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Live Blog Badfic Fetish has a thing for Stand My Ground (No, not that way!)
BadficFetish2011-03-06 09:19:10

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The Preps keep coming and coming (no, not that way!)

Apparently, it seems that I was wrong about Linda and her posse getting nerfed in the last chapter, as what logic there is left inside this work reasserts itself, allowing Linda to bet up Vanderslut and threw him bak to prison. Dubious yay, in that Linda's group only cares somewhat more about morality than Corrupted Self's.

Of course, Linda celebrates her victory by having an orgy in the Slytherin dungeon. As an added bonus, Hari and Pail Duud Eduird are given a mention. While that means that they're still suffering in Linda's dimension of horror, at least there's some continuity in this chapter.

Then, Snap and Loopin ruin the whole thing by continuing their old shtick of Voyeurism + Alleged Pedophilia. As an added bonus, the terrible OOC duo try to compound this with Blackmail, despite being outnumbered and outgunned. What Idiots. Drago defies them, saying: "NO, fakk u wankahs! Wankahs like u wud neva undastad ar luv.'

Soon after that, Linda uses the blasting spell and the shooting. They balsted off. See what I said about being outnumbered and outgunned? But then, Dolores Umbridge makes an appearance at Dumblidor's office.She sed, "Your office is in disary, you hav dangerous alzheimers, we are sending you to Azerbaijan." Dumblder pleads impotently.

Umbridge opened crap dor into Azerbaijan, and dumblder fell in. His alzheimers did too. So Hogwart's sewage system extends down to the Caucasus? Least improbable thing I saw in this fic. Rumbridge cackled like a bike, "My plan is cumplete, nao I am in control." She went on loud speaker, "All students get DOOOOOOOOOOOOOWN LIEKRITENAO and bow to me, the Head Nun of Haugwertz." As long as you don't imply that Hogwarts has always been a convent school, fine.

Linda says "OH NO" but ignores it later on in order to attend the concert of a new goffik band. Apparently, the best thing to do in this situation isn't to act immideately before the Uber-Prep's power is entrentched. What a shame. I could use a good "heroic" conspiracy right about now. Unsurprisingly, the band has a head singer named Koryomaru or Diadolo. Linda wonders hav I sen him be4? Yes, you have. Last chapter. Honestly, it's only the villains' lack of momentum that keeps you alive at this point. May your luck not run out when you least expect it.


Feb 5th 2011 at 9:48:57 PM
And the next chapter will porn