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Live Blog "Liveblog somethin', will ya!" OK, how 'bout 3D Dot Game Heroes?
WillyFourEyes2010-12-12 07:13:23

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1: It Doesn't Look THAT Ancient...

After selecting a hero, the game goes to an exposition spot about a battle between a group of sages and the Dark King Onyx. The Dark King was defeated by a wandering hero, backed by the power of the sages and their magical power orbs. To make sure that the Dark King didn't get out and start terrorizing the world again, the Sages sealed the big oaf inside a Dark Orb. The hero became super-famous, and many people flocked to Dotnia to hear of his legend. Over time, his legend dwindled, leading King Tezro to come up with a radical proclamation. "People are bored of 2D worlds...this is the age of 3D! With this, Dotnia broke out of its flat 2D slump and into the mythical third dimension, from sprites to polygons and pixels to voxels. However, all was not well in the kingdom of Dotnia, for a Dark Bishop named Fuelle somehow discovered the Dark Orb, and planned on using it to revive the Dark King. The people have once again decided to pray and wait for a new hero to rise to the challenge, just like their savior did long ago...

An indeterminate amount of time ago, The Hero of Legend is worried that the sealing of the Dark King was not enough to help his kingdom return to its peaceful ways. His time is almost up, so he decides to leave his sword in the Sacred Forest for the next person in line to retrieve. The sword is incomparably huge, and can slice through just about anything. He cuts his way to the innermost part of the forest, where he leaves his sword in a conveniently shaped pillar. "Long live Dotnia..." he says.

"Wake up, sleepyhead!" says the Innkeeper of nearby Raejack village.

Our hero has awakened after having a dream about the legendary hero. He says that it's possible that those events are true, as monsters have become more aggressive lately, and "true heroes dream in 3D, so that's how you can really tell!" A soldier comes to the inn to take young Frum to the castle to meet with King Tezro. His Majesty briefs Frum on the situation at hand. The hero who saved the kingdom long ago left his sword in the Sacred Forest to the north, and he believes that Frum is the one who can pull the sword from the stone. The problem is that no one else has actually been able to find the sword. He asks Frum if he is ready to claim the sword. You can say "no", but if you do this, the king will say "...That was a joke, yes? I played a fair share of pranks in my day too..." and won't be satisfied until you agree. "It's so dangerous to be alone! Take this!" (Video game reference counter: 1) says the king as the soldier gives him a rusty sword and small shield. They're not very powerful, but they're better than nothing.

Frum talks to the soldier who just gave him his armaments, and the soldier tells him about Princess Iris, who went out to find the Dark Orb and hasn't come back since then.

Before heading out to the forest, Frum talks to some of the soldiers to gather some more information. One of them says that there are statues that guard the forest, and warns that they might attack (right before totally disregarding his own advice). He then heads down to the first floor to talk to the other inhabitants, who teach him about adventuring basics such as Revival Points, saving, and blocking with his shield. One guy asks if he's "got the slim", whatever that is. Another girl says that she's "got this demons game" and wants to trade because she thinks it's too hard. (DING! That's two.) An old guy in the northeast corner says to him "Let us wish the warrior well! May the light be thy strength!" (DING! There's 3.), apparently casting a spell that doesn't really do anything.

Frum has learned all that he can, so he leaves the castle and heads east. There's a cave nearby that houses a fairy spring which can bring his health back to full. He doesn't need to use it at the moment since he hasn't been in any battles, but decides to take a picture of it anyway because it's pretty and shiny. He runs into his first enemy - a fast-moving bunny that is killed in one hit. There's also a sign nearby that seems totally out of place, and it's signed by a guy named Sir Signe. Out of curiosity, Frum reads it, thinking it might have some sort of significance later. He proceeds northward into the forest, killing rabbits for apples and coins of various denominations. Bronzes are worth 1 coin, silvers worth 10, and golds worth 100.

The forest seems very peaceful, or at least not as dangerous as he heard it would be. There is a passage that's blocked by a few rocks, but shows up on the map as passable. He makes a note of it for later. The forest also has a few tree monsters, which are slower than rabbits, but take two hits to kill.

Just up ahead is the path to the innermost part of the forest. A flash of lightning appears, boss music starts up, and the guardian statues come to life and start jumping around in a circle. Frum strikes one of the statues a few times, causing it to jump around in random spots and becoming harder to catch. Defeating the statues takes only three hits and yields a valuable gold coin. As he emerges victorious, Frum pulls the Ancient Sword out of its stone base almost effortlessly. A fairy named Lee, who was waiting for someone to remove the sword, is happy to see him. She swears that she'll try to be useful to him on his quest to save the kingdom.

Frum takes a practice swing with his new weapon, and is surprised to see how long and wide it is when he thrusts. It doesn't last long, as he takes a careless bump from a tree monster, reducing its strength and size to that of his ordinary sword. However, an apple fills him right back up, and he's able to fight at full strength again. He returns to tell the good news to the king, who tells him more about the legend of the hero, the Dark Orb, and the dark bishop Fuelle. He suggests to Frum to seek out the six orbs of the six sages. After another But Thou Must! session (with Lampshade Hanging this time), the King sends Frum on his merry way, toward the Grass Temple to the west of Raejack village.


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This was a good start for Live Blogging. Keep it up!

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