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Live Blog Badfic Fetish has a thing for Stand My Ground (No, not that way!)
BadficFetish2010-12-13 22:32:07

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The Goffik Carnival has a Roller Coaster

Chapter Two.

Linda uses Dumbledore's office as a toilet in revenge. He is predictably angry about this (as well as the sex). He shouts Do u now what u hav done? NO SEX ON CAMPUS! and twirls his mustache like an evil guy. Gee, we haven't seen that line before, have we? The OOC Headmaster then sends Linda out.

She was atakked on the way out by the preppies and raeped. But Domblider was watching and he said, "Its ok if a preppie does it. Especially to a goffik purson. Oh, no, you did not just say that. Oh, this incident will never be mentioned again and she will suffer no trauma for it in defiance of normal psychology, but it was still a horrible thing to do. Eat Trope Bullets marked Humiliation Conga, Pod Replacement!

Linda went into her dorm and watched a recorded Good Charlotte concert and slit her ristz. See, no trauma! Linda Darkness Dimented Ravenway Taracroft sat there, until she revived. Crosses and Steak will remedy that soon enough, methinks. Because she is a vampire. Don't remind me. Because vampire = hot. Orlok will disagree with you on that.

And then Orloc attaked and then Lidna danubed behind him and kilinated him!(geddit? Kill? Annihltae?). The Author's Psychic? I must put on a Tinfoil Hat!

Linda matt up with Harry and Darco, and they secret you know whatted. But of course! The Author only wrote her to facilitate OOC sex with hot people, and nothing gets in the way of that, isn't there. She was really hot. As if we don't already know. Hwoever they were ataked in the midle by... Here it comes... Crab and Gar Goyle! They had heel turned So they're good guys now? and turned to deth eaters and became a part of Deathly Voldemorte's Deathly Death Band of Doom: Voldemort and the Death Dealers! Boo! Your music sucks!

((OOC: Finished!))

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