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Live Blog Let's play Luminous Arc!
SapphireBlue2011-09-13 15:49:18

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I know itís been ages since my last update. I donít have an excuse Ė admittedly, I kept forgetting that this liveblog existed. Iím back now, though, so hopefully I can finish this up soon.

I could be playing this game on my new 3DS, but I decide not to. No real point. Besides, I think itíd just be easier to leave the game in my DS. It stays home nowadays, and itís not like I can liveblog on the go.

Dang, this feels weird. Iíve gotten myself used to the 3DS controls. Guess Iíll have to get used to this.

It looks like I have suspend data for some reason. I donít know why Ė it appears to be at the very beginning of the battle. There must have been a reason for this, but I canít remember what it was and Iím too lazy to check my last entry.

Vivi moves first. I have her use her speed debuff on the closest ice golem. I continue to move my guys forward, trying to have them keep their distance from each other. I havenít forgotten what those ice golems can do. They do attack, but my team survives. Vivi levels to 46, which is good considering how injured she was.

Saki is the first to die. Cecille heals some people, then levels to 46 as well. Kingston wastes his flash drive on Vivi. Claire attacks two enemies but accidently hits Mavi and kills her instead. Nonetheless, Claire levels and learns a new spell. Nicolai revives Mavi and levels to 46. Unfortunately, Mavi is immediately killed. Alph hits three guys and levels. Claire dies.

Wow. This is kinda why I was failing, guys. Nicolai dies next, followed by Theo. I turn off the game and start over, since I can tell that I'm screwed. This time I wonít go from my quicksave. Instead, Iíll choose different characters. Screw equal leveling, Iím bringing in only my strongest this time. I want to get this crap over with.

Blah blah blah, cocoon, blah blah blah stop Zehaal. Blah blah Kingston losing it. Once I get to the preparation screen, I choose Alph, Leon, Nicolai, Cecille, Lucia, Vanessa, Vivi, and Heath. Hopefully things will go better this time.

I save over my previous battle save, and give this another try. Heath quickly levels to 47. Everyone starts moving forward, and Vivi slows down two ice golems. Hopefully thatíll help. Lucia heals some of the damage the golems caused. Leon moves, andÖwait. Holy shit, he can one-hit the golems with one of his skills. Um, heck yes? Thank you, Leon!

After a team effort from Alph, Heath, Vanessa and Vivi, a second ice golem goes down. Bringing in different characters was a pretty smart move, I guess. This looks like itíll be way easier now.

Kingston flash drives four of my guys, but they all live through it. Leon dies afterward, though, followed by Vivi. I can bring them back, though. Since two ice golems are dead, I save. Then I have Nicolai bring Leon back. Nicolai levels and learns a new spell. Alph levels to 46. Cecille brings Vivi back so that I have everyone again. Heath dies, but thatís not a problem right now. Third ice golem is almost dead. Vivi dies. OK, maybe this is a bit worrisome, but itís Luciaís turn. I have her bring back Heath.

Alph finishes the last ice golem, which means that this has just become a whole lot easier. Cecille brings Vivi back, but then Nicolai dies. Then Alph dies, which REALLLY isnít good. Vanessa goes down next. Guess I need to be careful now. Vivi uses the speed debuff on two monsters. She levels to 47 and learns a new spell. Leon dies. Crap. Luciaís turn, so she brings Alph back. Heath heals himself with a Vi Tonic. Cecille then brings Vanessa backÖand oh crap, Kingston attacks both of them. Thankfully, they live. Vivi Flash Drives two monsters.

Cecille dies. Not good. Alph follows. Still not good. Lucia moves away from the action and heals herself. Vanessa heals herself as well. She levels, which means I could have just as well had her attack. Vanessa is almost dead. Heath dies. Lucia moves away and uses a Holy Wing on Cecille, since she doesnít have enough MP to use Revive. She then levels, solving the problem. Vivi moves away and revives Alph. Vanessa dies. One monster attacks Cecille, and SHE dies. Oh my god this is not easy. OK, one of the Horn Kings (green Behemoths) is dead. And Alph leveled. And now Vivi is dead, leaving only Alph and Lucia. This is gonna suck. Lucia revives Cecille. Alph uses Magnum on one of the purple Griffins. He has two on his flash drive, so Iím kinda waiting for it to get to 3.

Kingston undoes my damage, and my guys are pretty close to cornered. Lucia heals Cecille and runs the heck away. Cecille heals her MP so she can revive people. Alph then runs over and heals himself with an item so he can live. Kingston attacks the girls, but Lucia heals them. She then levels to 49. Cecille revives Leon, because heís so damn strong.

Alphís flash drive is at 3. He uses his attack, but it doesnít kill anything. He dies. Thankfully, the monsters are pretty wounded. Hopefully I can finish them soon. Lucia manages to kill one monster. That leaves Kingston and the two others. Leon kills one of the remaining ones. He levels to 47. Cecille is close to leveling, so I have her bring Vanessa back. The leveling, of course, heals her.

Lucia uses her level 2 flash drive, which hits Kingston and the one monster. Vanessa uses her level 1 flash drive to finish it off. Thatís just Kingston left. I canít believe Iím so close to winning!

Leon uses his flash drive, Cecille uses hers, and Kingston is left weakened. Heís also blinded, which amusingly makes him miss when he tries to heal himself. Lucia becomes the first of my group to reach level 50. Vanessa finishes Kingston off, and ends the battle while leveling to 49.

That was pretty close, but Iím glad I finished it. My reward is 8500 Rico, and four Vitae. I intermission with Lucia.

Kingston is freaking out because heís not strong enough. He disappears, apparently because he couldnít handle the power. This would be a good thing, but then Priel announces that Zehaal is going to hatch.

The screen goes white, and we hear someone growling. Itís obviously Andreís voice. We then see an angelic pretty-boy who kind of reminds me of Sephiroth. Priel remarks that his roaring is ďsexy.Ē Yeah, you go on thinking that. She then exclaims that he is greater than anything in existence, and will end this world.

Unfortunately for them, that doesnít work. Apparently, the Planetís power is interfering. So they go to the core of the Planet to make it so that it canít work against them anymore. Sounds like theyíre going after the Planetís heart. If thatís destroyed, every living thing in the world will die. Leon isnít sure how weíll get to where they are, but apparently thereís a path in the desert. Letís go!

Luciaís intermission has her asking me if thereís anything I want to know about her. My options are ďIs that your real hair?Ē ďDo you have someone special?Ē or ďDo you have any hobbies?Ē Her character portrait is blushing, so I pick the middle option. She says yes, of course she does. Have I really not figured it out yet?

Kopin says he talked with Melís Kopin about the future. He wishes he could spend more time with her.

Now thereís a path downward, presumably leading to the desert. But Iíll leave that for another time. I save and stop the game.

Weíre almost at the end here. Just two more chapters left until the game is over. Iíve been having the urge to work on that old Last Exile liveblog I started before. Iíll probably go to that once Iím done with this one. As always, thanks for reading and keeping up with this. Iíll try and update more often now. I have classes going at the moment, so I wonít always have a lot of time. That said, Iíll try not to leave you hanging again.

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