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Chapter 7: Crossroads

Team status:

  • Luna: Lv 20 Mightyena
  • Exde: Lv 21 Nuzleaf
  • Leiden: Lv 20 Sableye

Collector Edwin: Could I see your Pokemon? Just one look, please?

Guitarist Joseph:Okay! Full-throttle time! If you can't groove, you get left behind!

{Double challenge! They start with Lombre and Electrike, Folowing with Nuzleaf and Voltorb.}

Edwin: I wanted to complete my collection...

Joseph: You got into the groove all right...

Edwin: I like collecting Match call registrations too... {Registered}

{Shay finds a hidden Revive!}

Psychic Edward: I have forseen your intentions! I cannot possibly lose!

Triathlete Alyssa: I fell off Cycling Road... I'll get over my embarrassment by battling with you!

{Double challenge! They use Abra and Magnemite.}

Edward: I failed to prophesize my own demise!

Alyssa: Oops! I ended up losing. Falling... losing... This is so humiliating for me!

Edward: I see your future... Hmm... I see a shining light...

{Shay finds an Elixir, and later on, some Nanab berries.}

Fisherman Dale: Hey! Don't sneak up behind me like that!

{Dale uses 2 Tentacool and 2 Wailmer}

Dale: I lost! Drat!

{Shay finally reaches Mauville City.}

Woman: If I had a Bike, it'd be easy to cycle to Slateport for some shopping. I'd be able to buy Harbor Mail at the Pokemon Mart in Slateport...

Shay: Actually, I have some right here.

Woman: Oh! You have Harbor Mail? Will you trade it for a Coin Case?

Shay: Yes.

Woman: Oh! I'm so happy! That Coin Case can be used at the Game Corner.

Shay: (Hmm, should I or shouldn't I?)

Super Nerd: The roads of this town stretch north and south, east and west. Because of that, we get all sorts of people coming through.

Storyteller: I'm the Storyteller. I'll tell you tales of legendary Trainers. Will you hear my tale?

Shay: Yes.

Storyteller: But, I know of no legendary Trainers. Hence, I know no tales. Where does one find a Trainer worthy of a legendary tale? Are you a Trainer?

Shay: Yeah.

Storyteller: Then Tell me, have you any tales that are even remotely Legendary?

Shay: Well...

Storyteller: What's that? You... You... Rested Pokemon at home 2 Times?! That is indeed M Agnificent! It's the birth of a new legend!

Shay: (Only twice? I really should go visit more often... Hmm... There's someone in front of the Gym. Is that...?) Wally?

Uncle: (It's because of Pokemon that this boy's got more pep, I suppose... But he's become a bit too peppy... )

Wally: Aww, Uncle, please? I want to challenge this Gym and see how much better I've become. Please? May I, please?

Uncle: Now hold on, Wally. Since you started living with Pokemon, you have grown quite a lot stronger. But don't you think you're pushing it to suddenly challenge a Gym?

Wally: I'm not pushing it. If I combine forces with Ralts, we can beat anyone! (Notices Shay) Oh! Hi, Shay!

Shay: Wally. I see you're doing well.

Wally: I've gotten a lot stronger since we met. Shay, I want you and my Uncle to understand that. Shay, please, will you have a battle with me?

Shay: Fine. We are both Trainers, after all.

Wally: Shay, thank you. Okay... Here I come!

Shay: However, my type specialty will be hard for Ralts to overcome.

{Event Battle: Versus Wally!}

{Wally sent out Ralts.}

Shay: Let's make this quick. Exde, Fake out.

{Ralts flinches, and is reduced to critical health.}

Shay: Nature Power.

{Nature power becomes Swift. Ralts faints.}

Wally: .............................................. I lost...

{Battle end}

Wally: Uncle... I'll go back to Verdanturf... Shay, thank you. Being a Trainer is tough, isn't it? It's not enough to have Pokemon and make them Battle. That isn't what being a real Trainer is about.

Shay: Right. But you're well on your way.

Uncle: Wally, there's no need to be so down on yourself. Why, what's keeping you from becoming stronger and stronger? Come on, let's go home. Everyone's waiting for you.

{They start to leave, but the uncle turns back.}

Uncle: Shay, It occurs to me that you must be the Trainer who kept an eye out for Wally when he caught his Pokemon. Why don't you visit us in Verdanturf sometime? I'm sure Wally would enjoy it.

Shay: (Why not? I don't have any real advantage over this gym yet.)

Scott: Hehe... I was watching that match!

Shay: Scott?!

Scott: You're friends with that boy Wally, aren't you? But you didn't hold anything back and beat him impressively. Yeah, that's what a real Pokemon Battle is all about!

Shay: Scott, what are you getting at?

Scott: I idolize Trainers like that!

{There is a long pause}

Shay: (What did I teach Wally just now? I have a bad feeling about this Scott guy...)

Scott: I'll be cheering for you!

{Scott leaves.}

{Route 117:}

Triathlete Dylan: I'm in the middle of a triathlon, but, whatever, let's have a battle!

{Dylan uses Doduo}

Dylan: I ran out of energy!

Shay: You're tough, but your Pokemon aren't so hot.

Dylan: Pokemon have to be strong, too? I'd like you to train me! {Registered}

Meg: I'm going to tag up with my super senior student partner and beat you!

{Sr. and Jr. Anna and Meg use Zigzagoon and Makuhita. After the fight, Luna tries to learn Roar. but Shay stops her.}

Meg: Oh, no! I'm sorry, Anna! I let you down!

Anna: We can't take this lying down! You will come back, won't you? {Registered}

Pokemon Breeder Isaac: Listen, could I get you to battle the Pokemon I'm raising?

{Isaac uses a full team: Whismur, Aron, Poochyena, Taillow, Makuhita, and Zigzagoon. Though all weak, the fight is good training.}

Isaac: You've raised yours superbly... I'm going to redouble my training. Would you come look in on us? {Registered}

Triathlete Maria: I do my triathlon training with my pokemon, so I'm pretty confident about my speed.

{Maria uses a Doduo too.}

Maria: I need to get more practices in, I guess. You appear to be training properly... If you'd like, I'll battle you later! {Registered}

Bug Maniac Derek: Once a Bug Catcher! And now a Bug Maniac! But my love for Pokemon remains unchanged!

{Derek uses Dustox and Beautifly}

Derek: My ineptitude also remains unchanged... All I did was follow my heart, and now they call me a Bug Maniac... Still, I am an expert on Bug Pokemon, so it's only natural that they call me a Bug Maniac.

Battle Girl Aisha: Concentrate on getting the win. That's how I battle!

{Aisha uses a Meditite.}

Aisha: I don't waste any time being angry over a loss— I would rather train.

Triathlete Melina: Isn't it nice? To battle while looking at pretty flowers?

{Melina uses Doduo too.}

Melina: Oh, that's quite impressive!

Psychic Brandi: Let me demonstrate the power hidden within a Psychic Pokemon!

{Brandi uses a Ralts.}

Brandi: Astonishing!

Pokenav: Wally: Oh, hello Shay! I just wanted to tell you that my uncle bought me a Pokenav! Now I can get in touch with you anytime, Shay! {Registered}

{Shay finds a revive behind a bush.}

Pokemon Breeder Lydia: Please, allow me to evaluate if you have raised your Pokemon properly.

{Lydia uses Wingull, Marill, Goldeen, Roselia, Shroomish, and Skitty.}

Lydia: Yes, they are growing properly. I'm glad I met a superb Trainer in you. I hope to see you again. {Registered}

{Verdanturf Town:}

Old Man: The reason why anyone would visit Verdanturf... It's the Battle Tent. It goes without saying. Or is there somebody here you came to see?

Gentleman: You can't consider yourself a real trainer if you don't have faith in your Pokemon. Only those People who can believe in their battling Pokemon can win through to the very end.

Girl: My papa told me. He says this Tunnel is full of Timid Pokemon. They all get scared of loud noise and make a big uproar. So they had to stop the big tunnel project. But there's one man. He's trying to dig the tunnel by himself!

Shay: (Rusturf Tunnel again. I think one person could finish the job, actually.)

{Inside, Shay finds another exit, leading to a part of route 116 she couldn't reach before.)

Super nerd: I dropped my glasses... can you help me find them?

{Shay finds Blackglasses.}

Super Nerd: Those Glasses! May I see them for a second? Hmm... These are Blackglasses. They're not what I'm looking for... Maybe my glasses aren't around here... {He leaves.}

{Shay finds an HP up.}

Shay: No further response from the Itemfinder. I guess there's really nothing else.

{In the tunnel:}

Hiker Mike: What do you call a wild man up in the mountains? A mountain man, right? So why don't they call a Pokemon in the mountains a mountain Pokemon?

{Mike uses two Geodude and a Machop}

Mike: My Pokemon... Ran out of power... They halted development here to protect Pokemon, right? There's a feel-good story!

{Shay finds a Max ether, and a woman standing next to the last blockage.}

Woman: On the other side of this rock... My boyfriend is there.

Shay: {Checks} (That's... that blackbelt from before!?)

Woman: He... He's not just digging the tunnel to come see me. He works his hands raw and rough for the benefit of everyone.

{Back in Verdanturf, Shay visits Wanda's house.}

Aunt: My daughter's boyfriend is a very driven and passionate sort of person. He's been digging a tunnel nonstop just so he can see my daughter. My daughter's a little concerned, so she goes out to the tunnel a lot.

Uncle: Oh! Shay! Wally's in the next room. But, boy, there's something I have to tell you. This natural environment is doing wonders for Wally's health. Maybe it's not just the environment. It could be Pokemon that are giving the boy hope.

Wally: I lost to you, Shay, but I'm not feeling down anymore. Because I have a new purpose in life. Together with my Ralts, I'm going to challenge Pokemon Gyms and become a great Trainer. Please watch me, Shay. I'm going to be stronger than you. When I do, I'm going to challenge you to another battle.

Shay: I'll be waiting, Wally. For now, I recommend trying to get to Dewford when you're ready. The gym there will be at a disadvantage to Ralts.

{Returning to Mauville, Shay decides to check another branch of the crossroads. the east branch is Route 118}

Aroma Lady Rose: The aroma of flowers has a magical power. It cleanses us body and soul.

Youngster Deandre: Go, go, go! Pokemon 1, 2, and 3!

{Double challenge! They start with Roselia and Zigzagoon. They are followed by Shroomish and Aron. Their final Pokemon are Roselia and Electrike.}

Rose: Oh, dear me. I seem to have lost.

Deandre: Come in, Pokemon! Are you okay? Pokemon 1, 2, and 3?!

Rose: Sniff... That odor—it's a Pokenav! We must register each other! {Registered}

Girl: Even if there isn't a boat, you can cross Rivers and the sea if you have a Pokemon that knows Surf. Pokemon can be counted on to do so much!

Guitarist Dalton: Let my melody rock your soul!

{Dalton uses Magnemite and Whismur.}

Dalton: La-lalala... When I compose better melodies, you have to come listen, okay? {Registered}

{Back in Mauville, Shay stops by Rydel's Cycles.}

Rydel: Well, well, what have we here? A most energetic customer! Me? You may call me Rydel. I am the owner of this cycle shop.

Shay: So, what's for sale?

Rydel: Your Running Shoes... They're awfully filthy.

Shay: Wha- Oh. I guess they are.

Rydel: Did you come from far away.

Shay: Yeah... {It's been a long time since Goldenrod...} You see, I recently moved to Littleroot, but...

Rydel: Hm, hm...............

Rydel: You're saying you came all this way from Littleroot? My Goodness! That's ridiculously far!

Shay: Ggck! No it isn't!

Rydel: If you had one of my Bikes, you could go anywhere easily while feeling the Gentle caress of the wind! I'll tell you what! I'll give you a bike! Oh, wait a second! I forgot to tell you that I sell two kinds of Bikes! They are the Mach Bike and the Acro Bike! The Mach Bike is for those cyclists who want to feel the wind with their bodies! And an Acro Bike is for those who prefer technical rides! I'm a real sweetheart, so you can have whichever one you like!

Shay: I'll take the Mach Bike.

Rydel: If you get the urge to switch bikes, just come see me!

{Shay goes north to Route 111.}

Camper Tyron: This is my favorite kind of Pokemon!

Aroma Lady Celina: Show me how to put a little excitement in my life.

{Double challenge! They use Sandshrew and Roselia.}

Tyron: Wait! Did you get a good look at my Pokemon?

Celina: Oh... My... That was too much excitement.

Kindler Hayden: When you're as famished as I am, there's no room for pity!

{Hayden uses Numel.}

Hayden: Groan...

Picnicker Bianca: Did you come from Mauville? Then you should be full of energy!

{She uses a Shroomish.}

Bianca: Ooh lala! That's a lot to take! This road here... you have quite a ways to travel.

Man: Hello! I take it you're a traveler. Wow's this? What do you say to taking on our family of four in a series of Pokemon battles?

Shay: Sounds fun.

Victor: That's the spirit! I like you!

{Victor uses Taillow and Zigzagoon.}

Victor: Aiyah! You're a lot tougher than I expected! Hey, all! I've found a pretty strong Trainer!

Victoria: Oh my goodness! Aren't you young? You must be quite the trainer to beat my husband, though. It's my turn to battle now!

{Victoria uses a Roselia.}

Victoria: Oh, gosh! I can't get over how strong you are! There's a strong trainer here! This one's really strong!

Vivi: You're stronger than Mommy? Wow! But I'm strong, too! Really! Honestly!

{Vivi uses Marill, Shroomish, and Numel. Leiden tries to learn Detect, but Shay decides against it.}

Vivi: Huh? Did I just lose? This stinks... Snivel... Grandma!

Vicky: How dare you make my Granddaughter cry! For that, I'm going to smack you! Prepare to lose!

{Vicky uses a Meditite.}

Vicky: Kwah! You are strong... My granddaughter was right... If you're not in any hurry, visit with us awhile.

{Shay obtains the Macho Brace.}

Fat man: Oh, no! My uncle in Mauville told me to take Pock Smash with me if I was going to Route 111! My uncle? He lives across from the Bike Shop in Mauville.

Shay: {Sounds like I really need that HM.}

{Back in Mauville:}

Man: Woohoo! I hear people call me the Rock Smash Guy, but I find that sort of Degrading. I think I deserve a bit more respect, like maybe the Rock Smash Dude. Woohoo! Anyways, your Pokemon look pretty strong. I like that! Here, take this Hidden Machine! That HM contains Rock Smash. If you come across any large boulders that block your path... Well, use that HM move and smash them right out of your way! Yes, sir! Smack rocks aside, I say! Woohoo!

{Shay trains on Cycling road, registering Triathlete Abigail and Triathlete Benjamin. Exde learns Torment over Growth.}

Shay: OK, I think I'm ready to take on the Gym Leader.

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