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Live Blog Let's mix it up at Atelier Rorona!
WillyFourEyes2011-05-29 10:04:05

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11: Bounty! The Quicker Ripper Upper!

Year 1, Month 10, Day 1

The thought of preparing food for the festival makes Rorona giddy with excitement. She searches the usual spots for new recipe books, but neither Tiffani nor Iksel have anything in stock that would help her. Hagel does, however, have a second book on bomb-making ready for her, containing recipes for Bomb Ice and a Balbomb. They are rather cute-looking, she thinks, but she realizes she couldn't make any without Snow Stones or Cotton Flowers.

When Rorona goes to visit the palace, Esty announces that she has a new set of requests for her to undertake, in the form of Bounty quests, which require her to defeat a specific monster and report the results back to Esty for a reward. Rorona is given a simple task to start her off: defeat 10 Green Punis. She's becomne strong enough to knock one out all by herself.

Year 1, Month 10, Day 6

Rorona begins her Puni hunt in the Ortoga Ruins. Sterk barely has to lift a finger to help Rorona fight them off, but he decides to help her and Cordelia out anyway to earn his keep.

Year 1, Month 10, Day 7

They travel to an unexplored part of the mine. Even the Wolves and Audra birds don't stand much of a chance against the party's improved weaponry. They take a sheet of Nylonfeather cloth as their reward and leave.

Year 1, Month 10, Day 10

Cordelia remembers that there was a spot in the mine where Green Punis hang out. She guides Rorona to the spot so that they can clean up and finish the job.

Year 1, Month 10, Day 12

Rorona reports the results of her hunt to Esty, who is impressed that she can fight, even though she's an alchemist. She gets 500 Cole as an enticement to take more such bounties in the future.

Year 1, Month 10, Day 15

Another surprise guest enters Rorona's workshop. This time, it's a little boy named Cole Dueller, who wants to sell rare and unusual items to her. Astrid isn't interested in what Cole has to sell, so he fixes his attention on Rorona. Most of the items he has are readily available from monsters, but the Honey is something she hasn't seen yet. He plans on stopping by the workshop on the 15th of every month.

She spots Lionela hanging out around Factory Way, but her puppets are nowhere to be seen. She's in the market for some Silkis Cloth, which Rorona is able to whip up in no time. She makes an extra one so that Hagel can craft a new leather coat for Sterk.

Year 1, Month 10, Day 19

Rorona gives her friends some time off so that she can brush up on her cooking skills. Iksel recently expressed interest in sampling some of her pies, so she makes some for him with the best ingredients she can find. She is extremely satisfied with the taste, and is inspired to learn how to make a few more pie recipes (Meat Pie, berry Pie, Cream Pie and Honey Pie).

Year 1, Month 10, Day 20

Rorona's parents have come back from their recent trip, and give her some more uncommon crafting materials (two each of Forgotten Bone, Some Slough and Pendelooks).

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