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Live Blog Nohaynicklibre (who hates moe) watches moe anime.
nohaynicklibre2010-12-31 06:16:26

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Lucky Star, Unlucky watcher

I'm so good at making titles. I think I should get a work relating to that. Anyway, in this liveblog I'll watch random episodes of those famous "moe" animes I really love to make fun of.Since I'm of the opinion you can't make fun of something without having actually watching it, I feel like this liveblog was necessary.

So anyway, let's start this. Today, I'll look to episode 9 of Lucky Star.

We start with the girls saying they should start whatever they are going to do over a pink background. And here it goes the OP!

Konata says she wants a sausage and the subtitles say "About 3 cm". Suddenly all the Hentai in Danbooru starts making sense.

Are the lyrics of this OP about something? Because it seems that the guy who wrote it was just dropping random words hoping they would rhyme.

We start with Konata saying the autumn is for reading, and says she has been reading lately. I BET IT'S MANGA LOL CUZ SHE IS AN OTAKU. I knew it. She says she doesn't go to libraries because there is no manga in there.

We cut to another skit where Konata is trying to study but gets bored and goes to the computer instead SEE LONELY OTAKU IT'S JUST LIKE YOU. For some reason her teacher is in the same MMORPG she is playing and tells her to stop with her bullshit and go studying. Konata asks her what did she do in her situation and the teacher says she just played games or took naps lol she is an hypocrite.


Tsukasa and her sister talk over some undefined orange background. They decide to study together. Then Tsukasa starts talking about some soap opera.Kagami asks her if she is going to watch it, but it turns out Tsukasa is going to tape it. Cuz you see, this conversation was totally funny and revelant to the plot.

Then Tsukasa starts falling asleep and Kagami calls her a retard. OK, not with this exact words, but I tried to spice it up a little.

Then Konata asks that girl with the pink hair (sorry, I don't know her name) to tell her how to study. We cut to a scene where Konata says she is ready to her exam. If she fails it at the end of the episode this will oficially be the most predictable anime ever.

Now they are in the library. Does this show know anything about transitions? I KNEW IT. I KNEW SHE WAS GOING TO DO BAD GRRHGRHRG. Oh, so the pink haired girl is called Muyuki. And of course, they have to remind us that they are totally Otakus and they play videogames JUST LIKE YOU. Why are they still talking?? I didn't expect this show to be as funny as Azumanga, but I expected it to have some jokes at least. And now they are talking about blood types. Oh fuck it, I'll just watch the first part of the video in Youtube, I think ten minutes of this is enough for my brain.

Now they are in a website that tells you what kind of sushi you are. I didn't know sushi had personalities. Oh wait it doesn't, just like every character in this show.

Ok, who kind of person phones her friend to clarify things about a blood type conversation? Did she get a new phone and it's testing it or what?

And here it ends the first part of the episode. I hope you can pardon me, but I'm not going to continue watching this.

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to watch Paranoia Agent, a show where things happen. And it's pretty moe too.

(What? Tsukiko is kind of cute)

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