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Live Blog Penpals share cool stuff! Let's Play Pokemon, Generation 4!
AceOfScarabs2010-12-15 08:26:36

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Recapping and continuing!

Welcome back dear readers!

My never-ending LB will be expanded to include asides from my reunion tour of Heart Gold with my trainer from my past corrupted Silver file, recollections from my Renko's Ninetales run of Platinum, and eventutally, some sneak peeks at Black (JPN)!

(Here's a link back to my old and mothballed LB thread.)

For reference, my Player Characters from Generation 4:

  1. Mari: Short for Maribel, she is my protagonist for Soul Silver.
  2. Johto Wanderer Chris: My old trainer from my corrupted Silver file, he had 220+ pokemon before MISSINGNO corrupted his savefile. He's back to have a second chance at being a Master.
  3. Renko: a trainer from Sinnoh, she beat the League challenge with her trusty Ninetales Carla.
  4. Sinnoh Tactician Chris: My other trainer named Chris, he is from my Diamond savedata.

I'm going to get my Dialga to re-post last update here again before I carry on.

I has a Raider CS 35. Massive ammmo drum is massive. Slam Fire is fun, although I still think the Alpha Trooper CS 18 has better power, range, and accuracy overall. I even managed to get the double-ammo box set with 70 darts, so I now have a ton of ammo.

Celestrian Mina: I've just finished my second Revocation! Martial Artist is an awesome class.

Mari: Um, guys? Can we hurry up with the updating?

(Meanwhile, in an alternate universe...)

...Reeling from the repeated barrage of Mach Punches and weakened by the draining effects of the Leech Seed tendrils wrapped about it, the Onix toppled with a deafening BANG.

Johto Wanderer Chris: Excellent, Masha! Your kung fu is strong.

Masha the Breloom: Hee~ (bows)

Elite Four Bruno: Onix! ...How did your Breloom acheive that?!

Chris: Training, hard work, and guts! A good strategy can even overcome a level disadvantage!

(LP Note: Chris is right, you know. Black and White will make Sturdy a BIG part of this trickery :D)

(But enough about Chris, let's get back to Mari.)

(Celadon Megamart)

Mari: Phew, that was a lot of TM shopping. I'm surprised I have that much space in my TM case to carry it all!

Gnaw: Rmmph. (Palkia-space storage, I guess?)

Mari: Silph and Devon really make them spacious these days. Oh, heeeeeeey, is that the retro gaming section? C'mon Gnaw, let's see what old gems they have!

(LP Note: way back in RBY and even in FRLG, there was a whole floor of video games where a Move Tutor could introduce you to the awesome technique Counter.)

(Later, at the Celadon Pokemon Center Cable Wifi Club...)

Mari: I can't believe they still had copies of Final Fantasy III (US) in stock!

Renko: I know, it's been way too long since the SNES rotated out of the market.

Mari: I kind of understand. I mean, while I do love the Gamecube and Wii, some of the best comes from way back then.

Renko: By the way, you said you have a Red Gyarados last time...

Mari: Ah! I almost forgot! Hold on a moment, I'm logging out to get Gyarados out of storage.

(One quick trip to storage later...)

Mari: Sorry to keep you waiting, Renko, here is the Gyarados! (holds up Great Ball) He's quite a calm guy for a pokemon that was raging and rampaging at the Lake earlier.

Renko: It's probably his nature, not all Gyarados have bottomless supplies of anger. (holds up pokeball) Here's the Vulpix you wanted, she's one of my Carla's daughters, although she hasn't hatched yet.

(At mention of her name, Carla the Ninetales pops free of her pokeball.)

Mari: You're okay with me looking after your daughter, Carla?

Carla: Nnnn, nnn. (Any good friend of Renko must be a good person.)

Gnaw: Rrrrm. (She's quite a good kid, if a little trusting sometimes.)

Renko: Oh, hey Gnaw, you look much stronger than when I last met you.

(Gnaw smiles gently, or at least as gently as a fully-grown Feraligatr with a mawful of pointy teeth can smile.)

Renko: So, how's Sosuke? He still sticking with his Elemental Punches?

Gnaw (nodding): Rrrm. (He sure is.)

Mari: What Gnaw said. Anyway, they do give him a lot of type-coverage and flexibility, since he was able to use Ice Punch to outwit a particularly well-trained Vaporeon.

Carla: Nnn? (So what's that Gyarados like?)

Gnaw: Rrrm. (I dunno, never met him because I've never seen the inside of Storage.)

Their trade thus made, Mari happily bid Renko goodbye until their next meeting, and proceeded to swap the party around a bit so Gnaw could help hatch the Vulpix Egg.

(The next morning...)

Mari: Shall we go on out throughout Kanto, Gnaw? Maybe we can find a name for this Vulpix base on where she hatches.

Gnaw: Rrrrm? (How do you girls know the Vulpix is female before the egg hatches, by candling?)

(LP Note: Candling is an old farming trick used to determine the gender of a chick before hatching. Using a candle, one can see through the shell of an egg and see the embryonic chicken, and if it is sufficiently mature, determine its gender by simply looking! Of course, what I really did was save before the egg hatched, and reloaded after hatching it to see what I'd get (in terms of stats and movepool, of course, everyone should know by now that babies either take after their mother or non-Ditto parent in terms of species).)

Mari: Something like that...

-More-: Mari continues her tour of Kanto! Next stop, Lavender!

(LP Postcript: Lavendar is a REAL place in Singapore too!)

Now, on with today's update proper!

(Celadon Pokemon Center)

Mari: ...Anyway, do you want to pay a visit to Celadon Gym?

Gnaw: Rrmmm. (As long as you protect the Egg while we're there.)

Mari: Sosuke will help too.

Sosuke: Rrr. (Definitely!)

Gnaw: Hmmm... Hrrm rmm. (Hmmmm... Let Kenji help look after the egg.)

Mari: I thought you disliked him?

Gnaw: Nnnnrr. (No, I just dislike his ninja pride is all.)

(Celadon, outside the city Gym)

Mari: I wonder who left a PP Up out behind that tree?

(LP Note: They put it there again, just like in good old GSC.)

Old Man: Hehehehehe, this Gym is great! It's full oooooooof... (notices Mari) ...strong trainers!

Mari: Ha.

(Celadon Gym)

Mari: ...Where's the Gym Groupie? Don't tell me he's playing slots or something.

Lass: Hey, no guys allowed at the momen- oh, sorry.

Mari: Why not at the moment?

Lass: Some of us are changing in the back, so we shoo the boys out at times like this.

Mari: Ah.

Picnicker: Is that old lech still outside?

Mari: Yeah, he is. Does he keep coming here?

Picnicker: He sure does. We're kind of tired of his leering too.

Next: Erika!


Dec 18th 2010 at 5:10:04 AM
ACE: I thought you were "whited out" when the editor move the livebloggings! Pokemon pun totally intended.
Dec 18th 2010 at 4:13:05 PM
No, I merely took time off to mothball my own backup of my own LB.