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Chapter 23: Suitable Opponent

{Shay explores the sea, moving along the most eastern edges of the map. Eventually, she finds a towering waterfall with a Pokemon Center and cave entrance at the top...}

Shay: So this is Ever Grande City. It doesn't look like much, but I guess it doesn't have to.

{Shay switches her party around at the Center}

Scott: Shay, you've crawled your way up to face the Pokemon League! I'm happy for you! You made my cheering worthwhile!

Shay: Let me get this straight. You go around looking for powerful Trainers. Well, why didn't you call some of them to help deal with the crisis?!

Scott: Hey, you know I try to stay out of other people's business. All that "fate of the world" stuff just doesn't interest me.

Shay: Scott, You're useless. I can appreciate your liking for strong trainers, and I enjoy battling. But there are some things that matter more. So whatever your big plans are, Don't bother inviting me.

{Party Setup (initial)}

  • Leiden, Lv 41
  • Luna, Lv 41
  • Dart, Lv 41
  • Eclipse, Lv 41
  • Fargus, Lv 41
  • Exde, Lv 42

Shay: Alright. We'll see how far we can go without specialized H Ms, then go back and get them as we need them.

{Inside Victory Road, Shay is attacked by wild Golbat, Loudred, and Hariyama.}

Cooltrainer Albert: I didn't come all this way to lose now. That possibility doesn't exist!

{Albert uses Magneton and Muk, both slightly more experienced than Shay's team. Shay wins, but not without some injuries on her team's part.}

Albert: Impossible... I lost? I lost here... That means I lack the qualifications to become the champion...

Shay: (Each and every trainer here has beaten Juan. This will be my hardest challenge yet!)

{Shay retreats to the Pokemon center to heal, then starts exploring some more, finding a Max Elixir.}

Shay: There are a lot of nooks and crannies here that I can only reach from other floors. Time to try that path...

{Shay suddenly stops as he hears footsteps behind her. Who could it be?}

Wally: Hi! Shay!

Shay: Wally!

Wally: I bet you're surprised to see me here! I made it all the way here, and it's all thanks to you! Shay, losing to you that time made me stronger!

Shay: Is that so? I can tell that you are strong this time...

Wally: I'm not going to lose anymore! I'm going to win! For the Pokemon who give me courage and strength!

Shay: ...Alright. Strike me down, if you can!

Wally: Okay... Here I come!

{Boss Fight: Wally 2}

Wally: Take flight, Altaria! {Lv 44}

Shay: Fargus leads. {Lv 41} Sludge Bomb attack!

{Turn 1: Alteria uses Safeguard: a veil that prevents status abnormalities. But Fargus lands a severe hit, weakening him.}

Wally: Altaria, that's enough. Come back! Go Magneton! {Lv 41}

{Turn 2: Crawdaunt's sludge bomb has no effect on the iron-bodied Magneton.}

Shay: Shift in, Exde!

{Turn 3: Magneton uses Thunderbolt, but Exde can take the hit.}

Shay: Nature Power! (In this environment, that's Shadow Ball)

{Turn 4: Shadow ball doesn't do much. Magneton uses Screech.}

{Turn 5: Exde keeps chipping away. Magneton fumbles a Supersonic attack.}

{Turn 6: Magneton is starting to weaken. Magneton uses Screech.}

{Turn 7: Magneton surprises Shay with Tri Attack.}

Shay: Shift in, Leiden!

{Turn 8: Tri Attack passes through Leiden.}

Shay: Now, Night Shade!

{Turn 9: Magneton uses Thunderbolt, weakening Leiden. But Leiden finishes it off}

Wally: The foe's weak. Go Altaria!

Shay: Only one of them. Shift in, Dart! Show off that Ice Beam I taught you!

{Turn 10: Dart beats Alteria before Wally can give him a command.}

Wally: Oh no...

Shay: (Two weak on my side, two down on his. He only had five to start with...)

Wally: Go, Roselia! {Lv 44}

Shay: You're still the best one for the job. Frost that plant!

{Turn 11: Dart land a hit, Roselia barely holds on for a Magical Leaf attack that takes down Dart in one hit.}

Shay: This'll be risky... Go Exde! Fake out!

{Turn 12: Wally uses a full restore. Fake out still does decent damage.}

Shay: Nature Power!

{Turn 11: Nature Power - Shadow Ball severely injures Roselia. But his Magical Leaf counter is just barely not enough to finish Exde.}

Shay: One last time, Secret Power!

{Turn 12: Exde finishes off Roselia.}

Wally: Go Delcatty! {Lv 43}

Shay: Shift in, Eclipse! Secret Power!

{Turn 13: Delcatty uses Faint Attack. Eclipse hits with Secret Power. Delcatty is hit harder, but both are still in good shape.

Shay: She's fast, but that's about it. Keep it up!

{Turn 14: Delcatty uses Charm, severely weakening Eclipse's attack Power. Secret power still weakens her, though.}

Shay: Switch to darkness-infused attacks. Bite!

{Turn 15: Delcatty flubs Sing. Bite leaves her in critical condition.}

{Turn 16: Wally uses a Full Restore. While biting, Eclipse is struck by her Cute Charm and is infatuated.}

Shay: Oh, no. None of that here.

{Turn 16: Shay plays the Red Flute. Delcatty again fails at Singing.}

Shay: Now keep up the biting! Don't worry, I won't let anything happen.

{Turn 16: Delcatty uses Faint Attack. Delcatty is getting weak.}

{Turn 17: Delcatty uses Faint Attack again, but she falls to Eclipse's fangs.}

Wally: So this is it. I think you know who I'm trusting with my finisher position.

Shay: In that case, I'll send in My starter too. Luna! Let's make this count! {Lv 41}

Wally: It's up to you, Gardevoir! {Lv 45}

{Turn 18: Gardevoir starts setting up Double Team. Luna hits with Bite.}

Shay: Keep biting! You know that's his achilles heel!

{Turn 19: Gardevoir uses Calm Mind. Luna misses.}

Shay: Change tactics! Secret Power attack!

{Turn 20: Gardevoir uses Calm Mind again. Luna gets a critical hit with Secret Power.}

Wally: ... It wasn't supposed to happen like this. The others were supposed to handle Dark Types for him...

{Turn 21: Gardevoir uses Double Team. Luna whiffs.}

{Turn 22: Gardevoir uses Galm Mind. Secret Power hits, leaving him in critical condition.}

Shay: You've grown a lot. You actually managed to catch up to me... but you couldn't prepare movesets to counter your Pokemon's weaknesses.

{Turn 23: Gardevoir tries calming his mind again, but Luna manages to hit and finish him off.}

Wally: Wow! Shay, you are strong, after all!

Shay: ...Hmhmm... You're stronger than me, but that alone isn't enough.

{Battle End}

Wally: I couldn't beat you today, Shay, but one of these days, I'll catch up to you!

Shay: (Wally... I don't doubt that he was the strongest person in this cave system. It won't be clear sailing from here, but the hardest part is out of the way.}

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