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windfalcon2011-01-17 14:38:14

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Set up and Prologue

Greetings Sentients! The humble windfalcon at your service.

This is my first liveblog, and technically, my first LP at all. Eternally Lost and Shlapintogan introduced me to this concept, and I've always wanted to do a Let's Play, but couldn't due to lack of a working recording set up. But I digress...

The game I shall be presenting unto you all is the first Final Fantasy. Why? Plot That isn't character driven, generic characters and most of all, no backstory whatsoever, just lots of questions and the ramblings of some old man to go by.

For this play through, I'll be using the following Heroes

Bormas the Charismatic Red Mage Leader and Certified Loon, the reason why these four are even adventuring to begin with.
Raldin the Stoic White Mage Smiter of Undead who sometimes remembers to heal.
Wicca the Annoyed Black Mage Don't call her a witch. In fact, Wicca might not be her name at all...
Joe the Sane Monk Bodyguard who has a tendency for pointing out things that don't make sense and questioning things he probably shouldn't.

Why these Characters? The White and Black Mages are a necessity in my opinion. The higher level stuff is useful, and the sheer amount of mana they get compared to the Red Mage makes them essential in survival later on. That, and early on, the Anti-Undead spells are a godsend since they hit all enemies, making the White Mage really useful. The Red Mage I chose because early on, he is about as tanky as the Warrior and brings to the table a mix of Black and White magic, making him an extra buffer/healer/nuker that can still deal decent damage without his magic. Finally, the Monk is there because he brings great amount of physical damage... but most importantly, he's cheap to maintain. The Monk doesn't require any weapons to kick ass, they slow him down. Add to that the minimal armor and you have yourself a very useful, cheap hero, allowing me to use money towards the rest of the party members. Of course. he also lacks the defense a warrior would have, but in the end its a good trade off since the White and Red Mages can buff him.

We'll get into the backstory of these four later, for now... the Prologue!

A great darkness shrouded the world. The wind died. The sea raged. The earth began to decay. Only a prophecy kept hope alive in people's hearts.

"When darkness veils the world, four warriors of light shall come."

And after journeying far, four young warriors did at last appear. In the hands of each rested a mysterious crystal...

How did they get these crystals? Where did they come from? And more importantly, how did they get to Cornelia?

We might find out all this and more, when I remember to post. Till next time, fellow Sentients! This is windfalcon, signing out.


Jan 12th 2011 at 2:52:49 PM
Oooh, this looks like it's going to get fun. I'm not a red mage fan, myself, but that could be because my only real experience with the class was my attempt of a "4 Red Gods" run which failed because I got bored as all hell from grinding. I do approve of the use of Monk, though, those guys get way too little love.