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SapphireBlue2010-12-12 13:23:30

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Chapter 8: Metamorphosis

Alright, I'm back!

Last time, Vanessa tried to put some kind of curse on Alph, but ended up hitting Theo instead. We don’t know what’s wrong with him yet, but judging from his reaction, it can’t be good.

Oh, and by the way, I figure I might as well post pictures of the characters we’ve seen so far, just so that you know what they look like. So far, we have Alph,, Theo, Heath, Leon, Cecille, Saki, Nicolai, Lucia, and Mel. Vanessa, too, but I already posted a picture of her. I’m not going to post pictures of Kingston, Andre, or Johannes, though. I mean, they’re important characters and all, but…meh.

Anyway. With that out of the way, let’s get started.

I have a battle at Whittas Shore before I can get to the next town, so I bring everyone in. This game is very generous about the number of characters you can bring in. It lets you take in up to eight. There are fifteen playable characters, but I won’t tell you who the others are.

My opponents are two Salamands, two T-Birds, two Griffins, and a Minnopi. Funny enough, the Minnopi is the only one who isn’t yellow. And yes, the others are all Palette Swap versions of previous enemies. Told ya.

Theo levels to 13. Cecille levels to 10. Saki levels to 14. I accidently attack Leon, but Alph levels to 13 and learns a new skill. It’s called Shotgun, and it’s a ranged Ao E attack. Saki is killed. So is Alph. Theo is level 14. Nicolai is level 16. Leon is level 13.

I’m dragging the battle out a bit longer to give Cecille another level. It works. She’s now level 11. The battle is over. My spoils are 1700 Rico, two Antidotes, a Catseye, and a VitaMint.

I intermission with Cecille. She asks me if she’s gotten stronger. I can say “You’re very strong!” “You can do better!” or “You don’t need to be strong.” I think maybe I’ll pick the third answer. She doesn’t seem to like it, though. Oops.

Ah, well. Onto the next town, “Mining Village Gemarr.”

We’ve been walking a long way, so we decide to take a break here. The people don’t seem to trust us, though. And Theo doesn’t seem to be feeling well. He says he is, but I doubt it. He wants to look around town.

So the menu comes up. I go to the shop first, as usual. They’re selling MagiMints, but they’re kind of expensive. I buy a few clothes and a few weapons, but I don’t have the money to buy much.

Under “Action,” I can talk to Theo or Nicolai. There’s also a library. Talking to Theo has him insist that he’s OK. He also wants a steak quiche. Talking to Nicolai has him telling us about this town. Apparently, they mine stones here, and there’s a chance that some of the stones might be Vitae. (Vitae = stones with Rune power, if you don’t remember)

I go to the library next. The books available are “Curses and Witches,” “The Round Table Council,” and “Researching Vitae’s Value.” The first one talks about how Karma is the thread that binds everything together. Rune, however, can influence Karma, which makes them very dangerous. The second one says that the Round Table Council is a group that maintains the scriptures of the Luminous Church. They ensure that the teachings of the Church are passed down to each new generation. Their name comes from the table that was initially used, which was made round so that no one person would seem any more important than any other. The third book talks about vitae. Apparently, some stones (and it only works with minerals) contain small amounts of Rune power. It was considered useless for a long time, since there was so little of it. However, people are working on finding ways to extract the power and put it into other objects.

I leave the library, and go to the world map to save. Then I choose to advance the story.

Everyone is talking about how boring the town is. But then some people start yelling about monsters. As usual, it’s our job to get rid of them.

At the moment, Alph and Leon are level 13, Theo and Saki are level 14, Cecille is level 11, and Nicolai is level 16.

There’s five monsters – two Cerberuses, two RedSnakes, and one Gigas. Saki, being the speed demon that she is, goes first. Looks like the Cerberuses know a wind spell, and the RedSnakes know a fire spell. The spells are pretty weak, though.

Leon is killed. Nicolai is level 17. Theo is level 15. Dang, that kid is leveling fast. Saki is level 15. At the moment, one RedSnake and the Gigas are down. And now so is one of the Cerberuses. Alph is level 14. Cecille is level 12. I kill the other RedSnake, and then the other Cerberus to win the battle. Saki is level 16.

My spoils are 2000 Rico, a BlueRock, a SilkCape, a Belt, and a HolyWing. That last one revives someone with half HP, so that’ll be really useful. I will intermission with Theo.

A random civilian thanks us, but it’s not over yet. There’s one more monster. Theo takes it down. Someone thanks him for his help, but then he seems nervous. We finally get to see a picture of Theo’s arm. It’s green, scaly, and it has claws. Ohhh, snap.

The guy screams for help, thinking that Theo is another monster. Theo doesn’t know what’s going on. Cecille points out the scales, saying that they’re like a dragon. Theo doesn’t want anyone to look. Alph asks him why he didn’t show them earlier, and Theo says he didn’t want anyone to hate him because of it. What the heck, Theo? No one’s going to hate you because of that. Which is exactly what Leon says.

Alph gets angry at him, asking why he didn’t tell them earlier. Does he not trust him? But Saki tells him that’s enough. Theo is the one who has been suffering the most.

Leon wonders if this will spread to the rest of him, and Alph says not to think about that. But Nicolai says that Leon is right to be concerned. If this continues to spread, then Theo will turn into a dragon. And apparently, we have to ask Vanessa to uncurse him. Wow, this REALLY sucks.

The townspeople come back, and kick us out. Looks like we’re going to have to leave.

My intermission starts. Theo says that Alph forgot to comb his hair. I can say “You and me both, huh?” “Shut up! It’s just helmet hair!” (but Alph doesn’t wear a helmet…) or “Look who’s talking!” I pick the first one. He comments that we match, and says that our hair has to match tomorrow, too.

I seriously can’t decide whether he’s adorable or annoying. I think he’s a little bit of both. It’s mostly his voice that’s annoying.

Kopin says that he has no close friends. So he asked Vanessa, and she told him to go to her house, because there was someone to meet there. When he got there, he found out it was just a radish.

Well, this isn’t good. Theo’s been cursed, and the only one who can undo it is Vanessa. Fat chance she’ll do that. But we’ve got to try, right? That’s all for now. Looks like the story is getting interesting, huh? Keep checking in – it gets better. :D

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