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Live Blog Let's play Luminous Arc!
SapphireBlue2011-09-20 21:33:34

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Not much to say here. Weíve got an evil god to stop, so letís begin the finale!

I move into the area thatís just opened up. It takes me to whatís either an icy island or a tangible fluffy cloud. Looks more like the former, though. Itís labeled ďHoly Land Canal.Ē I enter.

The final chapter gets its name Ė ďThe Light.Ē You know how I said before that they didnít even need to bother with the ďlast resortĒ talk? Yeah. ĎNuff said.

The background is very blue. Itís cloudy, and there are visible cliffs. That same music from the last battle is playing right now. Iím not sure whether itís pretty or creepy. Lucia says that she didnít expect the portal to be at a place like this. Theo is worried about whether we can really beat a god, but Vanessa tells him that we donít have much choice. We need to completely destroy Zehaalís soul this time. Lucia again says sheís ready to use Over Flash if she has to, and Alph says heíll protect her no matter what. Claire says we have to take back our planet, so no one will ever have to be afraid of Zehaal.

Alph asks Lucia what she thinks will happen to the world after this battle. Lucia is surprised that heís asking that question now. The group doesnít have time to focus on the future right now Ė there wonít BE a future if they lose. But since Alph brought it up, she asks him what he thinks. He says that since the Churchís foundation has been shattered, its followers will be thrown into chaos. Maybe then it wonít matter what everyone is Ė Witch, dragon, or human. That sounds nice, right? Lucia says it does. Alph is surprised at first that Lucia agrees with him, but then he gets excited. Now they have to win in order to make that future a reality.

All of a sudden, this gets sappy. Lucia says that the reason she can fight is because of Alph. Alph is a bit flustered, saying that sheís always been strong. She saved his life, right? Lucia asks him to make a promise. He has to protect the planet, no matter what happens. He says he will. Heíll protect the planet and her as well. She thanks him, and they go off to begin the battle.

Thereís no menu. It skips right to Zehaal. After a thousand years, heís come to bring this planet to an end. Our heroes appear, and we get a whole bunch of really cheesy dialogue about how the Witches shouldíve destroyed him a thousand years ago, and how he will kill them all, and how no, itís HIM whoís doomed. Typical final battle banter.

Oh look, thereís my menu. I can return to the world map, or I can begin the battle. I move to the world map, save, and come right back. When I choose to advance the story, Iím taken right to the preparation screen. I choose my highest-level characters, being careful to have a balance between physical and magical attacks. Iíll explain in a minute why thatís so important. I end up with Alph, Leon, Cecille, Lucia, Vanessa, Mavi, Mel, and Heath. All of them are level 50 or 49 except for Mavi, whoís level 47. Time to begin. The background of the map has this weird aurora that keeps changing colors. The map is mostly square, with several different elevations. The main part is a big flat area in the middle with a magic circle design. Besides Zehaal, there are six monsters, all of which look just like Priel. Three are red (Vultures), and three are green (Abysses). Thereís some cool music playing in the background. I donít like it nearly as much as the second gameís final battle music, but itís still pretty cool. Then again, it might not be fair to compare, since theyíre two really different songs.

Hereís the thing. Each of those six monsters has a very strong resistance to either physical or magical attacks. Itís not determined by color, either, so you have to actually look at their stats. Itís pretty frustrating, but Iíll do my best.

I begin to move my guys up one side. As usual, I prefer not to split the group. Alph gets the first hit, attacking an Abyss. Itís one thatís weak to physical attacks, so Iím good so far. Cecille buffs herself, Lucia, and Alph for magic attack. One of the Abysses tries to charm three of my guys, but it doesnít work on any of them. Mavi tries to paralyze two Abysses, but it doesnít work.

Leon gets the first kill on the Abyss I was attacking. Meanwhile, a Vulture takes advantage of how close my guys are to each other, using Light Wave on three of them. Doesnít really matter. Alph begins attacking another nearby Abyss. Cecille heals the damage that my guys took, andÖoh crap. Zehaal uses his flash drive on Lucia, Alph, and Mavi. Actually they all live. Iím a little surprised. Itís Melís turn, so she goes over and heals.

This is so much easier than I remember. Maybe my guys are higher level? I donít really know. Maviís been charmed, and Lucia heals her.

OH my god. Three of my guys are now charmed. Craaaappp. I quickly begin undoing the damage. Alph and Lucia die first, though. AndÖoh my god, Charmed!Cecille just tried to kill everyone. She succeeded with Leon. This is going downhill SO fast. I un-charm Cecille so she can get back to reviving everyone.

OH MY GOD CRAP CRAP CRAP. Theyíre using Charm more often than Light Wave! I do NOT remember that happening. Lemme try this again.

Yeah, this time Iíll save at the start of the battle. I start doing the same thing I did last time, buffing my guys as they move along. Cecille dies, but Alph brings her back immediately. The fight goes pretty smoothlyÖat first. Then I start getting annihilated. Once again, I start over.

This time, I try splitting my guys. Iíve got a healer with each group, so I should be OK. Once again, I buff my guys as I go along. Things start to go badly on one end, so I try and bring them over to the other side. Unfortunately, I get mobbed, everyone starts dying, and I canít get enough damage in on ANYONE.

Yeah, this is why I had so much trouble with this battle on my first playthrough. For now, I think Iíll stop, but I have NOT given up. Iíll get back to this. I know I can figure out a way to do it. Y'know, I need to remember that Vanessa can use Charm as well. Maybe I could use that to my advantage?


Sep 21st 2011 at 8:22:09 PM
Oh, charm. I had a feeling that badly-timed status effects would earn your scorn as much as it did mine. Splitting up the teams was a good idea, though with such tight corridors leading to the middle area, it's easy to accidentally keep them side-by-side and make them vulnerable to area effects. Just keep everyone spaced out, and perhaps leave someone at the start so he/she can revive people while the Priel clones are busy on the sidelines, and I'm sure you can pull this off.
Sep 21st 2011 at 9:28:09 PM
Alright, thanks for the advice. I'll see how I do.

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