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Chapter 21: Holy Eclipse (part one)

So with Leon back in my party, I set off for San Riese. Hopefully thereíll be a shop there, because I really need holy feathers.

I move to the next map, which puts me directly at my destination. I save and enter.

Everyone agrees that we need to get there as quickly as possible, but Pollon and Theo convince everyone to stop for a short break. The menu comes up. Yes, there is a shop. I go there first.

What do you know, they sell holy WINGS, too! I end up spending most of my money on feathers and wings. I guess thisíll be an item run, then? I only have enough money left over for a new weapon for Lucia after buying items. Itís alright, I can come back later. Besides, I really needed those feathers.

Under ďaction,Ē I can talk to Leon, Saki, or Heath. Leon tells us that he only got the chance to attack Andre when we showed up. But heís glad we were able to beat him. Heís also glad that Cecille hasnít changed at all, despite the fact that sheís a Witch.

Saki says sheís returned from investigating the area. The church is busy preparing for the ritual. It also sounds like this actually isnít a Total Eclipse of the Plot. It can be performed any time, with the only requirements being Zehaalís readiness. And apparently, Johannes is going to sacrifice his body so that Zehaal can be revived. I canít help but feel a little sorry for the guy. Heís on the wrong side, sure, but he seems like a pretty nice kid.

Heathís conversation has everyone speculating about what Kingston has planned. Is he going to just do what heís supposed to, or is he going to try something else? Knowing him, itís probably the latter. Heath explains that Kingston fears death above all else. Heís going to try and steal Zehaalís power and become a god himself.

After a brief trip to the world map to save, I continue on.

Apparently, thereís already a battle going on at the entrance. Looks like Vanessa is trying to make her way in. Lucia requests that they work together, which starts them all arguing before Mel shuts them up. The Witches have all been fighting for the same thing since the beginning, so itís time they work together. Vanessa agrees, and the battle starts.

Alph is required, as usual. So is Vanessa. With that, my selection of characters is full. Along with the two required, I bring in Mel, Mavi, Nicolai, Leon, Kai, and Claire. There are two archer-type units, three knights, two mages, and a cleric. Shouldnít be that difficult.

First guy to die is Alph, after getting hit a LOT. Iíll bring him back when Mel gets her turn. That happens pretty soon after. Battleís going smoothly so far. Oh waitÖVanessa and Mavi just died. And then Leon dies. Guess I spoke too soon. Might want to put those fancy feathers to workÖ

Wow. This is going really, really badly. I havenít killed a single one of them, and I have only three guys left. I think Iíll restart and give this another try. This time, along with the required units, I bring in Leon, Nicolai, Mel, Theo, Lucia, and Mavi. Hopefully itíll go better this time.

I start out by moving my guys a little forward, attacking when I can. When I remember to, I save. I donít want to have to go through that dialogue again. Theo levels to 41 after attacking someone. Vanessa dies pretty quickly, unfortunately. I revive her, but then Alph dies. Mavi levels to 40.

Things are going OK at this point. Two of my guys are dead, but the other six are doing okay. Iíve killed one enemy unit, but thereís still the rest to deal with. Aaaand, it looks like I spoke a little soon. Now I have four guys dead. OK, my next few turns will be dedicated to getting them back.

Itís going well so far. Iíve got Mavi and Leon back, and Iíve just killed another knight. Nicolai dies soon after, though. I quickly have Mel revive him.

OK, looks like all the knights are dead. Alph dies, then Mavi follows. Then Leon. Time for another resurrection round. Vanessa comes first, and Mel heals her. Then Lucia dies. Iím scraping by, though.

I bring Mavi back, only for her to be killed. OK, things arenít going too well at this point. I only have Lucia, Mel, andÖOK, just Nicolai and Mel now. Just Mel. Well, damn. Now sheís dead. I lose. Time to try again.

This time Alph is the first to die. I bring him back. A while later, Vanessa goes down. Then Alph and Mel follow. Why am I having so much trouble with this fight? Itís so straightforward!

OK, cleric is dead. Thatíll make things easier. Then one of the knights dies. But then so does Mavi. I really need to start bringing my guys back.

Right now, I have Mel, Lucia, Leon, and Theo. They have five guys (a mage, both archers, and two knights.) Leon just managed to almost kill both archers with a flash drive. I bring back Mavi, but she dies. Then Leon dies.

It seems like Lucia has learned Revive. Useful. I take out the weakened archers, leaving only three guys left. But I only have two, so this wonít be easy. Thankfully, itís Lucia and Mel, both of which are healers and have revival spells. If this goes right, I might make it.

Now thereís only two knights left. I have Lucia, and just revived Leon. I think I can do this. I start using feathers until I have four guys. Lucia kills one knight and damages the other. Mavi finishes off the last one, securing my win. Wow, that was REALLY close. But I won, so Iím good.

I get 7400 Rico and four Vitae. I intermission withÖwell, damn. I canít intermission with anyone.

All of a sudden, the group runs into a church. Oh wait...this is the three-part chapter, isnít it? Well that sucks. At least my guys are healed in between fights.

We see Priel, Kingston, and the Grand Cardinal here. Johannes is being friendly as always, saying heíd welcome us if he had time. Priel says heís going to become one with their god, and Johannes tells Kingston to deal with us.

Kingston says he has a new weapon there to fight us, and sure enough, thereís some kind of weird thing there. He puts the Water Lapistier into it, and then it starts to attack us while Priel and Johannes go to the altar.

Alph is the only one required for this. I bring in Kai, Leon, Mavi, Vivi, Cecille, Nicolai, and Saki to go with him.

Once the battle starts, I save and turn off the game. See, like I said, there are three battles in this chapter. I think Iíll actually take a break right now. There are still two battles to go, and I donít feel like covering all of them right now. So this is all for now. Iíll leave the rest of the chapter for next time.

I have this week off from classes, so Iíll have plenty of time to update. Expect a few more chapters soon. I want to get this over with so that I can focus on my Last Exile liveblog.


Mar 28th 2011 at 7:00:26 PM
If memory recalls, I think that the only characters with revival spells are Lucia, Mel, and Cecille, with Cecille's being a complete restore rather than a halfway job. But, since Cecille is probably the only one of the three that could take a few hits herself, you probably made a wise choice to bring just her into this next battle. Anyways, best of luck with what's about to come, and don't forget about the usefulness of Alph's skills!

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