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Live Blog Of panties, female agents and panties of female agents: An AIKa R-16 LB
Nyarly2010-12-12 11:28:18

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Virgin Mission 1: Secret Game

The first thing I notice, before I even started the first episode, is that there is unusually much stuff on the DVD. Besides the usual trailers, there is also a Making-of, a talk circle (or whatever I should call it in English) with the voice actors, promo clips, blank OP/ED and location hunting. In the extras. Then there is the program info, with trailers, credits, imprint, "distribution" (actually just an ad of the publisher) and a commercial for Animania, the most popular anime/manga magazine in Germany.

Maybe, I'll take a look and write something about some of the extras after I finished the OVA. But now, let's start with the first episode:

The first thing we see is an underwater shot with a destroyed tower building and some other debris, showing off the destruction after the flood, and a yellow submarine (no Beatles jokes, please), apparently a 3D model with cel-shading, diving through the water. Then the scene switches to Aika, steering the submarine and talking with a man. It seems she is in training and the trainer, a guy with glasses, a tan and a hot pink shirt, doesn't seem to be too interested, since he's reading a magazine (or something). But it seems that he still pays attention, otherwise Aika would've crashed against the remains of a building. Apparently, she's easily distracted.

"The Salvager became too laid-back, when even people like you receive a Class-C-license..." This guy obviously doesn't think highly of her. Also, he pronounces the word "Salvager" rather strangely (I even had to turn on subtitles to understand what he says). Maybe I'm at fault and it's actually pronounced like that, but I doubt that. It seems more like the VA hasn't a very good grasp of English. Or he tries to stay close to the Japanese dub, which I haven't seen yet, but considering how often Japanese butcher English prounouncation/spelling/meaning/the entire language...

Tanned Trainer Guy gives her a lecture and Aika is visibly unhappy and blushes. Even more when he tells her to "feel it [the target(?)] with the butt, with the butt". Naturally, said butt is shown. Surprisingly, it's covered by her clothes. Unsurprisingly, the outlines of her panties are still visible (which also shows that she wears tight clothes). I think, I call it a half-pantyshot, with raises the PS counter to 0,5.

Then we get another shot of the 3D submarine and the opening begins.

It's rather ordinary stuff, but there are (of course) some pantyshots. Three when the three of female characters are shown and their hair and (more importantly) skirts wave in the wind. Strangely enough, Aika is the furthest (and with that the smallest) and the last to show on the scene, despite being the main character. But I guess the other two are important too. Then there is another one with Aika from behind. Then I'm a bit at loss. There is a close-up of an ass, but it's not clasped in panties, but in bikini bottoms. Should I count it too? Well, I just do it in this case since it's so blatant. The last thing in the opening is a scene of Aika with a plane flying over her against a red background. I think it looks pretty nice. There are, of course, other PS-less scenes in the OP, but I think they are rather unremarkable. Anyway, the total PS-count of the OP is five (with the bikini). I won't count them again in the other two episodes, but I will add them to the total in the end.

Now the Episode Title Card informs us that the first episode is called "Secret Game".

In the first scene it rains. Heavily. Why? So the blue-haired girl with the white shirt and skirt, but without a bra, can get wet and shows her her boobs and panties, of course! Also, we see that the show doesn't have Anime Anatomy. Said girl, just stands with an bored/relaxed/whatever expression in a tennis court (which also seems to be part of a school), holding an appropriate racket, apparently not even realizing (or not caring) that the whole world can see her naked boobs. Some guy seems to stand behind a brick wall near the court. We don't see much of him though. In fact, I think the little bit of clothing that is visible, looks more like a skirt, so it seems to be a woman. But then the scene fades out, so there is not much else too see.

Guess what the first thing we see on the next scene is. Right, it's panties! After a camera change, we can see that it's Aika's who lies in her bed, just waking up. Then we see, that she is not wear much else. Although there is a pink shirt and pants on the bed near her. Looks suspiciously like a pajama, making me wonder why she's not wearing them (despite the obvious reason). Know what? I think, I count the boobieshots too. Or rather nippleshots. Aika, not really awake, hums the rings of the bell (sounds like Big Ben), before she fully awakes with a start, in best Oh-god-I-overslept-and-have-to-show-my-tits-and-panties-because-I'm-too-dumb-too-wear-a-pajama manner. I just noticed that, while her hair looks tidy, there are some lines are going out of it. The animators' idea of a bed head, it seems. After she laments her constant lateness, the scene switches to the school, with a sports field behind it (the tennis court from the first scene is also there). Then we see how Aika gets a lecture from her teacher Ms. Risako and she has to clean all the windows of the school as punishment because it's already the 30th late day in a row. Especially bad, since she live in the dorm near the school. Aika isn't happy. Also, she seems to be rather careless in general, something that irritates her teacher.

Walking through the hallway, she yawns ans whines that she didn't get enough rest. Then she muses that a child grows better, when it sleeps much. And than complains that it apparently doesn't work with her tits (while squeezing them, of course). Keep in mind that they are anything but small. I'm not too familiar with cup sizes, but they are at least a C. And she behaves as if they a small. Geez...

Then she looks at a poster on the bulletin board. Her poster, to be exact, which is an ad where she praises her treasure-finding skills. Also, the animators show us that she bends over, while she reads it and the effect it can have in combination with a short skirt. Then three girls appear (two of them were in the OP, I think) and a fourth one rips the poster off the board (and it wasn't the first of her posters, they ripped off). One of them, a brunette or redhead (it's a bit hard to tell with the tone) whose name is Eri and is the class representative, gives her a lecture, since it's not allowed to make such businesses without permission. Aika doesn't accept this and states that she will hang up new ones and irritates the other girl with that and sticks her tongue out at her. Seems to be a little bit... childish. Then the teacher steps in and tells them to go to class, which has already begun.

After that, we see Aika, cleaning a window. But not for long, since the (and the other three girls) tells her to follow her. Apparently she founded a "treasure hunter"-club. All members seem to be girls. There is also the blue-haired girl from the first scene, with a tarot card (that shows the grim reaper) in her mouth. Seems to be an Emotionless Girl. At least it seems that she is supposed to be mysterious (then again, which Emotionless Girl isn't?). Eri gushes a bit about lost treasures and shows us her panties. Then we learn that Eri comes from a rich family and Aika teases her about it. Or something (I don't really know what he reaction is supposed to be). One of the unimportant girls (whose hair reminds me of Shimako and Tsumugi) shows a photo of a submarine. Now it's Aika's turn to gush and Eri asks her to join the club, so she can steer this particular submarine next weekend. I just noticed that Aika and Eri show us their panties just a little bit. Some PS here seem like easter eggs. Aika wonders what they actually want to do and Eri ask Emotionless Girl to show her something. Her name seems to be Karin or Karen, but it's hard to hear and the subtitles say "Senpai" instead, so I'm not sure about her name yet. In true Emotionless Girl fashion, there seems to be something strange about her and in true Ecchi fashion, Eri has to undress her to show it. Aika and the other girls are shocked, but Karin (I call her that, until I'm sure about her name) doesn't seem to mind. Then we see that there is purple butterfly tattooed on her left breast, just above her bra (yes, she wears one now) and I'm sure it's not an ordinary tattoo. Eri asks Aika what she thinks about it. Now, a butterfly tattoo isn't too out of ordinary and Aika (and the other girls) don't know that she talks about it. Hilarity Ensues and they state that they don't like "that kind of club". But then Eri actually points to the butterfly and hilarity vanishes. We see (the legs of) a woman standing outside the room, similar to the person behing the brick wall in the first scene. The same person, I guess.

Cut to a bird view of the sea with a ship on it. Cut to the girls of the club in the boat, looking at a large screen that shows Karin's cleavage, with the butterfly. It would look very wrong without context. Actually, it even looks wrong with context. Eri zooms the picture in and we see that the tattoo is composed of rows of numbers. Aika is baffled. Then Eri says that she discovered the numbers. I could say that I don't want to know how, but that would be a lie. Cut to Karin, with a popsicle deep in her mouth. And I thought the screen with her breasts looked wrong... She says something, but since she doesn't take out the popsicle (enhancing the "wrongness" of the scene) neither Aika nor the viewers understand anything. But then she takes it out and repeats that she didn't know anything about the numbers, until Eri discovered them.

I still wonder how she did it. Or rather why she took such a close look at Karin's boobs.

Anyway, Eri says that she created and modified a matrix with these numbers. "Matrix" is a good keyword, because she's pressing a button and the numbers are falling down, Matrix-like, only to reveal a text, which is: "The gate of the truth will be opened by the sleeping butterfly", which Aika translates for all viewers who aren't good in Engrlish. Then, after Eri presses another button, the text changes to: "244934N1250856E". In other words: Ship coordinates (or whatever it's called.). That's repeated by Aika in a scene with a popsicle-suckling Karin (written like that, it seems dirtier than it actually looks) and the full group of girls, with two subtle pantyshots. Then another not-so-subtle (but short) PS, by Eri while she stands up, stating that the "solution to the riddle lies directly in front of us". More gushing by her. And a lot of enthusiasm by her and the other club members. Not from Aika, though, who just thinks that it's a strange club. Karin stopped sucking on the popsicle. Instead, she licks the tip now. It's... not much better. I wonder how long they want to draw out this visual fellatio innuendo. Anyway, she seems to be worried, as far as I can tell. Which isn't much. I think, now I know how Kyon sometimes feels with Yuki. Seems I was wrong, since she is smiling shortly after that. Yes, smiling. Way too soon. She won't receive the Great Rei Ayanami Prize For Emotionless Girls, when she already shows emotions. But I guess, that she is just as enthusiastic as the other club members.

Cut to, what I guess is the submarine (judging from the dialog). And Eri and Aika, wearing hardhats. The latter tries to convince Eri to pay her for her work, she is a rich girl after all. Doesn't work. Also, I was wrong, they are only on the way to the submarine (called "Beluga" apparently) and as soon as Aika sees it, she forgets about the money and goes in fangirl mode, much to Eri's amusement (in turn to Aika's irritation). Then Eri gets called by some guy.

Cut to the deck of the ship and a hot woman. And a guy with spiky hair, who wouldn't look out of place in a shounen anime, who brings her a drink. And is also painfully shy in her presence. Did I mention that she wears a bikini? Spiky-haired Guy calls her "Ms. Risako", the teacher of Aika. I didn't recognize her with her hair down. She thanks him with a sexy voice, which seems to imply that it's actually a porn movie and she throws herself at him in a second. The sleazy jazz music, that sets in as soon as she starts talking, doesn't help. But it's not a porn movie, so it doesn't happen. Anyway, she asks him for his name (I doubt that she actually cares) and he stammers a bit, until he finally says that his name is "Gust". Risako (intentionally?) misunderstands his stammering and thinks his name is "Gugugugust". Funny. Then we see Eri, the guy, who called her and Aika, coming out up to the deck and looking at them from a distance. The guy is apparently annoyed by them and we learn that Risako is the consultant of the club, but it seems that she's like 'Sawa-chan' and cares mostly for her own enjoyment. Then we get some rather... racy shots of her. Complete with sensual sighing and bouncing boobs with nipples poing through the top. I briefly wonder, if I was wrong and it actually is a porn movie. But I guess the over-the-top sexualization is supposed to be funny. But it seems that she does it deliberatly to tease the (male) staff. Yes, I can see how Guy-Who-Called-Eri can't work like that. Cue facepalm on his part and annoyed looks of Eri and Aika. The latter even wishes that they drop dead.

The next scene (the sun has began to set, by the way) shows Aika, Eri, Karin and Guy-Who-Called-Eri around a map. Apparently they'll search an island, that sunk after the flood, for treasure. Then we get a shot of Karin's boobs. Actually it shows how she firmly grabs her arm in rather anxious manner, but we see more of her boobs. While it was probably inevitable, it lingers more on them than actually necessary. Anyway, the area in which they will search seems to be kind of strange and dangerous. Guy-Who-Called-Eri calls it a "modern Bermuda Triangle".

A scene of the members of the club, amusing themselves. No pantyshots, not even when one of them stands up to go to the toilet and another one goes with her. I'm honestly surprised.

Scene outside of the boat shows that it's night. Strangely enough, I only realize now, that the ship's name is "Regina Eri" (at least that's what's written on it). Then Aika and Eri on deck, the former wondering if it's not too dangerous. Eri teases her about it (with bouncy boobs) and they both fight rather childishly. Karin, now totally disqualified for the Great Rei Ayanami Prize For Emotionless Girls, thinks that they get along well together. I guess they are some sort of Vitriolic Best Buds. Karin goes into the ship to the other girls and one of them invites her to play cards. She even mentions her name clearer than Eri earlier and it even stands in the subtitles, so I know now that I was wrong and her name is "Karen". Good to know. One of the girls, a Meganekko, wonders where some of the other girls are (probably the ones who went to the toilet), seems they are gone since a long while.

Next scene, the girls' restroom. Meganekko, knocks on of the toilet doors and asks for "Aki". Then she opens it and sees the two girls, unconscious on the toilet in a rather... suggestive position. Either we have a case of Les Yay or they got knocked out and hidden here. The ominous shot and BGM implies the latter. I feel strangely disappointed. Also a pantyshot. I'm sure there are a lot people who like to peek at panties of girls who got beaten unconscious. Sickos. One of the girls is apparently "Aki", but I have no idea who. Since they are just unimportant extras and most likely redshirts (at least a less lethal variation) it doesn't actually matter. Anyway, Meganekko gets knocked out too, by a person wearing a black glove. Then we see Meganekko's panties and Risako, wearing a bustier, stockings with a garterbelt and panties. All black. It's more modest than the bikini though. But if she won't wear more, than the amount of pantyshots will become very high alone with her appearances.

Now, I could say that I'm surprised that she is a villain. But that would be a lie. And not just because I saw this episode before.

Next, a 3D model of the ship, cut to a hallway of the ship and Risako, the three girls she knocked out behind her. Seems they are brainwashed and will serve as mooks.

Cut to Eri's and Aika's room. The latter asks how the former got to know Karen. It was in the swimming pool. Cue flashback. Apparently Karen doesn't like wearing tops, something we can assure us with a close-up. Then a pantyshot from present Eri, who actually only wears a shirt and panties whil she lies on her bad. I suspect more PS from her. More stuff about Karen: She lives alone in a luxury apartment and always buys expensive things. Her birthdate and her education is unknown. Aika, on the other hand, is only stunned that Eri spies after her. Eri responds that she doesn't care for privacy when she wants to know something. Again, she is very enthusiastic about the whole thing. Aika calls her childish because of that, while she holds a pajama shirt with cartoony bears. The hypocrisy is not lost on Eri. And I was right about more PS of Eri (I only count new footage by the way. When a shot is reused, I don't count the PS again). Also her shirt, or rather brassiere (or something like that), as I see now, is see-through, giving us some nippleshots.

Suddenly a knock and the brainwashed girls, minus Meganekko, come in with a pantyshot. Really only one. Their eyes are rather dull, practically screaming "I'm Brainwashed and Crazy!". Of course, the fact that they pull out handguns isn't exactly reassuring either. They try to shoot Eri, but Karen (where does she come from?) runs between them and gets hit. The scene plays out very quickly, but that didn't stop the animators to include a short pantyshot from Karen.

...Or not. Karen wasn't there, it was a change in scene and she got shot by Meganekko. And she isn't the only one, apparently all girls are knocked out (I doubt that the guns are lethal). Four more pantyshots (courtesy of knocked out girls) and stocking-clasped legs (courtesy of Risako). And yet another PS by Karen. When it becomes dramatic, panties are showing themselves, apparently. Then Risako, still lacking clothing that isn't underwear, picks up Karen and slumps her over her shoulder. That, combined with a view over the whole room with all the unconscious girls, gives us more PS (one of them doesn't show her panties, strangely enough).

Then a vase breaks and we see Eri, trying to avoid the gunshots. It seems way more amusing than dramatic seeing her like that with her nipples and panties showing. But then again, I doubt that there a lot of people who take this anime seriously. Aika, taking cover, notices that they shoot with stun bullets. And tells them to stop. Eri, throws with various stuff at them. Then Aika kicks Blond-Haired-Girl-Who-May-Be-Or-Not-Be-Aki's feet away and she falls down. This all with a couple of pantyshots, of course. However, Aika lies on the floor too and Blue-Haired-Girl-With-Ponytail-Who-May-Be-Or-Not-Be-Aki tries to shoot her, but Aika kicks the gun out of her hand, and with combination of her knee and elbow (and a pantyshot) she knocks her out. But Blond-Haired-Girl-Who-May-Be-Or-Not-Be-Aki is still conscious and has a gun. Aika grabs a gun herself and with two shots she knocks her out too. Blond-Haired-Girl-Who-May-Be-Or-Not-Be-Aki falls over the rest of the couch, which results in a rather blatant PS.

After a couple of PS more, we see Aika with a strange device in her hand. Then she discovers a strange device in the panties of Blond-Haired-Girl-Who-May-Be-Or-Not-Be-Aki and draws Eri's attention to it. Also, we see that there is another on her neck. Eri is disgusted. Aika muses that they are probably controlled with that. Suddenly, Spiky-haired Guy appears and says that they have a problem. No shit, Spiky-haired Guy.

Cut to the unconscious girls. The staff tries to wake them up, but to no avail. Aika, Eri and Spiky-haired Guy come in and are shocked. Then a helicopter can be heard. Cut to the outside of the ship, said helicopter arriving and then to Risako, Karen still slumped over her shoulders, giving us two pantyshots (and some more with every shot of them). Apparently, she is picked up by the helicopter, while Meganekko guards her. Then the helicopter gets shot and seems to fly away, a bunch of floodlights get turned on, glowing towards Risako and Guy-Who-Called-Eri, who stands behind the lights, aims at her with a sniper rifle and orders her to let go of Karen. Of course, she doesn't and pulls out a gun. The she throws it away. Or so it seems. Actually she throws it to Meganekko, who catches it, goes Guns Akimbo and shoots out the lights. Guy-Who-Called-Eri shoots the fixtures of a live belt, above her, which falls down and knocks her out. Strangely no pantyshot from her. But from Risako, with Karen, who runs towards the seat that the helicopter dropped (I have no idea what it's actually called). Then Aika runs towards her and knocks her on the ground. But also herself. Eri and Spiky-haired Guy run on deck. Risako stands up. Aika asks her what that all means. Risako only says that her girls weren't successful this time and lectures that one should never trust another person. Aika replies that she doesn't need lectures. Then Risoka gets picked up by the helicopter. Doesn't it occur to Guy-Who-Called-Eri that it would be good idea now to shoot her now?

Cut to Meganekko, getting picked up by Spiky-haired Guy (and showing her panties) to take her to the examination room but has trouble staying on his legs, because he is a weakling. Other girls get picked up by other guys (on of them Guy-Who-Called-Eri). Guy-Who-Called-Eri wants to turn around, but Eri, being adventurous, says no and is even more enthusiastic now. Also she threats to make sure that Guy-Who-Called-Eri (who is actually the captain) gets fired if they go back now. Guy-Who-Called-Eri wants that Aika convinces her to stop. Aika says no.

Then we see Karen, lying in a bed, only wearing underwear and Aika, standing beside hers, wondering what's her secret. The camera in this shot is on the side of Karen, so her, not very small, breasts block a ridiculously large part of the view. Then we see 3D water and ship. Cue credits, that's composed of various scenes from the episode, so I won't count panty- and nippleshots here. The ending song is nice, but nothing special.

Then an Omake in Chibi style, in which Eri wears different socks and claims that it's modern fashion (despite having said that she confused them, at first). Also she says that socks will be important in the next episode, which as Aika reassures us, is a lie. The Episode Title Card says that the title of the next episode is "Peach Peach Beach". Make of that what you will.

Well, that was the first episode. And the LB is much longer than I expected. Anyway, I counted 92,5 pantyshots, together with the five from the opening, it's a total of 97,5. Also there are 8 nippleshots. Of course, I won't and can't guarantee that it's absolutely correct and I surely won't count them again.

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