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Live Blog Let's consolidate! Deja Vu and Retsuleer!
ShadowDog2011-03-16 18:04:32

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Consolidate and Conquer

I know there's an automatic index now, but this was originally 3 different live blogs. It'd be a bit confusing without a manual index.

The Deja Vu tetralogy:

Darn, I'm really neglecting you guys. When was the last time I updated this? 2 and a half months?

Part 1: Deja Vu (NES)

The LP that's started my LP career. And my habit of never updating... Sorry, guys...


Retsupurae for literature. The more eagle-eyed among you may have realized that leer is not a mispronunciation of read as it should be but just the Spanish word for read. I needed a blurb, what else can I say?

Pokémon Ash Gray (Abandoned):

Too much work for a single update. 25 hours for 2 updates...

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