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Live Blog Let's play Luminous Arc!
SapphireBlue2011-02-12 13:20:17

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Patience is a virtue

What I usually do when I pick my units is choose the ones that need leveling. In this case, however, that might not be a good idea. So instead, Iím going to bring in some of my higher level characters. I can always balance it out later with map battles.

With that decided, I go through the scenes again and get back to the preparation screen. Besides Alph and Lucia, I bring in Cecille, Mel, Claire, Kai, Mavi, and Nicolai. Itís a decent mix of levels, so I think Iíll do better this time. Letís get started!

Kai moves forward, and Mavi buffs Mel, Claire, Nicolai, and Cecille for defense. Alph uses his shield thing on Lucia and moves back. When Claireís turn comes around, I check her spells. She has two attack spells and three debuffs (for magic, attack, and resistance). Could be helpful. I move her forward and attack one of the knights.

Aaand then Lucia dies. I see a pattern here. I start over again. This time maybe Iíll try and use Alph as a meat shield for Irisís attack. After a few turns, things go well. Alph is the only one attacked, and he survives, leaving Lucia in the clear.

One of the two knights that start near me goes down, and Iím working on the other one. Lucia is safe for now, and all my guys are alive. This is going smoothly, but I still have to be careful.

First casualty is Alph, but I can bring him back fairly easily. Second starting knight goes down. Now I just have the cleric and all the guys near Iris to deal with. I have Lucia bring back Alph, and have Claire heal him to full health with a Vi Tonic.

One cleric down. Thereís still the other one to deal with, but I think Iíll be OK. Mel dies, but she can be brought back as well. Mavi does so immediately, and sheís quickly healed to full health.

Three out of four knights are still dead. Unfortunately, Iris isnít. Iíll have to take her out as quickly as possible. As if in response to this, she kills Kai with a flash drive. Iíll bring him back later. Right now I have to focus on Iris. Cecilleís turn comes around fairly quickly, and she uses her Revive spell to bring back Kai. Right now, the only ones left are iris, a knight, a magician, and a cleric. The cleric might be trouble, so Iíll take her out if I have the chance. Aw, HELL. Iris has a charm attack? She uses it on some of my guys, and it works on Alph. Iíll have to cure him of that as soon as possible. In fact, Iíll do that now.

Good thing I did, because he gets a turn right after I cure him. And the magician soon goes down. Iris is almost dead, so I have Alph finish her. Or almost finish her, anyway. Claire soon comes in to finish the job.

After taking the knight out, the cleric is the only one standing. Mavi dies, but thereís no point bringing her back when Iím this close. Nicolai deals the final blow, and wins me the battle.

My spoils are 5600 Rico and four Vitae. I decide to intermission with Lucia. Everyone remarks on how Lucia and Alph are formally bonded. After a bit of that, Claire tells Alph about what his and Theoís stones made. Itís the Light Lapistier. Alph offers it to Lucia, but she tells him to hold onto it. Claire says that if they stay here, the Church will eventually find them. So she suggests that we return to the Witch village. Well, thatíll give me a chance to appraise all those Vitae Iíve been finding. Sounds good. Mel asks if Mother Lapis is still there, and Claire says that sheís still being protected by the barrier. They do decide to move her to the village, because itís too dangerous to leave her out in the forest.

The scene switches to Kingston, whoís surprised that Iris was defeated. Iris is still alive, though, and it sounds like she'll stay that way as long as she still has the Thunder Lapistier.

My intermission starts. Lucia says Alph looks proud of himself. He doesnít think heís actually good, does he? My options are ďEh, I can improve,Ē ďThink!? I KNOW Iím good!Ē and ďYou really helped, Lucia.Ē I pick the top one. She says she was sure Iíd be overconfident after this victory. She tells me to keep training, because I still have a ways to go.

Kopin woke up and found himself on a cutting board. NOES! D: Donít worry, heíll live to be weird another day.

Well, my next destination is the Witch village. Itís a ways to go to get back there, but itíll give me a chance to train a bit. If I remember correctly, thereís a few twists awaiting us when we get there. Keep an eye on this liveblog, because things are about to get interesting.


Feb 12th 2011 at 9:47:36 PM
And thus, a glorious victory was achieved! An excellent display of perserverence, if I do say so myself. I usually don't have Claire, Mel, and Nikolai in the same battle due to how long it takes for them to get a turn in, but it looks like the combination paid off for you in the end. Still, it might be wise to utilize (and maybe Intermission with) speedy characters like Vivi for the upcoming challenges.

...Oh yeah, one other thing. A couple of entries back, I think I asked about how often you did Actions in places you've already visited. Well, I've been looking through a few guides recently (mainly about Vitae fusion & the Intermission), and methinks that you'll be interested in checking out Dotruvar and Ridget before you move past Chapter 18. I'd understand if you chose to ignore this advice (it's YOUR blog, after all, and I am but a humble observer), but it might help boost some of your allies' levels...
Feb 14th 2011 at 7:20:09 AM
Hmmm. I never thought to do that. I think I"ll give that a try. :) Thanks for the info.

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