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Live Blog Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age
SomeColorMage2011-04-01 02:38:16

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Hi guys, we're gonna have... fun today. First, the stats of my team:

Sheba: Lv 54 Wizard HP:909 PP:364 Attack:538 Defence:354 Agility:455 Luck:13

Felix: Lv 54 Chaos Lord HP:1078 PP:223 Attack:727 Defence:358 Agility:384 Luck:6

Isaac: Lv 54 Master HP:1062 PP:324 Attack:754 Defence:352 Agility:511 Luck:8

Mia: Lv 54 Guru HP:875 PP:333 Attack:586 Defence:385 Agility:389 Luck:10

Ivan: Lv 54 Wizard HP:877 PP:387 Attack:526 Defence:357 Agility:439 Luck:13

Garet: Lv 54 Master HP:1106 PP:296 Attack:690 Defence:359 Agility:469 Luck:8

Jenna: Lv 54 Ronin HP:1129 PP:253 Attack:620 Defence:376 Agility:388 Luck:12

Piers: Lv 54 Oracle HP:940 PP:315 Attack:571 Defence:372 Agility:408 Luck:8

Next, we clean out the Artifacts section at the nearest item shop. I should now have enough healing items to take this on.

We head back to the last room of Anemos Inner Sanctum. There are some blocks here that when arranged properly, form the shape of a bird. It starts glowing purple, and we cast Hover on it. It takes us to a headless knight.

I am the shadow, the keeper of light. If you want the sun's power, show me your own.

Cue the Fusion Dragon's battle theme, and a fight against the Dullahan. Dullahan has 16000 HP, regenerates 200 HP a turn, attacks three times a turn, has some of the most dangerous status attacks and Break, as well as True Collide and Formina Sage, two of the strongest attacks in the game.

But those aren't the two attacks to watch out for. The first attack is summoning Charon. Ouch. For the most part, however, he does tell when he's gonna use this, as he normally uses Element Swap (a move that does nothing) the turn before. He also likes to start with it from what I've seen.

The second is Djinn Storm.

...It's OK, I'll wait for those of you who have played this game to stop shuddering at the sound of that attack.

Djinn Storm sets all the Djinn of the entire active party on Recovery. He will then proceed to utterly destroy you because you are in lowest tier base classes.

Now, I'm gonna try fighting Dullahan fairly. I'll spam heals and the Sol Blade, and hope I can get my buffs to stick.

I think it goes without saying that that failed pretty miserably.

So, it's summon rush time. My first summon rush attempt has the first party as Isaac, Felix, Garet and Jenna, with the other four as backup, with Djinn of their element all on Standby. The first party centers around Daedalus and the second focuses around Eclipse. It works, with Ivan, Sheba and Piers left alive (Mia got Formina Sage'd before she could get her Eclipse off).

So, what could possibly be worth all this? We examine the summon tablet behind where Dullahan once stood...

Felix can now summon Iris!

Hell yes. Iris costs 9 Mars and 4 Mercury Djinn, so it may seem useless, and aside from being a backup plan for the final boss, it kinda is. BUT, she throws all your enemies INTO THE SUN for 800 Mars Power plus 40% of the target's HP, and restores all 8 allies to max HP. Even if they're Downed. Then the user's Mars and Mercury Power both get raised by 100. Overkill does not begin to describe it.

For the hell of it, we return to Hamma's house. I actually did not know there was a scene here, so it kinda took me by surprise.

Hamma: Ah, you've returned! What brings you to my new home?

Ivan: Hamma... You're my sister... hy didn't you tell me sooner? Why didn't you tell me when we first met?

Hamma: You play an important role in all this. If I'd told you, you would have come here too soon.

How? They didn't get a boat until the end of the first game, and unless they managed to plot device their way over the huge stone spire that Felix had to Grind into dust, they were stuck on the eastern half of the world too. And presumably, they went to Contigo/Jupiter Lighthouse as quickly as they could! You're not making any sense.

Ivan: This place is so familiar... I feel like I've lived here my whole life.

Hamma: Look at me, Ivan. You're too sentimental. You would have given up your quest to find your true home, and we would all now be lost.

...That makes even less sense! I don't even know where to start with what's wrong with that, aside from the fact that that's not why he joined us in the first place! You sure you're not talking about Sheba here?

Ivan: What are you saying, sister?

Hamma: No, not sister... Do not think of me as your sister until you have finished your destiny.

Ivan: W-Why?

Hamma: Our world is falling into ruin...

Isaac: What? Hamma, what do you mean? What's happening?

Kraden: Look, I don't want to interrupt your reunion or anything, but... I couldn't help overhearing you say something about the world falling apart. What's up?

Hamma: Our world requires a delicate balance of elemental forces. That balance has been disturbed. Without that balance, one element might be lost beneath the others, straining Weyard.

Kraden: You're talking about Mars Lighthouse, right?

Ivan: Isn't Agatio taking care of Mars Lighthouse? Everything should be fine soon.

Okay, I am definitely viewing this out of order. I suspect we were meant to return here immediately after we got the wings.

Hamma: Agatio will not light Mars Lighthouse.

"... because you already killed him."

Isaac: You don't think he can do it?

Hamma: No. A great power stands ready to oppose them. They lack the power to resist that force, and they will fall before it.

Isaac: But what will happen if Mars Lighthouse isn't lit quickly enough?

Hamma: Our world will be plunged into ice.

Ivan: But what would make that happen?

Hamma: Even I don't know the answer to that question.

I think that's obvious. Alchemy.

Kraden: Ah... Yes, given the way that the elements interact, I see...

Isaac: Kraden, you understand?

Kraden: Well, I'm only guessing... But I think it's a good guess.

I've got to admit, even if Kraden is pretty much the patron saint of walls of text, he's pretty much the only way to figure anything out about this world. That, and throwing out all your knowledge of ancient mythology.

Ivan: Quit fooling around and tell me!

Kraden: The earth is nurturing and warm. Many creatures are reared in this warmth, you see?

(Felix: Yes)

Ivan: I follow you...

Kraden: Now think about the ocean. It is a cold place, is it not?

(Felix: Yes)

Isaac: Yeah, it is awfully cold...

Kraden: Both lighthouses were lit, and a balance was reached. But with only the lighthouse of wind lit, the balance has been disturbed.

Ivan: I get it... Wind cools things down, but it can't heat them up...

Actually, wind doesn't exactly work that way. A hot wind can heat things up. Plus, Jupiter has the power of lightning, and that's pretty damn hot, no?

OK, I'm paraphrasing the rest of this. Apparently, all air is cold in Weyard, and the combo of water and wind is overpowering the earth and slowly freezing it. We decide we must go to Mars Lighthouse, which we will be finishing next time. See you then.


Oct 17th 2011 at 11:03:58 AM
I think she was saying that Ivan would've gone looking for his true home instead of doing the quest, not saying that his quest was to find his home. At least that way it makes sense.

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