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Chapter 8: Heavy Resistance

Party Status:

  • Luna : Lv 24 Mightyena
  • Exde: Lv 25 Nuzleaf
  • Leiden: Lv 25 Sableye

{Mauville Gym}

Gym Guy: Hey, how's it going, Champion-bound Shay?

Shay: Pretty well. So what will I be fighting here?

Gym Guy: Wattson, the Leader of Mauville Gym, uses Electric-type Pokemon. If you challenge him with Water-type Pokemon, he'll zap them! Bzzt! And, he's put in switch-controlled doors all over his Gym! Eccentric! Hey, go for it!

Battle Girl Vivian: With my charm and my Pokemon's moves, you'll be shocked!

Guitarist Kirk:My electric soul, it'll shatter your dreams whole, whoa-yeahah!

{Double Challenge! They start with Meditite and Electrike. They each have a second in reserve. Luna and Exde handle things easily.}

Vivian: I'm shocked by your power!

Kirk: That was plugged in, amped up, over-driven electric, man!

Vivian: I've heard that Mauville was founded by Wattson. He was a trainer long before we became trainers. He must know all sorts of things!

Shay: (Wattson may be experienced, but I think I can find a way to win.)

Youngster Ben: This Gym's got puzzles! Isn't it fun?

Shay: Just have to try everything. But trainers in the way will show me down. Let's get this over with.

{Ben uses Zigzagoon and Gulpin. Luna overpowers them.}

Ben: It's no fun to lose...

Shay: (Strange. The gym trainers aren't trying to match the Leader's theme. I guess that's supposed to make for a more even challenge.)

Ben: Wattson says he likes setting up little traps with switches.

Bug Maniac Angelo: I love shiny things.

Guitarist Shawn: I trained under Wattson! There's no way I'll lose easily!

{Double challenge! They use Illumise and Voltorb to start. They follow up with Volbeat and Magnemite. Exde and Luna win.}

Angelo: Oh... My eyes are frazzled...

Shawn: Unplugged and turned off.

Shay: (Those bugs knew an electric move. Learning other types of moves can give advantages...)

Shawn: Wattson, our Gym Leader, has been around for a long, long time. He was battling even before your daddy was born, that tough coot.

Shay: ...I guess he has.

{Shay leaves to heal at the pokemon center, then solves the puzzle again.}

Wattson: I've given up my plans to convert the city, I have. And so, I put my time into making door traps in my gym. Oh? Now, what are you doing here?

Shay: I'm here to challenge you. Nice traps by the way, but they were a bit simple.

Wattson: What's that? You say you've gotten past all my rigged doors? Wahahahah! Now, that is amusing! Then, I, Wattson, the leader of Mauville Gym, shall electrify you!

{Gym Battle: Versus Wattson}

Alternate music: Pinchers Capture

{Leader Wattson sends out Voltorb.}

Shay: Luna, you start. Bite attack!

{Turn 1: Voltorb strikes first with Spark.}

{Turn 2: Voltorb strikes first with Spark. Voltorb's Hp is critical.}

Wattson: Wahaha! It's close, but not enough!

{Turn 3: Wattson uses a super potion.}

{Turn 4: Voltorb uses Spark, paralyzing Luna. She fights through with a Bite anyway.}

Shay: Darn it, I forgot to give them the Cheri Berries! But it's almost done. Just hold on for one more attack.

{Turn 5: Voltorb Selfdestructs! Luna barely holds on.}

Wattson: Waha- huh? That didn't work?

{Wattson sends in Electrike. Shay switches in Exde}

Shay: Exde, Fake out while you can!

{Turn 6: Exde used Fake out. Electrike Flinches.}

Shay: We have his measure. Now, Nature Power!

{Turn 7: Swift lands a critical hit, defeating Electrike.}

{Wattson sends out Magneton, Shay switches in Leiden.}

Shay: Leiden, use Night Shade. It can't resist that!

Wattson: And you can't dodge this!

{Turn 8: Magneton uses Shock Wave first.}

{Turn 9: Magneton uses Shock Wave. Both are left with low HP.}

Shay: Time for some healing!

Wattson: My thoughts exactly!

{Turn 10: Both sides use healing items.}

{Turn 11: See turn 8.}

{Turn 12: See turn 9.}

Shay: We can keep this up all day. Can you?

{Turn 13: Shay heals, Magneton uses Shock Wave.}

Shay: I didn't think so. Finish it!

{Turn 14: Magneton uses Shock Wave, bringing Leiden down to critical health, but it falls to one last Night Shade.}

Wattson: It's down to this. Manectric!

Shay: Shift in, Exde! Fake out!

{Turn 15: Exde uses Fake out, Manectric flinches.}

Shay: Nature Power.

{Turn 16: Manectric uses Shock Wave, Exde resists it and retaliates with Swift.}

{Turn 17: Manectric is almost defeated by a critical hit, but he eats his Sitrus Berry to recover a bit.}

{Turn 18: Exde is weakening, but Manectric is critical.}

Shay: No unnecessary risks this time.

{Turn 19: Shay heals Exde. Manectric uses Shock Wave.}

Shay: It's time.

{Turn 20: Manectric lands one last Shock Wave before falling to Swift.}

Wattson: Wahahahah! Fine, I lost! You ended up giving me a thrill! Take this Badge!

Shay: That was closer than I'd gotten used to.

{Battle end}

Wattson: With the Dynamo Badge, Pokemon can use Rock Smash out of battle. And, it will make your Pokemon a little bit faster, too. Hmm... you should take this, too!

Shay: This is the Tm for Shock Wave, right?

Wattson: It's a trustworthy move that never misses! You can count on it!

{Registered Leader Wallace in the Pokenav}

Wattson: I swell with optimism, seeing a promising young trainer like you!

{The electric barriers are down.}

Gym Guy: Whoa, you're electrifying! You've powered the door open!

{Shay goes to the Pokemon Center and withdraws Treecko}

Shay: Good, she can learn Rock Smash. Now I can go up Route 111. But first...

{Shay goes to Rusturf tunnel}

Shay: Sorry to steal your spotlight, guys but-

{A wild Whismur attacks.}

Shay: Let's try that again. Treecko, Rock Smash!

{Treecko shatters one of the two remaining boulders blocking the path.}

Blackbelt?: Wow! You shattered that boulder blocking the way! To show you how much I appreciate it, I'd like you to have this HM.

Shay: This is Strength. (The best Normal move I'll have for a while.)

Blackbelt?: If a muscular Pokemon were to learn that, it would be able to move even large boulders.

{But not Cracked ones, like the ones they were just dealing with. Just roll with it.}

Blackbelt?: Wanda! Now I can see you anytime!

Wanda: That's... wonderful. Please take some rest at my home.

{They leave.}

Shay: Now there's a feel-good story for you.

{Treecko breaks the second rock for good measure, then they head to the Rustboro exit.}

Devon: Oh! It's you! You're the person who not only helped me in Petalburg woods, but also got back my stolen package and then even graciously delivered it to Slateport! Capt. Stern informed us that the package arrived, too! I thank you very, very much.

Shay: You're welcome.

Devon: Why, if I were a rain cloud, I would shower you with gratitude and hail you as a hero!

Shay: That's... great.

Devon: For you, the most wonderful Trainer, I bear good news! Recently, our company developed a new kind of Poke Ball. As a token of our appreciation, this is a gift to our wonderful Trainer!

{Received the Repeat Ball}

Devon: Our new Poke Ball will be available at the Pokemon Mart in Rustboro. Please do try it out! Thank you and bye-bye!

{The Devon worker leaves.}

{Shay heads up Route 111, breaking a rock in the way.}

Interviewer Gabby: Oh! We've just spotted a tough-looking Trainer here of all places! Okay, roll camera! Let's get this interview.

{Double battle against Interviewer Gabby and Ty. They use Whismur and Magnemite. Leiden and Exde have them outmatched.}

Gabby: My eyes didn't lie! I did discover an astonishing Trainer! Awesome! Awesome! Who are you?!

Shay: I'm Shay, Dark Specialist.

Gabby: I knew we were onto something wild when we spotted you! Oh, please let me explain. We travel around everywhere interviewing all sorts of Trainers. So, would you give us a bit of your time for an interview?

Shay: That's fine.

Gabby: You will? Thank you! Okay, I need you to describe your feelings about our battle, but it has to be short and sweet. Go!

Shay: "Spirit"

Gabby: Mmm, yeah! That's the perfect clincher! I get the feeling that this will make a great TV show. There's a chance that they'll share this on TV, so make sure to look for us! Okay, we'll be seeing you!

Picnicker Irene: I don't know where you're going, but would you like a battle?

{Irene uses a Shroomish and Marill.}

Irene: Oh, you're disgustingly good! I'm thinking that I should go to Mount Chimney, but the view around here is very nice, too.

Camper Travis: I'm full of Pep! And my Pokemon is peppy, too!

{Travis uses a Sandshrew.}

Travis: My Pokemon lost it's pep... When I see a Trainer with a lot of Pep, I can't help looking.

{Just north is a Desert. A blinding Sandstorm is blowing.}

Shay: It's too vicious... I can't keep going this way...

{Shay is diverted west, along Route 112.}

Camper Larry: I'm strong. I won't cry if I lose.

{Larry uses a Nuzleaf. Leiden is a match for him.}

Larry: Waaah! I'm not crying because I miss my mommy! Snivel...

Shay: ... (Maybe I should make a few calls...}

Brendan: Shay, what's up? Hey, I'm out on Route 111 now. I'm going to rest up at an old lady's house north of the desert. If you're in the area, you should visit her too.

Wally: Shay, hello! After Rusturf Tunnel went through, Wanda's been very happy!

Dad: Hm... little by little, but also very surely, you're getting tougher, Shay. The stronger you get, the farther and higher you soar from Mother and me... This feeling is hard to explain.

Mom: Your father and you... Everyone is captivated by Pokemon. What is the charm of Pokemon? Me? I adore Pokemon that help me with my everyday chores.

Shay: I've registered 33 people in my Pokenav... On a quest that started off as a way to figure out my Dad. ... Three out of four badges so far. It's not long now.

Picnicker Carol: When you;re out on a picnick, why, you simply have to sing! Come on, sing with me!

{Carol uses Taillow and Lombre. Leiden and Luna take them on.}

Carol: Oh, you're so strong! It doesn't matter if you're good or bad at singing or Pokemon. If you have the most fun, you win!

Hiker Trent: My legs are solid from pounding up and down the mountains. They're not going to buckle easily, friend!

{Trent uses 3 Geodude}

Trent: Ouch, my legs cramped up! Can you grab me some bandages from my backpack? No, that's my Pokenav! Oh, fine, I'll register you.

Hiker Brice: Hahahaha! How about we have a battle? You and me! Hahahaha!

{Brice uses Numel and Machop. Luna learns Swagger over Howl.}

Brice: I lost! Hahahaha!

Shay: (What the? Some people in red are blocking off the Cable Car.)

Magma: Hey, man, is our leader really going to awaken that thing?

Magma: Sounds like it, yeah. But I heard we need a Meteorite to do it.

Magma: Oh, I get it now. That's why the rest of our crew went out to Fallarbor.

Magma: You got it. And until they come back, we're not to let anyone pass, right.

Shay: (Suspicious. But If I can't use the cable car, I'm stuck with that tunnel over there...)

{Fiery path is a short cavern through Mt. Chimney. There is an area Shay can't get into without Strength, but for now, there's nothing of note. Out the other end, Shay finds some Rawst Berries and Pecha Berries.}

Kindler Bryant: I caught a hot Pokemon in Fiery Path! Take a look!

Aroma Lady Shayla: Oh, aren't you an adorable trainer! Please, I need a romantic battle! I'm somewhat decent!

{Double challenge! They use Numel and Shroomish, followed by Slugma and Roselia. Leiden and Luna win.}

Bryant: What a bumpy ride that was!

Shayla: Oh, how strong you are! You've given me quite a shock!

{Shay has gone around the desert, and made it back onto Route 111.}

Cooltrainer Wilton: Show me how much you've toughened your Pokemon.

{Wilton uses an Electrike, Makuhita, and Wailmer.}

Wilton: I see, you've toughened them considerably. There is much to be learned from your training style. I request a rematch if it behooves you. {registered}

{Continuing on, Shay finds a boy standing next to a tree.}

Boy: What's that? What am I doing? I'm thinking about making my own room here using a Pokemon Move. I know! I'll give you this TM. Will you use it to make your own room?

Shay: Yeah, when I find a good place. (This TM...!)

Boy: Find a big tree that looks like it may drop some vines. Use Secret Power in front of the tree. Some vines should get free and drop down, so you can climb the tree. You'll find a lot of space for putting your favorite things. It'll be your own secret room... A Secret Base! You should make one too. Another thing, you don't always have to make your secret Base in a tree. Try using Secret Power on rock walls that have small indents in them. I'm going to look for other places, too. Okay, bye!

{The Boy leaves, And Shay turns back, retracing her steps back to Slateport.}

Secret Shopkeeper: Welcome!

{Shay buys 6 more copies of the Secret Power machine, and teaches it to all of his party members. Luna forgets Tackle, Leiden forgets Fury Swipes, Exde forgets Torment. She also goes to the Seashore house and stocks up on Soda Pop}

Shay: All right then. Now I'm ready for anything.

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