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Live Blog Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares
LouieW2011-02-10 19:06:08

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OVA 2: Why Do No Season Fairies Know How To Pronounce "Waffle" Correctly?

  • The episode begins with someone telling the story of the play with a a series of animated scenes. Saga's other classmates are included in animal suits in an effort to give everyone a part.

  • The dragon kind of beats up the princess and the fairy though and that honestly surprises me a bit. I did not expect that kind of violence in the story. The princess, fairy, and all of the animal-suited people say that they will not be defeated. Apparently, their friendship is able to diffuse the witch's spell and all live happily ever after. Yet another example of "The power of friendship." As cheesy as that may have sounded, I still do not think it can compete with 'the real super power of teamwork.'

  • Now people are actually wearing their costumes, but rather than being in animal suits, most people just have animal masks. Well, I guess that is a bit lame, but I suppose having that many furry suits would be a bit much to ask for a elementary school play.
  • The coffee shop owner conveniently gives Saga some props for the tea party portion of the play. I was not aware that Anne's play was so political.  *

  • Sugar comes rushing into the coffee shop wearing straw again. I guess that is the only real accessory she knows how to wear for some reason. Anyway, it seems as though the fairies have their own play.

  • Pepper is the witch and has Scary Shiny Glasses. I think she actually is pretty good at acting given how expressive she is as a witch. Sugar messes up and the punk fairies step in to play the part of the dragon. As expected, they go overboard using their weather abilities again. Sugar summons a snowflake which does not do much, but the punk fairies are defeated because that is what the plot demands.

  • Sugar defeats the witch though friendship. I would not call it Defeat Means Friendship since Sugar just asks the witch to be friends with her though. Salt is a bit upset that his only line concerns peace coming back to the forest. Sugar played both the role of the princess and the fairy.

  • Vincent's letter comes back and seems to just say that Saga will do a good job. I guess that is helpful in some ways.

  • Greta is worried about the dragon taking up too much attention and somehow causes the entire set to break down in her dispute with Phil, Jan, and Alan. The set gets fixed, but it is broken once again when Phil gets his shirt stuck in it. Their teacher tells them to go home, but everyone seems pretty depressed. I am a bit surprised. I would think that at least some people would not care about the play at all.

  • Saga is being a little weird, talking about how everyone just needs to smile because it will only be a bit longer. Personally, I find fake smiles a bit annoying, but I guess people's mileage may vary there.

  • Everyone is able to fix the set. Phil, Jan, and Alan are able to work with Greta again and everyone is practicing once again. I guess Saga's piano skills will be used for a musical portion of the play. I am a bit confused as to whether the play itself is a music though.

  • Saga's grandmother comes in to give everyone waffles. I wonder if there is some waffle quota for every episode. I wonder if there have been any episodes where they did not appear.

  • As night falls there is one waffle left and it is a chocolate one. I would think that banana flavored one mentioned a while ago would be the one remaining since from what I hear, banana is a very unpopular flavor for things. The class all sleeps over at school for whatever reason. The boys and girls and not even separated into different rooms.

  • Now it is time for the actual performance. While I was right about the animal suits, the students playing animals are wearing matching color clothes instead. Norma seems to be pretty nervous which I think I think is justifiable given the number of people in the audience. Saga is especially nervous considering she will start out the play by herself.

  • Vincent arrives. I guess he was driving his motorcycle to Saga's town the entire time. I suppose that is a bit of a plot twist. However, he says that "both of you" are doing alright. Does that mean he can see Sugar somehow?

  • Scenes of the play go by and now we flash forward to older Saga playing piano. Kanon is there too and she has one of Saga's huge button hair decorations stitched to her shirt. Right before Saga hands over the piano playing duties to Kanon, Greta appears holding the opposite arm than usual and sporting a much shorter haircut. The theater trope is playing again, but this time they have a girl that heavily resembles Tomoyo on their ad. Greta tries to challenge Saga to a race, but ends up challenging Kanon. She accepts the challenge anyway and races out the door.

  • A little kid outside is telling some glowing sparkles that waffles are called waffles and not "waffo." Yep, the boy can see season fairies too. I guess he, Vincent, and Saga are alike.

  • The episode ends with Sugar saying she is home.

  • Yep, that is the end of this liveblog series. My commentary has been pretty lame, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. I mean, it has its share of cliches, but I actually think it did drama pretty well for what it was and I found the characters to be likable in general.

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