a lot of the big details through Popcultural Osmosis and Super Robot Wars. But I've never looked at the nitty gritty details that truly make up a show.

I'll be watching it streamed on Crunchyroll, if you want to watch along you can find it here.

Now, let us begin!

'Episode 1: The Black Gundam'

Right away we're shown an ominous sounding start.

Three mobile suits are flying through space, and one of them is piloted by Amuro's rival and enemy from the original Gundam, Char! But wait, the two others flying with him, Appoly and Roberto call him Quattro...

We then cut to a martial arts class, and meet the main character of our show. He's skipping class, claiming to be sick. The teacher smacks him in the face, knocking him down for it.

Expect this to happen a lot.

He's in a hurry, and is accompanied by a girl, his girlfriend? Maybe. She's nagging him for skipping practice, and calls him Kamille.

Kamille appears to not like his name, to the girls annoyance. It seems they're heading to the spaceport to see something. It's at this point that we realize that we're not on Earth, but in a Space Colony.

Kamille smiles for the first time in the show, looking at the stars, and he notices the three mobile suits in the distance, but doesn't see what they are.

Somehow Quattro feels it. Mysterious...

We reach the space port, and we first see the Titans. They're a military group, it seems.

One of them, a blond guy, overhears Kamille's name, and makes a crack about it being a girls name. This seems to be Kamille's Berserk Button.

So what does he do? Run over and punch the solider in the face! Again, expect this to happen a lot.

Really Kamille? You deck a solider surrounded by his buddies? You don't think things through, do you.

Naturally, he gets punched, dogpiled, and arrested.

We cut back to space, Quattro is investigating the colony, it seems it's a Titans secret base. He infiltrates the colony, what is his purpose?

He starts taking pictures, and he spots something, he takes pictures of the Titans base and gets ready to leave when suddenly a mobile suit appears in front of him!

It's a Gundam! It's black and ominous, Quattro's caught, and is going to have to run for his life. He takes a few pictures of the new Gundam, and high tails it out of the colony.

Meanwhile Appoly and Roberto have spotted the Gundam as well. The Gundam Mark 2. It seems that this reconnaissance mission was to find said Gundam, and so it was a success.

Back to Kamille, who's being questioned about the "A.E.U.G" whatever that is. Guess it's some subversive group.

We learn a bit more about Kamille, it seems he's good with Mobile Suits, winning some contest that involved them. The military guy seems to think that there's no way anybody would attack a member of the Titans without being a part of this group. A little egotistical, I think.

Kamille and Quattro get another magic space feeling.

A lawyer shows up and says that Kamille is free to go, the military guy makes a snide comment, Kamille insults him, he throws a book at Kamille, and then Kamille punches another solider. Honestly.

Before he can be beaten and arrested again, the ceiling collapses. The Gundam, it seems, has crashed into the building. Kamille decides to get out of this place in the confusion.

He dashes right past his mom, and then completes this journey of dumb decisions by stealing a car.

Surprise, surprise. The cause of the Gundam crashing is none other then the solider that Kamille punched in the first place.

And Kamille finally realizes that maybe he screwed up, just a little.

Next Episode: Gundamjack!

So the first episode was interesting enough. It established our main character's personality well enough. He's hot headed and impulsive. This will probably come to bite him in the rear end later.

'Slap Count: 1'

'Punch Count: 4'

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