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SapphireBlue2011-03-05 16:22:17

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Chapter 18: Like, an angel?

No, really. That's the name of the chapter. You'll see why.

With that sidequest done, I begin to make my way back to the Lethe Forest. There will inevitably be easy battles on my way, so I’ll save you the details.

First battle’s intermission is with Lucia. Lucia wonders why Alph keeps looking at her, and asks if he likes her or something. My options are “Are you crazy?” “Yeah, actually,” and “Do you like me?” I’m not sure if it’s the second or third option, but I decide to pick the second. She seems surprised, and says to quit staring at her. Should’ve known that wasn’t the right answer. x_x

Second battle’s intermission is with Mel. She says she wants to travel and reprimand all evil. My options are “Why don’t you?” “I’ll tag along,” and “It’s too dangerous.” I choose the first one. She seems really offended somehow, so I guess that was the wrong answer. I wonder why? It seemed reasonable enough. Did I accidently choose the wrong one? I don’t think so…

After that, there aren’t any more battles I have to fight. I enter the village. First thing I do is appraise my Vitae. I seriously spend all my money on that. D: Well, anyway, that’s all I can really do here. I leave, save, and go back to see what’s under “action.”

I can talk to Alice and Therese, or I can talk to Sage Payan. I go down the list, choosing the first option first. They say that after the ancient battle, the dragons gave this land to the Witches. The forest is made to protect Witches and Mother Lapis. Payan just has some philosophical stuff to say. It’s really not worth repeating.

This is odd. I’m supposed to go here, but there’s nothing to see. What’s up with that? Is there somewhere else I’m supposed to go?

Oh. There’s another thing over there that’s actually marked “Lethe Forest.” I see. There’s a battle on the way, so I go into that.

Ah, yes. I remember this map. It’s very long and jagged, and I start in the middle. I have four guys go one way and the other four go the other. A ways in, things are going well. Saki died, but she’s the only one. Oh wait, Kai died too. So now I have three on both sides. Actually, I just have Theo on the one side, because Lucia and Kai just died too. Wow. Hope I can make it through this…

Now Theo is dead, leaving only three of my guys left. OK, make that four – I just brought back Nicolai. I’ve got three enemies left, one of which is close to death. Oh wait, just killed it. Just two more left. This shouldn’t be too hard. Just one more to go now. It’s almost dead. One more attack should do it. Aaand, there we go. Battle won.

I get four Vitae and 5500 Rico for that. I intermission with Lucia. She asks if Alph worries about what his party is going through. My options are “Why don’t you worry about me?” “I’ll watch out from now on?” and “Always.” I pick the last option. She says she’s impressed at how much Alph cares about his friends. She gives me a Magi-Max for that.

OK, on to the forest! I save, and enter the area. Yep, this is the chapter I was thinking it was. Hooo, boy. Things are about to get interesting.

The church is at the entrance to the forest. Hugo says that the Witches live beyond here. A strange blonde girl is there with him. She has blonde hair and wears white, with a white bow in her hair. She also has a halo and white wings. So she’s an angel? But if the God that the church worships is evil, then what does that make her?

She says that the place has a really nasty vibe. Yeah, she talks all “valley girl.” It’s pretty annoying. Hugo calls her Priel, and asks why she came along. Hugo has some kind of weapon that’s made to destroy the barrier around the forest. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t work. Priel says it’s pathetic, and she gets rid of the barrier herself. Wow. She can do that? Sounds like we’ve made a pretty powerful enemy.

Meanwhile, Claire senses that the barrier has been destroyed. Vivi says there’s people from the Church here, along with someone else nasty. All of a sudden, Vanessa warps in. She asks why Claire left the village unattended. Mel says that we don’t have time to blame each other. She has to come with us. She agrees to do so, and we go back to the village.

When we get there, Alice and Therese say that they saw strange men here, and they’re headed towards Mother Lapis. Claire is horrified. Vanessa is furious, and Claire says it’s all her fault. But we don’t have time for that. We have to go!

The menu pops up, and I choose “action.” I can talk with Lucia, Vanessa, or Claire. Lucia says that Mother Lapis is a matriarchal spirit to the Witches. If she was destroyed, the planet wouldn’t be able to heal itself anymore. The church uses Rune, and Rune can’t destroy her, so we should be fine. But she’s still worried.

Talking to Vanessa has her asking Kai if he wants revenge. After all, he’s a survivor from the Eurus Knights. He says he’ll have his revenge, but not on her. It’ll be on the Round Table Council. Vanessa actually stopped the Lapistier from going out of control.

Talking to Claire has her disappointed that she couldn’t protect what the last dragon left for them. She’s also surprised at how easily the barrier was destroyed.

Anyway, I go back, stop by the world map to save, and then continue on. We go into a deep part of the forest, and the group notices that Hugo is talking to a strange girl. She doesn’t look like the Steel Witch, so who is she? Turns out Hugo and Priel are arguing over whether to destroy Mother Lapis or take it back to have research done on it. Priel says that she was born to see God’s rebirth, and she wants that done as soon as possible. The group shows up to try and stop them, but Priel seizes her chance and breaks it.

The witches, of course, are horrified. Cecille says her head hurts, and suddenly collapses. Mel asks Priel who she is. She says she’s an angel, and is “Master God’s” number-one fan. She’s been commanded to destroy the Witch Village.

Cecille’s head is still hurting, and all of a sudden, the scene changes. We see Cecille and some swirly colors in the background. Someone is calling out to her. It’s Mother Lapis, the mother of all Witches…including her. Cecille protests that she’s not a Witch, and Mother Lapis tells her to search her memory. She says that she doesn’t have much power left, so she’ll use what little strength she has to awaken Cecille’s power. Cecille says she remembers now. She is…

The scene switches back, with Cecille and Saki standing there. Mavi can sense an energy coming from Cecille. Dark Rune? Nicolai remarks that she’s changing. Cecille says that she just remembered her true duty.

Awesome music is playing right now, as a picture appears. Cecille is standing there, looking completely different. Her outfit has changed to this gothic maid outfit looking thing, complete with frilly headband. Her ringlets are sticking outwards now, and her hair is blonde. She’s carrying a huge spear. She says that she represents the darkness. She’s the Twilight Witch.

Yeah, this is the class change I mentioned a few times. The first time I played through the game, I didn’t expect it. But there were hints dropped earlier in the game. Like, remember how when they first went to the Witch Village, she thought she heard someone welcoming her? Yeah. Not too subtle, eh? But when I got to this point, I’d forgotten about that. Actually, it was about this time that I was wondering where the Witch that controlled darkness was. After all, we’d seen all the others.

Now we know. For whatever reason, the other Witches seem surprised. Odd. You’d think that they’d remember their “sister,” right? Guess they just didn’t think that it was THIS Cecille.

Hugo comes over, and is shocked to find out what’s happened. Cecille says that he treated her VERY WELL when she was a priestess. I didn’t add that capitalization, by the way – it’s in the game. Oh ‘’wow.’’ I hope that isn’t implying what I think it is.

Hugo orders Priel to kill them. Before the battle starts, Cecille and Saki learn the Lily Rondo synergy.

Looks like Alph, Vanessa, and Cecille are required. Along with them, I bring in Theo, Nicolai, Saki, Kai, and Lucia.

I don’t remember this battle being very difficult, but I save at the beginning anyway. First thing I do after that is check out Cecille’s spells. She has Heal All (a very good healing spell with a wide range), Restore (a full revival spell, sweet!), Cure (which cures status ailments), two dark-based attacking spells, and a magic power buff. Pretty awesome, eh? She’s still the same level as before. Not that it’s a problem, though, since she’s about the same level as everyone else.

A look around the map reveals that my opponents are Priel, Hugo, two knights, two mages, and two archers. I begin to move forward. Priel uses a flash drive on Saki, but she survives. I begin attacking a nearby knight and archer.

K, so the knight and archer are down. Cecille’s gotten the chance to use her healing spell. It rocks. A bit later, Alph becomes the first of my guys to hit level 40. Have I mentioned that Priel has a REALLY annoying voice? Because she does. I mean, I’m sure it’s supposed to be annoying, but STILL!

Speaking of Priel, she just killed off Kai and Nicolai. On the plus side, the fight is going quite nicely. And I just noticed that Lucia’s heart icon is half full now.

Oh! Glitch! Cecille’s character class still says “priest.” Oops. It’ll probably fix itself the next time I use her, though. OK, Priel goes down now. About her voice, though, whoever did it must have had a lot of fun acting.

I’ve just got an archer and a mage left to take out now. Also, Cecille’s physical attacks are actually useful now!

OK, battle won. That was pretty easy. My reward is 6200 Rico, three Vitae, and an Onyx Band. It appears that Cecille’s intermission gauge has reset as a result of her class change, so I’ll intermission with her.

Priel warps away with Hugo after the battle. Vanessa warps after them, so she’s gone again. Lucia asks Cecille what happened. Cecille says that what was left of Mother Lapis spoke to her, and returned her memory and her powers. Apparently she sealed them in order to prepare herself to fight God, and also to meet Alph and the others.

Also, there’s something among the pieces of Mother Lapis. It’s the Dark Lapistier. Cecille left it there before she left the village. She says we don’t have much time. We have to go to some kind of ruins. Apparently, she knows something that Claire doesn’t. So we leave for that.

My intermission starts. Cecille says she’s sorry for hiding that she was the Twilight Witch, even if she didn’t know it. My options are “You’re still you, Cecille,” “Don’t worry about it,” and “Don’t hide anything from me!” I pick the first one. She says I’m right, and gives me a Vitae.

Kopin says he’s been having headaches recently, so he went to the hospital. The doctor screamed, and Kopin is waiting for his results. The picture shows a little bump on the back of his head. No idea what it is.

Anyway, that’s all for this chapter. Now all seven Witches are on the same side. Except for maybe Vanessa. Who knows what she’s doing. Sounds like we have to go somewhere quickly, but we’ll save that for next time.

Thanks for reading! By the way, I’ll be getting my copy of Pokemon Black tomorrow. That combined with schoolwork means that I might not get to updating for a while. But we’re getting closer to the end of the game. (Which, by the way, is chapter 25. Just in case you were wondering.) It shouldn’t take me too much longer to finish.


Mar 7th 2011 at 7:19:09 PM
I've beaten the game myself at this point, but I still have yet to understand how everything worked out in Cecille's favour.

How did she get to the Ever Garden from Mother Lapis? My guess is that she was left unconscious after the memory drain, and some Witch decided to teleport her away.

How old was she when this happened? She'd need to build up a great deal of trust with the Church, but pre-sixteen-ish (or however Witch age works) seems a tad young to plot out something like this.

And sure, her new choice of lances is clearly more useful than staves she can no longer wield...but how come any new stores from this point on carry lances but no staves, while the earlier ones still carry staves but no lances? ...Granted, this last one's mainly video game logic, but I do remember a mining town that could sell ya a scythe for Vanessa...

All puzzlement aside, it's good to see that you're still doing well on this. Thanks for taking my advice earlier; when other good leveling opportunities pop up, I'll be sure to let you know. Best of luck with the battles ahead, and have fun with Pokemon Black!

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