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Live Blog Let's mix it up at Atelier Rorona!
WillyFourEyes2010-12-13 16:56:18

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1: Frixell and Feuerbach Frolic in Forest as Royals Request Resources!

As she waits for Sterk to bring her first official assignment, Rorona leaves her workshop to see if she can find some work in the meantime. Esty has a few jobs lined up for her, so Rorona picks out some of the tasks she knows she would be able to complete easily... make 3 Supplements, bring 4 Unis, and bring 4 bundles of Magic Grass. She goes back to the workshop briefly to ask Astrid if she can visit her parents to bring them up to date on what's been happening lately. Her parents, Laura and Ryan Frixell, are happy to see her, but not quite as enthusiastic when she tells them about what's going to happen to the workshop. Her dad says that he and Laura are planning on taking a trip out of town, and promise that they'll bring back some souvenirs.

Year 1, Month 1, Day 13

Rorona's parents prepare to leave for their trip, but first make sure to say goodbye to Astrid, asking her to take care of Rorona while they're away.

With the workshop all (mostly) to herself, Rorona explores the town. Nobody on the street seems to have the time or patience to want to talk to her, so she explores the other shops on Artisan's way that are close to her workshop. R&T's Sundries is right behind the shop, and she seems to know the owner, a cute lady named Tiffani Hildebrand, quite well. Apparently, so do three of the middle-aged businessmen who've been waiting behind one of the counters.

Tiffani has a few alchemy ingredients for sale, just in case Rorona needs them in an emergency. However, there is one item in her stock that catches Rorona's eye right away: a Sundries Book, which contains recipes for Polish Powder, Healing Salves, and every alchemist's favorite - Barrels! She spends half of her savings on the book, for one can never have too much knowledge of alchemy.

Right next door to her on the other side is the Beefy Weapon Shop, run by a blacksmith named Hagel Boldness, whom Rorona affectionately calls "Pops". He doesn't quite agree with her walking around with heavy weapons, but he agrees to help her out since she has work to do at the workshop. She slips up and almost calls him "Mr. Boldness", which sounds too close to "Baldness" for his comfort. At the moment, he only has a few blacksmithing tools and some clothing for sale. She doesn't have the money or the need for them at the moment, so she heads down a little further to the Sunrise Cafe, where she runs into a young chef named Iksel Jahnn. "Iksy" and Rorona appear to have been previously acquainted, too, as he's eager to listen to Rorona's troubles and try to cheer her up. He has some Flour and Salt (in two different qualities) on sale, as well as a few ready-made meals and a "First Cookbook", which teaches Rorona how to make Blank Stew, Cabbage Soup, and Black Tea through alchemy. Rorona uses what's left of her savings to buy the book, and then gets to studying.

Year 1, Month 1, Day 14

Rorona spends the next day making the supplements she needs to complete one of Esty's jobs. They're not very appealing since she used low-quality Puniballs, but they're enough to get her job done. She takes on a few more jobs - making 5 servings of Blank Stew, gathering 4 Candied Branches and 3 Forest Cabbages. To make room for other customers (and so not to over-burdern Rorona, she's only allowed to take on five jobs at a time.

Year 1, Month 1, Day 15

Rorona and Cordelia scour the nearby forest to gather Unis and other ingredients. Just past the bridge, Rorona spots something suspicious near one of the Unis, but it turns out to only be a Pebble.

  • Resources in this area: Unis, Magic Grass, Eiche

Year 1, Month 1, Day 16

There were no monsters in the previous area, but they spot a few stray Blue Punis, which they beat up for their gooey Puniballs. Further down the road, they see a Green Puni, which is more resilient and slightly stronger than its blue cousins. Rorona doesn't feel guilty about expending an Uni or two to help take them out, since she has more than enough to fulfill Esty's request. One path leads Rorona to a treasure chest containing a Barrel, which is highly volatile and explodes on contact. Rorona decides to hold on to it, as she doesn't see any reason to use it against monsters as weak as Punis.

  • Resources in this area: Candied Branches, Magic Grass, a Beehive, a Pebble
  • Monster drops: Puniballs (from Blue and Green Punis)

Year 1, Month 1, Day 18

The girls head north into a peaceful area where they find Candied Branches and some Forest Cabbages. There aren't very many gathering points, but luckily, there are no enemies, either. Rorona's basket is filled up, so she heads back to the workshop and parts with Cordelia for now.

  • Resources in this area: Candied Branches, Forest Cabbages

Year 1, Month 1, Day 20

Sterk stops by the workshop with Rorona's first assignment, which is presented to her on a handy scroll. The goal is to produce some sundry items: Polish Powder, Zettel, and Alchemy Coal. She has until the end of the third month to take care of it.

Rorona returns to Esty with most of the ingredients that she gathered from the Nearby forest and makes a tidy sum from them. Sterk then asks Rorona to make 3 cups of Black Tea for him. Sine he's an upstanding member of the community, he (along with any of the other friends Rorona meets) will sometimes have requests for her to complete. Doing so will improve her friendship with that person. Cordelia is cooling for some Eicheloa mushrooms, but Rorona's never heard of them before, so she declines (there's no penalty for turning down a request).

Iksel has heard that Rorona and Cordelia have been "hanging out" outside town in search of ingredients, and wants to help out so that he can gather some for himself. He also has a request for Rorona - he wants two chunks of Alchemy Coal. It sort of ties in with what she has to do for the palace, so she conditionally accepts. Hagel is looking for two pouches of Polish Powder, and will pay a tidy sum if she can pull it off. Tiffani also wants some Eicheloas, leading her to wonder what's so special about them.

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