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Chapter 16: Ghost Drive

Party Status:

Main Party:

  • Leiden: Lv 34 Sableye
  • Dart: Lv 34 Sharpedo
  • Eclipse: Lv 34 Absol
  • Mojo: Lv 34 Cacturne
  • Luna, Lv 34 Mightyena


  • Fargus Lv 33 Crawdaunt
  • Exde: Lv 33 Nuzleaf

{Shay has been using Fly to revisit some places, including the Dewford area, where she picked up Sludge Bomb and Ice beam TMs. however, she chose to avoid most trainer encounters. Now, she continues on from Fortree down another rainy path...}

Bird Keeper Colin: Do you have any moves that can strike a Flying Pokemon?

{Colin uses Wingull and Natu.}

Colin: You soared above me! The move Fly is convenient, don't you think? While the pokemon is flying, almost no moves can strike it.

Shay: (But that leaves the opponent free to defend. Luckily, most other trainers wouldn't think of that...)

Ninja Boy Riley: We ninja conceal ourselves under our camouflage cloaks. I bet you didn't know where I was! {Note: All ninja boys in the past few chapters have been disguised as trees.}

Battle Girl Callie: If you don't pay attention, you could get hurt!

{Double challenge! Riley uses Nincada and Koffing. Callie uses Meditite and Makuhita}

Riley: I lost! I should camouflage my shame!

Callie: Ouch! I was the one to get hurt.

Cooltrainer Jennifer: Pokemon have many special abilities. If you want to become a first-class Trainer, learn about them.

{Jennifer uses a Sableye.}

Jennifer: You're obviously thinking.

{Shay teaches Tropius cut to find some Aspear berries.}

Cooltrainer Leonel: Your Party Pokemon... Do you have different types?

Shay: Yes and no.

Parasol Lady Angelica: Me, Pokemon, and my parasol... If any one of them is missing, the picture of beauty will be ruined.

{Double challenge! Leonel uses Manectric, Angelica uses Castform. Dart's Surf can't beat them all at once, and he falls to Manectric's Thunder. But Mojo is more resistant to their attacks and Shay comes out the victor.}

Leonel: I've seen your policy in action!

Angelica: You've completely ruined my beauty...

Shay: ha... ha... I wasn't expecting that.

Leonel: I think it's awesome you're so strong battling with your favorite Pokemon.

Angeliga: A parasol wouldn't suit you at all. Why, something like this would only get in your way!

{Fly makes it easy to retreat to a pokemon center. Attempt 2:}

Pokemon Ranger Jenna: How's your physical fitness? if you're not fit, you could have a rough time in critical situations.

{Jenna uses Lotad, Lombre, and Nuzleaf.}

Jenna: I'm totally fit, but...

Pokemon Ranger Lorenzo: I'll check your pokemon and see if they're fit for the outdoors.

{Lorenzo uses Seedot, Lombre, and Nuzleaf}

Lorenzo: With Pokemon that strong, you're in no danger of needing rescue!

{The rain clears up.}

Bug Maniac Jeffrey: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Want to battle?

{Jeffrey uses 3 Surskit.}

Jeffrey: Lost it... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Do you have a Pokenav...? {Registered}

{Shay finds some Pecha berries. Also Wepear, Pinap, Nanab, and Razz}

Ninja Boy Keigo: I will adopt the movements of Pokemon and create new ninja techniques.

{Keigo uses Koffing and Ninjask.}

Keigo: The creation of new ninja techniques is but a distant dream...

Ruin Maniac Chip: Who might you be? Are you perhaps searching for ancient ruins that are rumored to possibly exist according to legend?

{Chip uses Baltoy, Sandshrew, and Sandslash. Mojo tries to learn Spikes, but Shay decides against it.}

Chip: What a disgraceful setback... That giant rock... I would like to believe it may indeed contain ancient ruins, but I see no entrance...

Shay: (This arrangement... I saw a set of rocks exactly like this in the desert...)

{Shay crosses into route 121}

Hex Maniac Tammy: There are powers beyond our understanding in the world...

Bug Maniac Cale: Can't you see that I have all this stuff with me? Despite that, you still insist that we battle?

{Double challenge! Tammy uses Duskull and Shuppet. Cale uses Dustox and Beautifly.}

Tammy: I have lost...

Cale: Of course I lost! I'm holding stuff in both hands!

Tammy: Mt. Pyre... There is a mysterious power at work there...

Shay: (So I'm getting close to Mt. Pyre...)

Cale: I bought too much stuff at the Lilycove department store. It's up the road from here. I wish I had a bag like yours.

{Shay finds Persim, Aspear, Rawst, and Chesto berries}

Beauty Jessica: Stop, have a good look at my precious Pokemon!

Shay: I'll do more than look.

{Jessica uses Kecleon and Seviper}

Jessica: Oh, how dare you! Don't take it so seriously! I took it easy on you this time! It won't be that way the next time! {Registered}

{Shay comes across a group of Aqua Grunts!}

Aqua: Okay! We're to move out to Mt. Pyre!

{They leave}

Shay: Don't tell me they waited until Team Magma was done...! ...Fortree is too far away to retreat to in a hurry...

{Shay slips past towards Lilycove, avoiding trainers' sight as much as she can.}

Cooltrainer Marcel: My Pokemon have never tasted defeat! On my next win, I'm entering them in Contests.

{Marcel uses Manectric and Shiftry.}

Marcel: Oh, now what happened here? I may have to train my gang some more before entering any contest.

Cooltrainer Cristin: I have this routine. Defeat five trainers a day. Guess what? You're number five!

{Cristin uses Loudred and Vigoroth.}

Cristin: No! You're horrid! That was total humiliation! I won't forget you... Hand over your Pokenav! {Registered}

{Shay makes it to the Lilycove Pokemon Center, puts Fargus back into her party, then immediately turns back toward Mt. Pyre.}

Woman: Ahead looms Mt Pyre... It is a natural munument to the spirits of departed Pokemon...

{Shay surfs on Dart toward the island mountain and enters a cave opening. Inside has been paved with cobblestones with walls set up and Graves neatly arranged.}

Old Woman: All sorts of beings wander the slopes of Mt Pyre... There is no telling what may happen. Take this. It's for your own good. Have a Pokemon hold that cleanse Tag. It will help ward off wild Pokemon.

Shay: {There's an inside and outside path up. Inside might let me sneak up on them, but I don't know that it goes all the way to the top... I'll try it anyway.}

Pokemaniac Mark: Hey! Are you searching for Pokemon? You came along after me! You're rude!

Hex Maniac Leah: You are an unfamiliar sight... Depart before anything befalls you!

{Double Challenge! Mark uses Ryhorn while Leah uses Spoink. Fargus tries to learn Taunt, but Shay decides against it.}

Mark: Ayieeeeh! I'm sorry, forgive me, please!

Leah: Hmm... You're durable.

Mark: People don't come here often, so I thought there's be rare Pokemon.

Leah: Our family has been Trainers here since my great-grandmother's time... It is my duty to protect this mountain...

Shay: Have you seen Team Aqua here?

Leah: ...No?

Shay: Then they didn't take this route...

Black Belt Zander: Kiyaaaaah! I'm terrified!

Shay: What are you doing here?

{Zander uses Hariama. Shay switches in Leiden to fight him.}

Zander: Nooooooo! I lost my wits! I get freaked out anytime I see anything move... I shouldn't have come here to train...

Luke: We're here on a dare. Heheh, if I show her how cool I am, she'll fall for me. I know it! I know, I'll cream you and show her how cool I am!

{Young Couple Dez and Luke use Delcatty and Manectric.}

Luke: Whoopsie! Well, we lost, but that's okay! I'm right here by your side. We'll make it through this dare!

Dez: We're lovey-dovey, so we don't care if we lose!

{Third floor:}

Psychic Kayla: Ahahahaha! This is no place for children, least of all you!

Pokemon Breeder Gabrielle: Why have you come here?

{Double Challenge! Kayla uses Wobbuffet, Natu, and Kadabra. Gabrielle uses Skitty, Zigzagoon, and Poochyena.}

Kayla: I lost that cleanly...

Gabrielle: That was amazing! You're a very special trainer. I would like to see your Pokemon when they grow up some more... Please, I need to see your Pokenav. {Registered}

Psychic William: The rich atmosphere of the mountain has elevated my psychic power! A mere child like you... You dream of winning?

Shay: Psychic energy against darkness is just water down the drain. You can't win.

{William uses two Ralts and a Kirlia}

William: I drown in self-pity... My psychic powers have surely grown several times, but...

{Fourth floor:}

Hex Maniac Tasha: I love all things horrifying... It's like a disease... When I'm here... I shiver with fear...

{Tasha uses a Shuppet}

Tasha: Losing, I dislike... I want to see dreadful things... I can't leave... Stay... Won't you stay with me?

Shay: Sorry, I'm on a mission.

{Fifth floor: }

Blackbelt Atsushi: Teacher... Please watch over my progress!

{Atsushi uses Hariyama. Some creative switching leads to victory}

Atsushi: Teacher... Please forgive me! Until I improve, my teacher, who rests here, will never find true peace...

{Fifth floor:}

Hex Maniac Valerie: When I'm here... A curious power flows into me...

Psychic Cedric: Have you lost your bearings? Have no fear for I am here!

{Double Challenge! Valerie uses Sableye, Cedric uses Wobbuffet.}

Valerie: The power is ebbing away...

Cedric: Weren't you lost?

Shay: No, just frustrated. I know my course now.

Valerie: Fufufu... I lost the match, but... I have this little ability... Without ever laying my hands on your Pokenav... Hiyah! {Registered}

Cedric: I had this feeling that a lost trainer would be panicked and easy to beat. It's dirty and I won't try it again...

Shay: There's no way to the top from here... I'll take a shortcut down through those holes.

{Shay finds TM30 Shadow Ball.}

Shay: The most powerful ghost move. Eclipse and Luna can learn it, and I think Leiden can learn it naturally... I'll decide later. But I do have a TM that only one teammate can learn.

{Shay teaches Fargus Sludge Bomb over Knock Off}

{Shay also finds a Lax incense and Sea Incense before reaching the path outside.}


Shay: I have to figure out what Teams Aqua and Magma want here... and stop them if I'm not too late!

{Shay finds TM48 Skill Swap.}

Shay: Too situational.

{As Shay goes up, she enters a layer of fog}

Shay: So I finally caught you... Team Aqua!

Aqua Grunt: Hah! Too bad for you! If you came earlier, you only would have had to battle the wimpy Team Magma. But since you arrived now, you have to take on us toughies!

{This grunt uses a Carvanha. Fargus' Sludge Bomb beats him easily.}

Aqua Grunt: Urgh... I should've let you take on Team Magma first... You don't know anything! So why are you messing with us?

Shay: I know more than you think. I know that Someone needs to stop you.

Aqua Grunt 2: No! Those Team Magma Goons got here ahead of us! We can't fall behind!

{This grunt uses Zubat. Fargus wins with Secret Power}

Aqua Grunt 2: I thought you were one of the Magmas who happened to come back...

Shay: No. I'm a vigilante, and I haven't lost yet.

Aqua Grunt 2: Yeah, you are strong... But there're a lot of us!

Shay: That never works.

Aqua Grunt 3: You... We saw you at Mt. Chimney. You don't belong to either Team, so why would you be here?

Female Grunt: Oh, I know! You tried to join Team Magma, but they wouldn't have you! Well don't think that we'll let you join our Team Aqua!

Shay: Aqua, Magma, you're both the same, and I'll take you both down!

{Double Challenge! The male grunt uses Poochyena and Carvanha. The female uses Wailmer(!) and Zubat.}

Grunt 3: If you're going to mess with anyone, let it be Team Magma...

Grunt F: If you want to join Team Aqua that badly, we can consider it...

Shay: Team Magma has been more destructive, but you're all villains. And villains get beaten!

Grunt 3: Heh, it doesn't matter! We bought ourselves some time! The Boss should have snatched what he was after!

Grunt F: We have a great combination going on with us members and our leader.

Shay: Oh no you don't... Archie!

Archie: Team Magma's Maxie got here ahead of us, but we also got what we wanted. The Red Orb preserved at Mt. Pyre... I, Archie, now have it in my possession!

Shay (Red, but isn't the sea Blue?)

Archie: Fufufu... Now we can bring our ultimate objective to fruition!

Shay: What are you doing Archie!? Fargus, Sludge Bomb atta-

Archie: Okay, Team! We're pulling out!

{A blackout bomb and four-winged beat later...}

Old Woman: Oh, no... This cannot happen...

Shay: What did happen?

Old Woman: Not only the Blue Orb, but even the Red Orb has been taken...

Shay: (Wait again, did both teams end up taking the wrong one?)

Old Woman: The Blue Orb and Red Orb must never be seperated. They belong together. What are those men trying to do with the two Orbs?

Shay: I don't know. They tried blowing up a volcano and changing the weather before, respectively. And stealing...

{Shay finally realizes just what the package she delivered was}

Shay: ...stealing Submarine Parts!

Old Woman: Oh, yes. Was it Team Magma who came and took the Blue Orb first?

Shay: It sounds that way.

Old Woman: Well, in their haste, they left this behind. I couldn't imagine what exactly it could be. I would like you to have it. Perhaps it will be useful in some way.

{Shay was given the Magma Emblem}

Shay: (Team Magma's symbol... what is this really?)

Old Man: Mt. Pyre is where we calm the spirits of Pokemon that have passed on... This is a high place where one can see all of Hoenn...

Shay: (With this fog? I disagree!)

Old Man: The disembodied spirits of Pokemon must find solace here... Is it coincidence that you are here... Will you hear out my tale? A tale long told in the Hoenn region?

Shay: Yes. (It might help me understand what's happening here...)

Old Man: It happened long, long ago... The world was wracked by a ferocious clash between the Pokemon of the land and the Pokemon of the sea...

Shay: !

Old Man: The Pokemon of the land raised mountains and created continents... The Pokemon of the sea raised huge waves and carved out oceans... Their fierce dual raged without end. The world was engulfed in massive infernos and vicious storms. The Blue Orb and the Red Orb brought an end to the calamity. Light poured from the two orbs and becalmed the two adversaries. The pair, made docile, dove deep into the sea where eventually they disappeared...

Shay: Land and Sea... This is it. This is what they wanted all along...

{Shay runs back down the mountain and returns to Lilycove.}

Shay: I don't know how much time I have... But I need to prepare for the worst!

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