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Live Blog Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age
SomeColorMage2010-12-12 19:54:56

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Kandorean Temple

Hello all! Today, we're going to explore a bit. Our exploration takes us to the Kandorean Temple. There is a guy called Master Poi in there, and in this series, anyone called a master is really important, so we better go see him. However, the doors are locked. Luckily, we can get in through a hidden cave behind a Whirlwind-able bush.

Poi: You there! Focus your mind!

Poi is training a few monks in how to meditate. The students are trying to float, but only one pulls it off. He is given access to a cave, but as they forget to close it, we might as well go in too.

And we immediately come face to face with a Mimic. This game isn't messing around. If only the upcoming puzzles weren't the same tedium.

Further on, we find the guy let in already beaten down by the monsters. Too bad. Looks like all the stuff in here is ours.

We reach a waterfall that we have to run against to prevent ourselves from sliding down. In the next room, there are some waterspouts, steam vents and a pillar. By moving the pillar, we can cover a waterspout to launch the other one high up. Then we can stand on that spout. By doing this, we get the Mysterious Card.

The Mysterious Card is an odd bit of equipment. Equipping it changes your class to Pierrot. Good HP, Agility and Luck, PP is somewhat lacking. The Pierrot's moveset is pure Psynergy attacking and draws from all four elements. To get to better tiers of this class and any other item dependent class, you need Djinn of all the elements other than the Adept's natural element. As such, they can royally screw up setups if you don't watch out.

I give the Mysterious Card to Jenna for the time being. Using the other water spout, we reach some tightropes which we have to cross. First, however, we have to use Move to block a steam vent so it won't push us off.

In the next room, we see a Mercury Djinn! But we can't reach it, as we need to put up a rope to get to it. By continuing on, we reach a pot an a sign.

Extinguish your desire, and the fire will cool. Empty your mind, and you will feel no pain!

Obviously, we're meant to push it all Zen style or something. We just use Move. The opened path takes us to a boss fight!

We're up against three Chestbeaters. They're pretty weak and also weak to Mars. It's not difficult. Felix reaches level 6 and learns Spire, Jenna reaches level 6 and learns Avoid and Sheba reaches level 6 and learns Flash Bolt.

After that, a ladder appears. We climb up it to find Master Poi.

Poi: You have passed a very difficult test. You have pleased your teacher!

You're not our teacher. We're just a group of people who wound up here by complete accident. Once he realises this, he checks that we came through the cave and not up a rope. We came through the cave, allright. It sucked.

Poi: I must give you... the secret of Lash!

Kraden thinks Poi is a bit annoyed. We disagree because Felix is a lying dick. We discuss Lash a bit and how only people of the temple have had it so far. Poi shows us Lash, and Kraden believes it to be Psynergy. Felix says no, because he's still a lying dick. Kraden figures that the cave was made to test Psynergy skills. Felix, yet again for lying dick purposes, says no. Poi agress with Kraden, but calls him an old man...

Kraden: Tha—-HEY! Who are you calling an old man? You're no schoolboy yourself!

Note to self: Never call Kraden an old man. It probably won't end well. Anyway, we get the Lash Pebble. Lash lets us put ropes up with Psynergy. The people who invented these spells must have been really lazy.

We can now go back into the cave and use Lash to get to that Mercury Djinn. Naturally, it fights us, and goes down with it's weakness to Mars.

Felix found the Mercury Djinni Fog!

Fog increases HP by 9, Defence by 2, Agility by 2 and Luck by 1. In battle, it delivers a Mercury attack plus 30 damage and can inflict Delusion.

We also get the Mercury Summon. For 1 Mercury Djinn, it attacks at 30 Mercury Power plus 3% of the target's max HP, then increases the user's Mercury Power by 10.

We give it to Felix, making him a Swordsman (Venus). Now let's get out of here. Next time, other stuff!


Felix: Lv 6 Swordsman (Venus) HP:88 PP:33 Attack:49 Defence:36 Agility:28 Luck:3

Jenna: Lv 6 Pierrot HP:75 PP:31 Attack:42 Defence:28 Agility:40 Luck:4

Sheba: Lv 6 Seer (Jupiter) HP:71 PP:61 Attack:36 Defence:27 Agility:37 Luck:5

Djinn: 1 Venus, 1 Mercury

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