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Live Blog Let's Play Jagged Alliance 2! (Redux
Nimitz2010-12-12 13:27:11

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Log 5: Nothing's Ever Simple

C: *yawns* Fuck, I'm exhausted.

Bunny: You stayed up all night, right?

C: Yeah, 'Rica did, too, to train these assholes.

Ben: Yeah, that ain't fun, but hey, they're learning, right?

C: Yes, but they barely qualify as soldiers. We need more ti-

Militia: *fzzht* One-One!

C: *sigh* What now...One-One here. Go ahead, Private.

Militia: I think I see movement, over by the trees!

C: What? Confirm your sighting.

Militia: I think I see...oh my God. Contact! There's a doz- *distant gunshot* A-aagh...!

C: Private? Private, respond!

Ellie: That shot came from the east, C. We've got trouble.

C: Shit. Alert! All units, converge at the entrance. We are under attack. This is not, I repeat, ''not'' a drill. Engage at will!

Militia: I see nothing to the south!

Militia: Oh God!

Soldier: *shoots*

Militia: Ohhh...

Militia: He's hit! Shit, man down!

Soldier: *shoots*

Militia: Aaagh, medic!

Generica: We're splitting up. Cia, Ellie, on me.

C: I'm hangin' back for now. Can't risk it with these wounds. Plus, I've got the radio.

Cia: I see him! That wanker's mine. *shoots a burst when she was supposed to shoot once* MINE!

Ellie: Um, are you okay?

Cia: Oh, just peachy. *shoots another unwanted burst* Ha ha.

Generica: Cia, cool it! Conserve your ammo, 10mm isn't very common around these parts.

Ben: Bunny, come with me. Stick around the toll booth.

Bunny: Got it.

Ben: You still got some grenades.

Bunny: Hell yeah, I do!

Ben: Keep 'em on hand. We may need them.

Soldier: *finishes downed militia, then gets shot himself* Ugh!

Militia: Aiiee!

Ellie: There's a ton of them out there. We can take them! *shoots* Tango is down.

Cia: I got him! *teamkills by accident*

Militia: *gurgles*

Cia: ...Oops.

Bunny: What the FUCK?!

Generica: CHECK YOUR FIRE! Cia, what is wrong with you?!

Cia: He was in my line of fire! I was aiming at-

C: Enough! We don't have time for this!

Cia: There, happy?

Generica: Well, maybe next time you can do it without killing one of our ohhhhh shit.

Ellie: Oh shit nothing! We will hold the line!

Ben: They're coming from everywhere!

Militia: Not one step back!

Militia: I got one!

Ben: Hey, a grenade would be pretty handy right now, Bunny.

Bunny: I hear ya Eat shrapnel, ya sons of bitches! *BOOM* YEAH! That's the shit right there!

Ben: Tango hit!

Ellie: Got another! I will end all of you!

Cia: Fucking DIE!

Generica: Conserve, Cia! Conserve!

Ellie: We're taking fire. Bring it on, I say!

Soldier: *shoots*

Ellie: Nngh, you think that'll stop me?! COME ON!

Militia: Got him! He's down!

C: [[ You can win this, people! Keep firing!

Bunny: You ain't got jack shit on us!

Ellie: Another one down!

Cia: Is that it?! Really?!

C: I'm grabbin' some cover by you! Keep it coming!

Ellie: AH! Figlio di una cagna...!

C: Ellie's hit!

Ellie: Aaaagh!

C: Get out of- fffffuck!

Generica: C, get back!

C: I am staying back! He just got lucky!

Militia: You should've left us alone!

Bunny: Grenade out! *BOOM* Holy shit, he burned to a crisp!

Ben: Idiots. Don't they know that bunching up is a bad idea?

Cia: He's not getting up! Neither are you! *shoots* Dammit. Getting there!

C: Go, I've got you! *shoots*

Ellie: ARGH! Go away! Why do you hate me?!

C: Ira, get up here! Ellie needs you! *click* What the?! God dammit, jammed! Gimme a sec!

Ira: Roger!

Generica: I've got your back! *shoots*

Cia: HA HA HA!

Generica: Cia!

Cia: You're going to die! *click* Oh, dammit. Not now!

Generica: That's why you need to fucking conserve!

Militia: He's dead! We're gonna win this one!

Militia: One-One, this is Two-One. We've got them on the run!

C: I can see that. Don't let it go to your head. Just finish them off, then we can celebrate.

Cia: I'm not done yet!

Generica: God dammit, Cia, kill shots only!

Cia: But that's no fun.

Ira: Hold still, now. This is gonna hurt a bit.

Ellie: Don't worry about that. Just patch me up.

Militia: He's finished!

Ben: He's in my sights. *shoots* That's it.

Cia: There's only one left! Kill that bastard!

Generica: Tango is retreating. Should we let him go, C?

C: Negative. Bunny, Ben, finish him off.

Bunny: Gladly. C'mon, let's go!

Ben: Right behind you.

Bunny: Oh, no you don't!

Ben: Don't kill him. Cover my advance.

Bunny: Wanna get all close and personal, eh? Alright, I gotcha.

Ben: Hold still, bitch. *shank*

Soldier: *gurgles*

Ben: He's down.

C: That was pretty cold of you.

Ben: Hey, I needed an excuse to use this thing. 'Sides, he deserved it. Anyway, I think we're done here.

It was a tough fight, but the mercs and militia wiped out the attacking force completely. I don't think they were expecting backup. C felt that two members of the militia performed admirably on the field, so he promoted them. He also gave them extra training and equipment.

I'm also buying a few more items from the store. I'm running low on funds now. Enrico's files indicate that Drassen contains a fully functional mine. If we can take it, we can use it to generate some revenue. We can't continue this operation if we run out of money, after all.

Until next time. Nimitz out.


Dec 12th 2010 at 7:57:56 PM
Alrighty, the LP has been moved, and we're ready to resume the civil war across Aruloco... or however it's spelled.
Dec 12th 2010 at 10:09:34 PM
Oh! Good! A comment section!

Well, nevermind. Maybe this system isn't so bad. I would rather it be on the forums, though...
Dec 13th 2010 at 5:09:12 AM
I actually would also prefer it to be on the forums, but... I guess it's cleaner this way.
Dec 17th 2010 at 10:04:33 AM
I agree with Deltasquid.

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