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Live Blog Let's Play The Adventures of Willy Freeman I mean Beamish
BlackWolfe2010-12-11 05:25:30

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Let's Spend the Last Day of School in Detention!

What A Swell Place To Work!

Let's Play

Part One

Willy Beamish is broken up into four days. There's a lot of incidental animation in the game - they proudly advertised that they used Disney animators on this project. What this means is that for the first couple of sessions, there's going to be a bit more pictures. There will be occasional pictures of key pieces of dialogue or action in addition to location pictures for places I go. As the game goes on, and more backtracking happens, the pictures will become less frequent. (In fact, I'm going through the next post to see if I can trim some more fat. I'm sure I can.)

In addition, they animated almost everything - I'll point out when they don't - and there are some long, less-than-interactive bits ("Meanwhile" cut scenes and so on) that I'll be recording and embedding You Tube videos of.


Our story begins with Willy falling asleep in an assembly on the last day of school.

Welcome to the world of late-80's-to-early-90's cartoons, where sassy middle schoolers bring their pet frogs to school and anyone who isn't a major character is a walking stereotype.

Also, how 'bout that championship? They sure loved their animation loops, huh? I'm sure we won't see that animation loop again, though.

Meet Ms. Glass. She is Willy's teacher. She is your typical crabby schoolmarm who's seen everything before and doesn't take any shenanigans from any young whippersnapper.

Willy: Oh no, the old prune caught me. Better think of something fast.  BW

  • I dunno, Ms. Glass.
  • I've got something stuck in my ear. Could you repeat that?
  • We can all go home now.

It really doesn't matter what you pick here, Ms. Glass knows you weren't paying attention. She also takes great delight in telling you how horrible your last day is going to be:

Ms. Glass: I said it's a beautiful sunny day. Your friends are outdoors having fun. The birds are singing and your report cards are in today's mail.

Willy: Oh, man, that "C" I got in music appreciation wasn't my fault.  BW

How am I gonna explain it to Dad? He's gonna freak!  BW

Ms. Glass: Won't your parents be surprised when they see your report cards?

Willy: Wangst about missing the upcoming Nintari Championship.

Ms. Glass: Stereotypical teacher shame in student.  BW

Someone please interrupt this dialogue!

Um. No. Thanks, Carmine, but you're just dragging this out.

Yay! "Horny the total 'Studly' frog" to the rescue!

Ms. Glass: Do you have something you wish to share with us, Willy?  BW

Carmine: You're in for it now, Willy!

  • Oh, that was just my frog, Inappropriatenameforachildspet  BW Horny.  BW
  • Must be something I had for lunch.  BW
  • No, Ms. Glass.

You can safely select 2 or 3. Selecting 3 lets you get home in time to intercept the mail, but selecting 2 gets...

Oh, hell yeah.

  • Um, no thanks. I feel better already.
  • Ohhh... I feel a stabbing pain in my side...

Carmine: He's fakin', Ms. Glass.  BW

Willy: Awwww!!! The pain... I think I'm gonna throw up.  BW

Um... No Just No.

Ms. Glass: Okay, go to the nurse's office.

Fat Kid  BW

: Wait'll ya see the new nurse, Willy.

I've been trying to, but you guys won't shut up!

And now it's time for...

Helloooooooo, NURSE! You can put your hands lower if you like...

Willy: What's the difference?

Nurse: About 300 bucks!  BW

Does it hurt here?

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