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Live Blog Real Time Lords! Let's watch Doctor Who!
Fusionman2010-12-12 11:05:59

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Part 2 here.

Susan, You want to stay with the people who stalked you? What? You think they will not ever mention FINDING A SPACESHIP! She's not leaving and she'd rather leave the TARDIS and the Doctor? OK...... Oh the Doctor's letting them go. Bye everybody! See you in the next liveblog!

Why is Susan yelling no? THE NOISE! THEY'RE TIME TRAVELING! Why did Ian fall over? Wait, OMG he launched a rocket! Oh wait that's a radioactive sperm. Or the time vortex. IDK ANYMORE! Is Susan going through puberty? The Doctor's breathing a whirlpool! RUN!

Hooray a BBC Quarry! This TARDIS has a viewscreen? AND Nu Who's DOESN'T! WHY! Holy crap Ian and Barbara fell over unconscious! Where are we? A shadow! Looks like we're gonna find out.

See you next time in The Cave Of Skulls! One thing first. WHY DO THE CREDITS SAY DR.WHO!

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