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Live Blog Real Time Lords! Let's watch Doctor Who!
Fusionman2010-12-15 08:17:02

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Where were we again? Oh yeah something actually entertaining.

No go back to fighting! THAT WAS ENTERTAINING! Yes thank you so now caveman fight to save Barbara! Wait what did you say? It came out as mumbles. Wait NOW we see the cave of skulls? LESS THAN 3 MINUTES LEFT AND NOW WE SEE THE DAMN CAVE! Susan, stop screaming please. Can we see the cave now? Good for you tribe leader person BUT THE CAVE!!! Yes people without fire die in winter BUT CAVE!!!!

YAY THE CAVE!!! Hey take a guess what's in the cave? Cheese? No little The Ditz, SKELETONS!!! Moving on. I think she's all right Ian does she have a injury? Get out the way you got in TIME TRAVEL!!!! Yes it is your fault Doctor. Weird split open.

Wait that's the end! Crap I was starting to care. Well see you next time for The Forest Of Fear!!

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