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Live Blog Let's Play, NEWGROUNDS EDITION: Gravity Duck
BlackWolfe2010-12-11 07:48:34

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Session Three: And They Said It Wouldn't Be Done

Bumping instead of editing because HOLY CRAP UPDATE!

Y'know what? Having ol G-Duck for my avatar has gotten me in the mood to overcome my frustration. Let's see how long that lasts.

I am an inspiration.

You are pixelated frustration. Let's do this.

Level 21

This one is all about timing your first gravity swap. After that, just keep moving. For your first two swaps, it's best to land to the right of the caterpillar. After that, just swap quickly so as not to die.

Level 22

Easier than it looks.

Wake me when it gets tough.

Level 23

G'morning, Ducky! Say hello to the firefly.

This annoying little bastard fires homing missiles at Gravity Duck every few seconds. It flashes briefly before doing so. Now we're playing a cover-based platformer.

For this level, the trick is to wait until right after a barrage has gone by, move as quickly as possible to the crook of the L-shaped platform in the middle, wait again, and move as quickly as possible to the egg.

Level 24

More firefly blast dodging. Unfortunately, you have to proceed over the top of the evil smiley face that is this level, which means hiding on the bottom of the nose like some kind of bright yellow booger.

Way to make me sound disgusting.

Level 25

This one's less of a challenge than it looks like. It doesn't matter which way you go, left or right. All you have to do is time your start - drop off the bottom of the spiked platform right as the fireflies' blasts are blocked - so that you have as much time as possible to grab cover up by the minithwomps.

Level 26

This one can screw you if you're overconfident, but is, again, more a matter of timing than anything else. Using the vortex on the left and the platform at the center, we want to position ourselves on the right side of the starting point so that we can skirt the spike-covered floating island and hit the other vortex.

Then it's more hiding behind cover before moving as quickly as possible to the end of the level.

Level 27

Ah, a nice, simple level. You can use the two mini islands on the upper right for cover. The peashooters are nothing compared to those fireflies.

Level 28

This level is Platform Hell. This is where bad Gravity Ducks go when they die. These spiked pillars require precise timing, and it's really hard to time your fall from halfway across the damn screen.

My first playthrough - the one where I lost the screenshot - I went past the first pillar, discovered that you have to be upside down when to the right of it or the firefly can get you, and spent a good ten minutes or so trying to time the fall through the pillar on the right.

This time around, I spent about two minutes repeatedly dying on that pillar when my roommate asked a question: "Why don't you just go underneath that first island?"

I proceeded to accidentally clear the level on my first attempt at following this suggestion while attempting to prove that it wasn't possible to actually reach that first vortex. Sometimes, I hate my roommate.

Level 29

The trickiest part of this level is remembering that if you land on either of the two tiny islands on the top part of the screen, you can't safely fall off of them again. Otherwise, it's kind of a piece of cake compared to 28.

Level 30

We end the update with the most annoying caterpillars ever. Note the complete lack of fireflies. That does not make this an easy level.

In this case, you want to land in front of the caterpillars instead of behind them as usual. Then it's almost ridiculously easy to hit that vortex and swap-hop your way down the right side of the screen to the egg.

One more update (ten levels) to go!

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