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Live Blog Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares
LouieW2010-12-11 18:55:21

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Episode 3: Waffos Are Twinkle-Twinkle, Comfy-Warm, and Puffy-Fluffy

I doubt this can be much worse of a live blog. That being said, what is the deal with calling waffles "Waffos"?

  • It seems like Moe Sue is continuing with this whole just as planned theme. The fairy cannot come along because she could potentially ruin Moe Sue's gambits.

  • Conveniently Moe Fairy's friends ambush her to stop her from interfering in Moe Sue's schemes.

  • The title of this episode is "Twinkle-Twinkle, Comfy-Warm, Puffy-Fluffy." To me that sounds kind of a like a question on a standardized test that was answered wrong. Twinkle and Twinkle are the same thing.

  • The three fairies get in an absurd argument about what a twinkle is like. Moe fairy argues that it is twinkle-twinkle while the others assert that it is instead either puffy-fluffy or comfy-warm. Of course, none of them actually give any evidence to support their views. Also, I just noticed that the fairies' wings seem quite unusual. For some of them, like Moe Sue for example, they seem to be part of their backs, but for others they seem to be attached to their clothes. Either that or there are specialized holes for their wings in their clothing, but I feel like that would just make it really difficult to dress in the morning.

  • Okay, so Moe Fairy wrongly believes that a dress is a twinkle. That is not the issue here at all though. Pigtails, Hairclip, and Moe Sue look at jewelry and Pigtails makes a particularly strange expression. I think that may just be her role in this show.

  • So the fairies discover that cotton candy and light bulbs are not twinkles. Well I would guess that to be so considering they are no rare at all. What kind of quest involves finding light bulbs anyway?

  • The fairies find some book in English (I thought this was supposed to take place in Germany) about fables. In this story, which the boy fairy hates, the Wind Fairy operates as some kind of hidden mentor or something. Apparently it blows mind at some guy so he does not lose the present under his jacket. The moral of the story is that the Sun fairy is awesome of something?

  • Moe Sue says "All the plans are confirmed." She is starting to sound like Lelouch now with his all the obstacles have been cleared thing. Even if the translation of plans is an inaccurate one, Sue definitely sounds like someone scheming to make everything fit into place perfectly. Is this show encouraging children to be like that?

  • Robotnik, Glasses boy wants Sue to help him with his newest greatest invention ever. Of course, she refuses.

  • A new challenger approaches, a full season fairy [Ginger, yep continuing the spice theme]. She says some garbage about finding out for yourself what twinkles are and the fairies all love her for some reason.

  • So now I think that the whole idea of becoming a full fairy is supposed to be a parallel to children growing up. So this show is really a bildungsroman. Why did I not realize that earlier?

  • The three kids buy waffles again and all get plain ones. Sue buys an extra one for the fairies, but the situation brings up some questions. If the other people cannot see the fairies can they see the waffles being eaten or does anything that a fairy touches become invisible. The latter would not make sense considering Moe fairy touched the dress and it did not become invisible. Though I suppose she did not hand on to it for an extended period of time.

  • Pigtails brings up some kind of strange, fashionable item and Sue grudgingly agrees that is "cute" even though it seems pretty obvious that that statement is just a lie.

  • Some guy (I think he operates the waffle stand) whistles to encourage an infestation of pigeons to take over the city. Seriously feeding them will do just that. It also attracts random fairies who can make food disappear.

  • They actually do find a twinkle, but is just a bell. I find this pretty anticlimactic.

  • Woah, Moe fairy just got attacked by a crazy crow. Luckily she is able to take cover, but the fairy cannot escape until the bird stops freaking out. It looks like there may be a chase scene coming up involving the crow and Moe fairy. The question about whether things the fairies hold become invisible is still there. The crow can apparently hear the sound of the bell even when a fairy hangs on to it.

  • Robotnik Jr.'s invention fails. His response "A failure is a shortcut to success!" Well it seems far more logical that it is a shortcut to another failure actually, but I understand his point. Still, to assume that your next endeavor will be successful because your last one was not is pretty nonsensical.

  • The crow is able to spot the fairies that are hiding in the junkyard near the inventor boys because the bell is shining. So either it is possible for other beings to see season fairies, other beings can see reflections of light off of bells, or that there is no logic to this whatsoever.

  • Moe fairy is chased by the crow and somehow falls into a cage and gets K Oed by falling.

  • Seeing as the crow almost wakes up because the fairies are talking it must also be able to hear fairy speech. So I guess the conclusion to draw is that animals can see fairies too.

  • The two other fairies try to get Robotnik and the others to help them free Moe fairy from her cage. They try to talk to him, but this makes no sense considering only a episode ago they told Moe fairy that humans could not understand them.

  • Boy fairy tries a trumpet routine, but it fails only making things a tiny bit warmer.The glasses fairy's harp does not do much either.

  • Moe Sue arrives just in time and the other inventor boys gasp. I do not know why. [This is never explained as far as I know.]

  • In the end the bell was not actually a twinkle and the crow, who is named Joe, steals it back again. Yep, that is pretty depressing.

  • Finally, the fairies think that the bubbly soap in a bath is a twinkle and start shouting about it. This annoys Sue who basically attacks them and causes an off-screen ruckus.




Feb 16th 2011 at 3:17:58 PM
The episode title actually sounds like something Homestar Runner would say, especially the "puffy-fluffy" bit. :D

And wow, I like cute stuff, but this would probably be a bit too much.

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