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SKJAM2011-02-20 20:33:01

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Final Chapter: Unmasked

Place your bets as to the identity of Don del Oro, Gentlemen, Ladies and Tropers of Alternative Gender.

And now, the exciting conclusion!

Final Chapter: Unmasked

Quick recap: The character name pronounced "Kayla" is spelled "Kala."

Flashback to Zorro's fight with the two Yaqui guards. All follows as before, but this time we see that Zorro was not nearly so close to the firepit as the cutaway scene had made it look.

Zorro leaps over the pit, grabs a powderkeg and tosses it into the fire. Most of the Yaqui flee before the ensuing explosion. The fury of the explosion is largely contained by the pit, though light objects and people fall down. The cave is filled with smoke.

Don del Oro, weaker than he let on, tries to stand but cannot leave his throne. The toughs arrive, and the golden one fills them in on the essentials.

The toughs make a cursory search, but don't find Zorro. They assume No-One Could Have Survived That and Don del Oro gloats that Nothing Can Stop Me Now.

Zorro is, of course, alive and hiding nearby with Kala. Our heroes hear Don del Oro setting the attack on San Mendolito for High Noon. The false god admits he's one of the council and that he'll have the military sent away on a Wild Goose Chase. And just to make sure the Yaqui are enthused, he'll lead the attack himself!

Outside, Zorro promises Kala that he'll find a way to prevent Don del Oro from showing up for the attack, but Kala must find a way to convince his people to lay down their arms.

Smoke signlas are sent to summon the Yaqui war parties, which still look woefully under-armed for this fight. Oh, there we are—a scene of the Yaqui turning in their spears for rifles. (Genre Blindness here, those are still single-shot rifles so carrying a backup weapon is a good idea.)

Zorro rides straight to the hacienda, to Volita's surprise. He learns that Ramon is already at the council meeting, so appoints Volita to sumon the Legion using the list of names and addresses in his room. "Your room?" He unmasks himself to Volita and Maria as Diego. Volita is pleased to help.

Back to the Yaqui, still arming themselves.

The mariachi is idly strumming his quitar (and not improved one bit) when Zorro arrives at the plaza. He immediately goes for help.

Governor Felipe has just ordered the military off on Operation Decoy, and Gonzalez suggests the council follow them to make a full inspection (and avoid the upcoming Yaqui attack.) Zorro comes in through the window.

He informs the council that whoever made the suggestion to get the military out of town is Don del Oro. Zorro asks Ramon just who that is. Before Ramon can reply, the mariachi, Tomas and a couple of other thugs (I think one is Rico)burst in. The mariachi foolishly switched out his guitar for a pistol, and Zorro shoots him. Then he and Ramon engage the other toughs in sword combat.

The conspirators take the opportunity to Exit Stage Left to the balcony and down some stairs to waiting horses.

Ramon has some trouble with Tomas but is finally able to use some crockery to the head. Zorro has disposed of the other two, but the conspirators are long gone. Zorro tells Ramon to have the Legion protect San Mendolito while he tracks down Don del Oro.

The conspirators ride for their lives, pursued by Zorro.

The Yaqui are getting better acquained with their new firearms when Kala rushes in. He tries to dissuade his tribesmen from attacking due to Don del Oro being a fake, but Tarmac's not convinced.

The three conspirators arrive at the cave, and one of them, seen only by his shadow, dons the armor of Don del Oro.

Tarmac sets a test for his god. If Don del Oro does not appear by the time the sands run out in the hourglass, he will admit the golden one is fake.

Don del Oro finishes donning his armor, then kills the other two conspirators so that no one will ever know his true identity. He picks up a golden arrow and ambles toward his throne.

Kala is announcing the end of the sand and thus Don del Oro's failure when the golden one appears.

Don del Oro gives a Stirring Speech inciting the Yaqui to take back their rightful land and prominence; "Gold and glory to those who obey me, death to all others!" This is the cue for Kala to be seized so that Don del Oro can slowly bring the arrow up to stabbing position.

Good thing Zorro just arrived! He whips away the arrow, which lands pointy end up in some rocks. Tarmac engages Zorro in hand-to-hand, only to be pushed back, where he is impaled by the golden arrow.

And now comes a wrestling match between Zorro and Don del Oro himself! Kala keeps the other Yaqui at bay. The false god puts up a pretty good fight despite his heavy armor, but Zorro is finally able to knock off his helmet, revealing

Magistrate Pablo! (Hands up, everyone who guessed correctly.)

The Yaqui slowly advance on the villain, who winds up backing into the firepit. Kala now convinces his people to live in peace with their white brothers, especially Zorro. The Yaqui cheer.

Later, Benito Juarez witnesses a peace treaty between Kala (now in chief headdress) and Ramon (now governor of San Mendolito). But Now I Must Go, though Diego promises that he will return to visit his Aunt Maria, and especially Volita.

Zorro. Juan and the Legion ride off, their work done. The Legion theme plays one last time in full over the closing credits.


God, I love old time serials.

I hope you'll all join me for my next liveblog, Zorro's Black Whip, set in 1899 Idaho, with a special twist!

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