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Live Blog From Dawn till Dust: The Rise of the Great Empire
Nightmare2010-12-22 17:05:59

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In the darkness, there was nothing. Then, a light appeared. From the light came the beginning, the word. With that light, a world was born. From the light, fire came. From fire, tribes. And from the tribes, soon, civilizations were born.

Alright, so my plan is to do a Civilization 4, Beyond the Sword Liveblog, taking you guys from the dawn of Civilization to the race to Alpha Centauri.

But what civilization? That's the hard part. The short list is...

America for quick expansion and flexibility. Aztecs for culture and flexibility. Egypt for culture, and fast border expansion. England for flexibility and money. Ethiopia for peace and expansion, plus stability. Germany for war. Japan for war. Native Americans for defensibility. Rome for war.

Alright, time to cut some civs. Let's knock out the Ethiopians. They're to peaceful, and there should be some excitement in this blog, wouldn't you say? Rome gets the boot because while they are nice to have, their leaders abilities don't make for long term effectiveness. The Native Americans are awesome to, but again, are to defensive. Egypt gets the boot for the same reason, war just isn't their strong suit. I'm not planning on a Domination victory or anything, but the option should be there. I'm not a fan of Japan, so they're gone to. They're just like Germany, only not as effective. While I'm a fan of England, they're out, as they're focus on money isn't something I want for this game. That leaves....

Americans Aztecs Germans

But who? The Germans and the Americans both can do research well, which makes them rather appealing to me. So that leaves them, sorry Aztecs(maybe next time). As the Americans are kind of predictable, I'll go with the Germans!

As for the leaders, I have two options. Otto Von Bismark, or Frederick the Great. Otto's good for making cities good, but Frederick allows for good research and easy expansion. So...guess who?

Yep, Frederick the Great of the German Empire, ready to build a great empire!

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