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Live Blog Ithilion The Brave tests his courage! Let's Play Fatal Frame!
IthilionTheBrave2011-01-02 17:20:11

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Hello and welcome! This is a video LP of the first of the four Fatal Frame games. Well, not counting the cell phone game at least. This will be a video LP and rather than go through files in the videos I shall transcribe them in the post containing the video to read at your leisure. Tapes will be shown in the video, however, as they're usually not long and I don't really want to upload a bunch of really short videos. I might change my mind later on, however.

For those not familiar with the series, Fatal Frame is a sort of survival horror game. The item management isn't as nutty as, say, earlier Resident Evil or Silent Hill titles(in fact, there is no item management except for only being able to carry X amount of each item), but some of the puzzles are reminiscent of those series. Unlike those games, however, your enemies are ghosts and your only weapon is a camera. The rest, however, can be explained in the videos.

Note that this LP is sorta blind. I have played through a lot of the first game before, but it was over a year ago and I've forgotten most of the scares and other details. Also, commentary is recorded live because otherwise what's the fun in doing a somewhat blind LP of a horror game? I eventually intend to do the rest of the series, including the fourth game.

And now to transcribe the files, even though they're just tutorials.

Camera Controls - 1

"While holding the camera, press the (circle) button to take shooting stance, and to enter Finder Mode. You can take photos with the (X) or (R1) Button while in Finder Mode.

While in Finder Mode, you can control the player's viewpoint with the Left Analog Stick. (Square Button: Move finder quickly. Triangle Button: Turn around.)

Use the Right Analog Stick to move around while in shooting stance."

Shooting Ghosts "Hold up the camera with the O Button, and press the shutter with the X Button to attack ghosts. When the target is inside the circle, power (Mystical Power) accumulates. The damage you inflict on the ghost goes up as you accumulate more power in the camera.

Shutterbug Moment While you have the ghost in your viewfinder, and the circle glows, take a shot. You can inflict heavy damage when you take a shot during a Shutterbug Moment."