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Live Blog Let's Train With Hinako
Psyga3152012-03-09 20:02:36

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Part One: Oh Boy, Here We Go!

Hello. Psyga315 here again. Remember when I did Sleeping With Hinako? Well, I decided to do the one that came before it. Training With Hinako. The one that started it all. And given how Sleeping With Hinako gave little to no advice on how to sleep, I won't be surprised if this gives little to no advice on how to train. Train on what, you may ask? Well, the creators behind this wanted to have the Otaku population their answer to a weight loss video. How? Well, using Fanservice and a Moe character. Did they succeed? Well, look how the previous endeavour went and tell me what do you think? Nevertheless, we have to go back. At least this will be better than "Pooh and Friends do nothing at all"- I mean Pooh's Adventures.

Watch it here. Yes I know it's not Youtube, but unlike Sleeping With Hinako, I couldn't seem to find the video with English subs. Therefore, you are stuck with Veoh.

The video opens up with a woman watching anime. From what I hear, a battle is going on. And apparently the woman is laughing. So either it is the Magical Girl version of Go-onger, or it is So Bad, It's Good. From what I am hearing, the latter. The TV glows and apparently it sucks her into TV land. Maybe we should check out the midnight channel. Then static appears. Great, video over? All right, let us head home and...

Wataru: No, you are-

I know, I know. The static fades and we see a familiar face. In the shower. At least in Sleeping With Hinako, we saw Hinako fully clothed (if you can call it that), here she's nude. Then she notices us. Cue the "GAH! TOO CLOSE!" line in three, two, one.

Hinako: Ah! It's been too long!

Yeah, it was since the summer that I ranted on the Hinako series. It's nice to know she remembers me too.

Hinako: Humans! Real humans!


Hinako: Eh? I'm too close?

Why yes, yes you are.

Hinako: That's unfriendly.

Yes. Yes it is.

Hinako: I was so happy, too.

I know. I know.

Hinako: I'm Hinako, pleased to meet you. Uh... That expression. You feel like you have no idea what is going on? Uh... how should I say this?

Just say I am stuck in TV land. That seems to work.

Hinako: From your perspective, I'm an anime character, right?

Yeah. Your point?

Hinako: I don't know why but I guess I've become an anime character, huh?

Uh, yeah, you just said that.

Hinako: Some time ago, I was watching a really interesting anime then without thinking I screamed, "I want to go there!" I ended up in here. And thatís how I ended up being a character in an anime.

All right, something for me to pick apart! First, I am assuming that Hinako was the woman who was in the beginning, second, I mentioned how the anime she was watching seemed to reek of So Bad, It's Good judging from her reactions and the sounds of the fighting, and yet she calls it interesting. Then she decided to scream out that she wanted to be put in there, and yet she went into the shower... What? Wouldnít she be put in the place where the heroes are fighting? Wouldnít that make a more logical and more awesome plot? Nonetheless, she becomes an anime character,

Hinako: Even now I have questions of when I see myself in an anime.

You and me both.

Hinako: Um... thatís a pretty placid reaction.

Nah, ya think?

Hinako: Shouldnít you be more surprised?

No. Instead of being surprised, I am shocked at how large of a plot hole you left with that line.

Hinako: Letís do something together. A cooperation between anime and reality! What should we do?

How about we team up and take on a villain! Let me get my belt and...

Hinako: Letís play rock paper scissors!

Lol, wut?


Hah! Rock beats scissors! Eat it! That is what happens when you have the ability to replay videos!

Hinako: Eh? You donít want to? So no rock paper scissors... Oh! Weight Training! Letís do weight training!

Lol, wut? Why?

Hinako: Hmm... why weight training, you ask? This doesnít go outside.

{Is currently on the TV Tropes Liveblog system where most of the people reading this will know} Okay, spill your secret.

Hinako: Iíve gotten fat.

Oh, and the Big Comfy Couch style camera pans down. Lovely, let's give this anime more excuses to give us Ecchi.

Hinako: You donít have to see!

Yeah, it is not as if itís secretly a fanservice video... oh wait.

Hinako: Actually, this was sent to me yesterday.

She then shows us a letter. In the shower. Where it can get wet. Do I even have to make fun of this? Iíll read the letter.

Letter: Notice! Hinako-dono-


Dono? As in Tono? As in...


The letter just referred to Hinako as a lord. I repeat. Hinako. Is A Lord. Okay, there are actually a couple of reasons why she could be called Dono. However, since the common representation of Dono is Lord, we will use it as that. However, since one Shinkenger joke is enough, let us move on.

Letter: If you donít lose five kilos within three months, we will cancel the anime in question.

Lovely how they did not say what title of Anime it is. It could have been called Futas in Space for all I care. Okay, so she gave us the letter inside her room instead. That I can accept.

Hinako: As a result, do it with me! Weight training!


Hinako: Itís just push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, so itís nothing impossible.

Yeah... According to your workís page, Sit-ups are not recommended by professional fitness instructors, and they in fact will do worse to your body in the end.

Hinako: When it comes to things like this, itís important that you keep at it. Hmm, when I take a good look, arenít you a little chubby too?

Okay, I can admit that. While in Sleeping With Hinako, I wasnít tired and it was the afternoon when she began to sleep, here she has a point. Though this was aimed with the preconception that the people who would pick it up would be chubby. I liked the part where she played with the camera. But it still makes me not believe that I am really there, interacting with her.

Hinako: Itís decided then! Hey, letís get ready and start weight training together!

Actually, I am going to end this part here. I think this part has gone on long enough. Part of the reason is that Veoh does not split up the liveblog for me by splitting up the video, as in it's showing the full length video. The other reason is that I watched the video before hand, and it really lasts nine minutes. I will reveal in the final part why that is. Besides, this is a good place to leave off. Tune in next time so we can get our weight training.


Jan 11th 2011 at 9:12:00 PM
Yes!!!! This is going to be awesome.

Also, I felt dirty watching the exercise portion of the video at the beginning. This has even more fanservice than Sleep Training With Hinako.
Feb 27th 2011 at 6:41:50 AM
I watched this in its entirety. It was so hilariously bad.