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Live Blog Let's Write a Play!
Pannic2011-01-19 16:44:25

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As you may or may not know, I sometimes pretend I can write. So, one of my several ideas is a play about an internet flame war between two gaming forums.

So here we are, the play tentatively titled "Serious Business,"

Dramatis Personae for our play:

A Gaming Forum:

  • Righteous Fury, the administrator
  • Burnout, a user
  • Byron, a user
  • Ubermensch, a user
  • Luminatus, a user
  • Psychosis, a user
  • And other members

  • The Hat, a user, and also the administrator of

Another Gaming Forum:

  • Monocle, a user
  • Pipe, a user
  • Rapier, a user
  • Moustache, a user
  • Pocket Watch, a user
  • And other members

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