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Chapter 22: Shadows on the waterfall

{Location: The top of Mt. Pyre}

Shay: (So they did come here.)

{Archie and Maxie had been talking with the old couple. They start walking away, but then Maxie does a double take and goes back to talk to Shay}

Maxie: Shay...

Shay: You gave back the Orbs, right? Good. I can't be sure what powers they really had, but it's best for them to be in their proper place. ...But what are you going to do now?

{Maxie has no answer, and soon walks away with Archie}

Old Lady: The two men who took the Orbs came back to return them on their own. Those men... Perhaps they are not so evil after all...

Shay: (Mission Complete. Team Magma and Aqua are done causing trouble. There's just one more thing to do...)

{Party lineup:}

  • Luna, Lv 40 Mightyena
  • Eclipse, Lv 41 Absol
  • Exde, Lv 41 Shiftry
  • Fargus, Lv 40 Crawdaunt
  • Dart, Lv 41 Sharpedo
  • Mojo, Lv 41 Cacturne

{Location: Sootopolis City Gym}

Gym Guy: Yo, how's it going, Champion-bound Shay?

Shay: Never Better! So what do you suggest for handling Juan?

Gym Guy: Sootopolis's Gym Leader Juan is a master of Water Type Pokemon. And, to get to Juan, an icy floor will hamper your progress... Listen, I'm sorry, but that's all the advice I have for you. The rest of the way, you have to go for it yourself!

{The icy floors crack under Shay's weight. To reveal the stairs to the next level, she must crack every tile... but she also has to be next to the stairs when they appear, else she won't be able to reach them. She handles the first two easily enough, but she's a bit too hasty with the third and ends up falling through into the basement area, where trainers wait to punish that mistake.}

Beauty Bridget: The Pokemon Gym of the highest level in the Hoenn region... That's the Sootopolis Gym.

{Bridget uses an Azumarill. Shay lets Luna handle this to get back in practice.}

Bridget: What a high level you are! Rather than be satisfied by being in a strong Gym, I imagine training in other places will make you stronger. But above all, it looks more fun.

Lady Brianna: Giggle... Your grim look is so charming.

{Brianna uses Seaking. Luna may not be top dog anymore, but she can still handle her.}

Brianna: Oh, dear. I went much too easy on you. You couldn't lay a finger on Juan, I'm sure. Giggle...

Beauty Tiffany: A graceful glide across the ice while crossing no lines... A Trainer putting on that performance would be elegantly beautiful!

{Tiffany uses Carvanha and Sharpedo. Fargus has what it takes to bring them down.}

Tiffany: Well, excuse me?! ...This is really obvious, but how strong you are as a Trainer has nothing to do with how young or old you are.

Lass Crissy: You came all the way here, but you won't get to see Juan. Not if you lose to me, you won't!

{Crissy uses Goldeen and Wailmer.}

Crissy: You're strong! I was fooled by your cute looks! You might be good enough to avoid being wiped out in one hit by Juan.

Pokefan Bethany: When I'm with my Pokemon, the time flies by before you can say, "Oops!"

{Bethany uses Azurill, Marill, and Azumarill.}

Bethany: Oops! I wish I could forget about lost causes before I can manage an "Oops!"

Beauty Olivia: I train my Pokemon together with Juan. Don't think I'm a pushover.

{Olivia uses a Clamperl, Lombre, and Corphish.}

Olivia: I was beaten... I think you have potential. Why don't you stay and train with us?

Shay: Sorry, but I don't think I'd fit in.

Lady Daphne: The sight of Juan conducting a battle... The very beauty of it compelled me to become a Trainer.

Pokefan Annika: I can battle with really rare Pokemon if you'd like.

{Double Challenge! Daphne uses two Luvdisc. Annika uses two Feebas.}

Daphne: You battled with more beauty than I could muster...

Annika: Oh, there now! Did you have a good look at my Pokemon?

Daphne: The grace you bring to battle is fabulous. Oh... I'm so fortunate to have found Pokemon.

Annoka: I came to this Gym because Juan praised me for my darling Pokemon. Oh, if only I'd met Juan years ago when I was younger...

Lass Andrea: I'll show you the sublime techniques I learned from our Leader Juan!

{Andrea uses a Luvdisc. She's all too easy for Exde to take down.}

Andrea: Please forgive me, Juan...

Beauty Connie: I should teach you how harsh battles can be.

{Connie uses a Goldeen.}

Connie: Oh. You're strong.

{Shay makes it back to the entrance and goes to the Pokemon center to heal. She also stocks up on Hyper Potions at the Pokemart - Thanks to the Amulet Coin, she has more money than she'll ever need. She then goes back to the Gym and reaches the Leader.}

Juan: Let me ask you. Did you know?

Shay: Know what?

Juan: Ah, I should not be so coy. It was I who taught Wallace everything there is to know about Pokemon. Once, I had given up my position as the Gym Leader. In my place, I had entrusted Wallace with the Gym. However, a compelling reason arose for me to make a comeback. Ah, but enough chatter. Let's begin our match, shall we?

Shay: I think I'm ready for anything you can throw at me.

Juan: Please, you shall bear witness to our artistry. A grand illusion of watr sculpted by Pokemon and myself!

{{Gym Battle: Versus Leader Juan}}

Juan: I shall start off with Luvdisc. {Lv 41}

Shay: Exde, you are the match for this. {Lv 41} Fake Out.

{Turn 1: Luvdisc flinches}

Shay: Now, Giga Drain!

{Turn 2: Luvdisc uses Sweet Kiss, causing Exde to hurt herself instead.}

Shay: (Faster than I thought. No point using the flute, it'd just do it again before I could finish calling our attacks...) Focus, and try Giga Drain again!

{Turn 3: Luvdisc uses Water Pulse. Exde manages a Giga Drain, defeating Luvdisc}

Juan: Then Sealeo will pick up where we left off. {Lv 43}

Shay: This won't be easy, but... Shift in, Dart! {Lv 41} Show off the Earthquake attack I just taught you!

{Turn 4: Dart is fast with Earthquake, but Sealeo counters with Body Slam. Both are still going strong.}

{Turn 5: Sealeo is left in critical shape, while Sharpedo is merely weakened.}

Shay: Keep at it! (He'll probably heal. But if he doesn't...)

{Turn 6: Juan uses a Hyper Potion. }

Shay: Hold it. (Dart standing up to his next attack is all a matter of chance. So...)

{Turn 7: Shay heals Dart. Sealeo Body slams him.}

Shay: Now, Earthquake again!

{Turn 8: The two pokemon are left in the same shape as Turn 5.}

Shay: One more time!

{Turn 9: Dart finishes off Sealeo.}

Juan: Alas, I knew that Sealeo could not win the day. But perhaps Whiscash can! {Lv 41}

Shay: You're up now, Mojo! {Lv 42} (I'll need her Special Attack Power to be sure.) Needle Arm!

{Turn 10: Whiscash goes down in one hit. As Shay suspected, he was part Ground, making him especially vulnerable to Grass attacks.}

Juan: Then now you'll face a Pokemon with No Weaknesses for you to exploit! Kingdra! {Lv 46}

Shay: Fargus, I'm trusting you to do this! {Lv 41} Sludge Bomb!

{Turn 11: Kingdra uses Double Team. Fargus' attack misses.}

Juan: I did tell you that you would face illusions.

Shay: Change tack! Secret Power! (This will be a long struggle...)

{Turn 12: Kingdra Double Teams again. Secret Power hits and causes Paralysis.}

Shay: Okay, now that he's slowed down, go back to Sludge Bomb attacks.

{Turn 13: Fargus hits with Sludge Bomb. Kingdra can't move.}

{Turn 14: Fargus's attack misses. Kingdra uses Rest to reccover, then eats a Chesto berry to wake up.}

Shay: All undone... Shift in, Mojo!

{Turn 15: Kingdra uses Double Team again.}

Shay: Plant a leech seed while we still can!

{Turn 16: Kingdra double teams again and evades Leech Seed.}

{Turn 17: Kingdra Double Teams Again and evades Leech Seed.}

{Turn 18: Kingdra double Teams to maximum and evades Leech Seed.}

Juan: Now for an attack. Ice beam!

{Turn 19: Kingdra shoots Mojo with Ice Beam, leaving him barely concious and frozen. However, Mojo defrosts himself instantly and lands a leech seed.}

Shay: Did it! Shift in, Fargus!

{Turn 20: Kingdra uses Ice Beam again, but Fargus can handle it.}

{Turn 21: Shay heals Dart. Kingdra uses Ice Beam again.}

{Turn 22: Shay heals Mojo. Kingdra uses Ice Beam again. Fargus is weakened, but Leech seed pulls him out of the danger zone while putting Kingdra in it.}

Shay: Alright Fargus. Try a Secret Power again.

{Turn 23: Kingdra uses Rest. Secret Power misses.

Shay: We're just stalling each other now... but that's fine with me. Shift in Mojo!

{Turn 24: Kingdra is still asleep.}

Shay: {Smirks} Faint attack. (An attack that can't miss.)

{Turn 25: Kingdra is still asleep. Faint attack hits and weakens Kingdra.}

Shay: Again! (He'll wake up now, but even if he uses Ice Beam, there's still a chance...)

{Turn 26: Kingdra wakes up and goes back to sleep immediately. After Faint attack and Leech Seed, He's still barely in the green.}

{Turn 27: Kingdra is severely weakened by another hit.}

Shay: This is it!

{Turn 28: Juan uses a Hyper Potion. Faint Attack hits again, but...}

Shay: (Not good. We'll be cutting it close.)

{Turn 29: Kingdra is still asleep. But he's back in critical condition.}

Shay: He can't keep this up forever!

{Turn 30: Kingdra wakes up, goes to sleep, and is hit by Faint attack.}

{Turn 31: Kingdra is asleep, but left in critical condition again.}

{Turn 32: Kingdra is defeated by Mojo.}

Juan: Hm. I see you use the Dark type to it's full potential. I can play that way too, with my Crawdaunt.{Lv 43}

Shay: Mojo, Needle Arm. (This is his last Pokemon.)

{Turn 33: Crawdaunt can't stand up to even one hit.}

Juan: Ahahaha, excellent! Very well, you are the winner. From you, I sense the brilliant shine of skill that will overcome all. However, compared with me or even Wallace, you are lacking in elegance. Perhaps I should make you a loan of my outfit?

Shay: No thanks. I don't think it would suit me.

{Long pause}

Juan: Hahaha, I merely jest! Rather than my clothes, I shall reward you with this, the Rain Badge!

{Battle end}

Juan: Having the Rain Badge shall assure you the full obedience of all your Pokemon to your every command. The Rain Badge also allows the use of the HM Move Waterfall to scale walls of cascading water. And, so that you never forget the battle we shared, take this...

Shay: A TM for Water Pulse.

Juan: In use, it will occasionally confuse the target with ultrasonic waves.

Shay: (Weaker than Surf, though.)

{Registered Gym Leader Juan in the Pokenav}

Juan: The Trainers who have gathered all the Gym Badges of Hoenn should make way to the ultimate destination. The Pokemon League. Travel to the easternmost reaches of Hoenn, to the island Ever Grande. There, you shall find the Pokemon League.

Gym Guy: Yow! You've beaten even Juan, who was supposedly the best in all Hoenn! Okay! Check out your Trainer Card. If you've gotten all the Badges, you're set for the Pokemon League Challenge!

Shay: I've accomplished a lot. But now I guess the only thing left to do is prove that I'm the best. (Just like Red and Gold...)

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