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SapphireBlue2011-03-05 09:52:26

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Sidequest - Save the Minnopi!

At EndarkCuliís suggestion, Iím going to stop by a few earlier towns before I head back to the Witch Village. Either way, I have a few battles to pass through.

During the first of these battles, I actually see a bit of lag. Which is odd, because this isnít the map that I remember lagging. It quickly stops, though, and the fight goes on. And then it comes back later.

My rewards for that are 5000 Rico, an FP-Fizzy, and three Vitae. I intermission with Saki. She says thereís something she wants. My choices are ďThe Thunder Lapistier?Ē ďA new weapon?Ē or ďA fashion accessory?Ē Iím not sure which of the first two to pick, but I decide to go with the top one. She says that even if she did reclaim it, it wouldnít bring back her clan. So that was definitely not the right answer.

Next battle. Iím barely getting any experience from these guys. This should be quick.

Yep, it was. I get 4500 Rico and four more Vitae. I intermission with Lucia. She says the enemies are getting stronger, and we canít afford to underestimate them. My options are ďYouíre exactly right,Ē ďDonít you ever relax?Ē and ďYouíre underestimating ME!Ē I pick the middle one, because the first one seems like Iím sucking up. She says yeah, she can relax. But thereís a job to do. She doesnít want Alphís relaxing to end up costing him and his friends.

First place I go to is Dotravar. I have the option to talk to Vivi, so I take it. Sheís napping, and everyone comments on that. Apparently, thatís just how she is. Then she says someoneís calling her at the magic forest. The conversation ends there, so I donít know whatís up.

Next, I head to Ridget. I have the option to speak with Mavi, so I choose to do so. She says that humans are so selfish. Alph asks her why she hates humans so much. She says sheíll show him. Apparently if I go to the Palu Forest, Iíll find out. OK then, Iíll do that. Sidequest time!

I donít remember where Palu Forest is, but I think itís pretty early on. I head back towards the first map, and get caught in some easy battles. Oh well. Itíll give me chances to do intermissions, anyway.

First battle is incredibly easy. Afterwards I decide Iíll intermission with Mel for a change. She says ďWe won! Itís the berries!Ē My options are ďYeah, it feels great!Ē ďWhat berries?Ē and ďItís not that good.Ē As tempted as I am to choose the middle option, I pick the first one. She says that delivering justice always makes you feel good. She gives me a Magi Soda.

Honestly, I think Iíll just report the intermissions during this part. Iím in an early area, so the battles are short and VERY easy. Nonetheless, some of my guys were pretty close to leveling, and the meager experience they get from this is enough to level them. Lucia levels to 35 and learns a new spell.

I intermission with Saki for the second battle. She asks how I view the other members of the group. My options are ďAs my lifelong friends.Ē ďAs my disposable minions!Ē and ďas my reliable comrades.Ē I pick the first one. She says thatís exactly how she views the group as well. Weíre not only her comrades, but her important friends.

OK, I get to the first map in the game. Just as I thought, Palu Forest is here. I go over to it, saving before I enter. The group walks through the forest. They donít know what theyíre looking for, but Mavi says theyíll find it soon enough. After another ďNicolai is a pervĒ moment, we finally find it. Alph asks what, and Mavi tells everyone to hide in the bushes. We see a group of hunters. Theyíre apparently searching for something. That ďsomethingĒ is later revealed to be some Minnopi. One hunter asks if they should kill it, and another says theyíre still valuable even dead.

Before they can, though, Mavi comes out and stops them. Theyíre killing innocent animals out of greed, and she canít let this go unpunished. Seriously, Mavi? Thatís why you hate humans? Weíve killed Minnopi before. Heck, I thought they were monsters! Maybe itís the intention behind it that she hates? I dunno.

Mavi says that these guys are hunting the Minnopi to extinction. Apparently, their noses are a favorite delicacy among aristocrats. They can also be used to make a potion thatíll make you live longer. No one else was aware of this. Mavi says that the Minnopi are an endangered species because of poachers like them. Well, looks like weíre going to fight the hunters. Wow, this isÖodd. Never expected to see something resembling a Green Aesop in a game like this. But if itís a chance to level, then Iíd be glad to do this. I have to bring in Mavi, Nicolai, and Alph, but the other five are up to me. I choose Mel, Saki, Lucia, Theo, and Cecille.

First thing I do is check out the situation, andÖholy crap. These guys are around level 36. Thatís pretty high. I mean, I have eight guys for this sidequest, but there are eight of them, too! Although 36 is about where my guys are, so I guess Iíll be alright. Just to be safe, I save before doing anything. I begin attacking one of the guys. Mavi levels to 37 and learns a new spell. When Luciaís turn comes around, I check her new spell. Itís called Heal Bomb, and it heals a lot of HP for units in a small area. Should be useful here. I continue attacking the same guy, and Alph levels to 36.

First casualty already. Mavi goes down. Thankfully, Cecille should be going soon, so I can revive her. When she does, she levels to 37.

Saki kills the guy I was focusing on. She levels to 37. Things are actually going pretty well. Saki almost dies, but I heal her in time.

Theo is the next to die, but Cecille resurrects him right away. Saki dies next. Mavi dies again. Nonetheless, Iím actually doing pretty well. Alph dies. Then Lucia does, but I managed to take someone down. I revive Lucia, but then Saki dies. Wow. Um, looks like Mel learned Revive, so hopefully I can use that. At this point, Iíve basically lost. Time to restart and try again.

I load my battle save, and give this another try. It seems doable, if difficult. This time Iíll try to take out the Bandits and Savages first, because they have ranged attacks. There are four types of enemy in this fight: Thieves, Bandits, Savages, and Pirates. Thieves are probably the least worrisome. Bandits, like I said, have crossbows. Savages are stronger versions of them, and Pirates are stronger Thieves. Iíll have to be careful this time around.

I have Nicolai use a speed buff on Cecille and Mel, because theyíre slow and having them be faster will make things easier. Mel dies, but I can bring her back. Mavi dies next. I have Cecille bring back Mel, since healers are more valuable here.

Alph and Saki go down next. I bring Alph back as soon as possible,but then Nicolai dies. Maybe I should bring in some stronger guysÖyeah, Iíll do that. I restart the game again.

This time, I bring in Cecille, Mel, and Lucia, but also Kai and Vivi. That should make things a bit easier. Actually, on second thought, not Kai. Iíll just bring Theo like before, because he has ranged attacks.

I save this battle, and begin. I start by buffing some of my guys for speed and defense.

A while later, two guys are down, and I have four left. Iíll try and res as many of my guys as possible. But it doesnít end up working, and I lose again.

OK, Iíll give this ONE more try. If I donít do it, Iím taking a break.

A ways in, things are going pretty well. But then my guys start dying. Thankfully, Iím down to four of them. Actually, make that three. I might be able to win. Now Iím down to two, with four of my guys left.

Alph just managed to paralyze one of them. This is great! I now have five guys left, and only one enemy who can attack. OK, make that four of my guys, but I can still do this. Now Iím left with just the paralyzed guy. He goes down in one more attack.

Phew! That was pretty hard, but at least it got me a lot of experience. My spoils are 3000 Rico and a Vitae. I intermission with Saki, who was in the battle because I forgot about saving when I brought in different guys.

Anyway, now that those guys are gone, the Minnopi can go free again. Mavi tells us that this is why she thinks humans are foolish and shameful. They have no respect for life, and will do whatever it takes to satisfy their greed. Alph admits that thereís truth to that. She says sheís not fighting God for the sake of humans. Sheís doing it for the planet. She then walks off, leaving Alph and Nicolai disappointed. I was kind of expecting a Humans Donít Suck Speechô from them, but that didnít happen. Wow. Seriously Mavi, calm down. Youíve been working with a group of perfectly nice humans (plus two dragons), so you'd know that we're not all bad. Plus, youíve never complained before. Whatís the deal?

Anyway, intermission. Saki asks why Alph is looking at her like that. My answers are ďYou look upset,Ē ďY-Youíre really pretty,Ē or ďYouíre weird, Saki.Ē I answer with the first one. She says it must be because sheís trying to focus her energy. Thatís it. Guess it was the second one? I dunno.

Anyway, thatís all for this sidequest. Iíve had enough for now, so I save and quit.

That was really odd. Granted, if anyoneís going to be concerned about endangered monsters animals, then itís going to be the Nature Witch. But still, that felt a little out of place. Iím fine with stuff like this if it's subtle, but that really wasnít. Actually, I donít even know if thatís what it was supposed to be. Probably just some bit of backstory.

Anyway. Next time, Iíll go back to the Lethe Forest and see whatís going on there. I apologize for taking so long to update. Iíll do my best to finish this LP. By the way, Iíve started my Last Exile liveblog. Itíll probably be kind of slow to update, since Iím still working on this one, but Iíll still be working on it. If you have any interest, then Iíd suggest you take a look. :)

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