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Gilphon2010-12-11 11:24:16

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Start of the new arc

So! Chapter 183, Eyes of The Unknown.

Apparently, Kon’s plushie body sustained some damage while Ichigo was gone. Ichigo is, in a word, awed. He does, however, promise to have Ishida fix it. Then his dad forces some weird charm on him. Weird, huh? The next few pages feature Keigo and Chizuru being silly. The only important thing is that the four who went to SS have formed a friendship. But then Tatsuki asks Ichigo about his badge. Ichigo is surprised that she can even see it ‘cause Ukitake told him it was Invisible to Normals. as Ichigo speculates about whether or not it’s broken, it loudly announces that a hollow’s attacking. Also note that the teacher was about to introduce the new transfer student, but he disappeared as soon the alarm went off. Ichigo claims he needs to go the bathroom and runs out, followed by Chad and Orihime, but not Ishida. And then Tatsuki sees Ichigo in soul form despite the fact that this is another Invisible to Normals thing. But anyway, Ichigo kills the hollow, and tells the others they didn’t need to come. The conversation turns to Ishida, and Orihime lets them know that Ishida has seemed different since returned from SS, but doesn’t want them to know. In case you don’t remember, that’s because Ishida lost his power during his fight against Mayuri. The chapter ends with this guy, floating upside-down, in the sky, while drinking water.

Just a few quick things to point out here: The title either refers to the eyes belonging to the unknown person, or to Tatsuki’s eyes seeing unknown things. The first is slightly more plausible since the grammar makes sense that way, but you never know. The reason Tatsuki can see things that are Invisible to Normals, is, in all likelihood, that she’s not normal anymore by this point. And there is good reason Shinji’s upside-down, but it took so long to get explaining that people had forgotten it happened by the time the explanation came.

And… let’s jump right into the next chapter, #184, Hush

So, it seems Ishida’s fixed up Kon. And he put a Quincy symbol on back! How nice of him! More seriously, Ichigo has now realized what’s wrong with Ishida, but avoids calling him on it because he knows Ishida doesn’t want to seem weak. Cut over to the school, we’re meeting the transfer student. His name is Hirako Shinji, and he wrote his name backwards because he’s good at reversing things. Yes, yes, he is. He really is, just trust me on that one. Ichigo’s still thinking about Ishida, but then Shinji takes the seat beside him and the alarm goes off again, so he runs out. Shinji looks weird there, doesn’t he? And yeah, he’s same guy from the last chapter if you missed that. Well, anyway, that night, Kons bitches about being a stuffed animal, but is cut short by that damned alarm. Ichigo quicky kills the hollow, but is stopped by Afro-san (yeah, I know that’s not his name, but it might as well be), who’s Rukia official replacement and doesn’t recognize the badge. And then Shinji shows up with a Zanpakutou. Ichigo asks some well founded questions, but Shinji just shushes him, saying that people will notice if gets excited. A hollow appears behind Ishida, presumably drawn by Ichigo’s reiatsu, just like Shinji warned him would happen. As Ishida reacts, we cut over to Kon taking Ichigo’s body out for a joyride. The chapter ends with Grand fisher appearing over Kon.

The title is very easy to understand this time; it’s just Shinji Hushing Ichigo. And about the content… well, Shinji’s really the ‘far-reaching foreshadowing’ guy, isn’t he? First his existence is alluded to 180 chapters in advance, and when he finally appears he immediately foreshadows something else about himself that won’t be revealed for another 200 or so chapters. That said, the way he acts in the chapter and the next few ‘reeks’ of Characterization Marches On to those who know him nowadays, so it’s not like ‘everything’ about him was planned. On the whole, this chapter largely exists as a prelude to the next few, but I’d still like to note that Grand Fisher’s design has completely changed since the last time we saw him. I’d comment on the implications of this, but I honestly think it’s just a blunder on Kubo’s part.

Wow, three chapters so far! I’m doing well, here, aren’t I? #185, Be My Family or Not.

Turns out that just because he doesn’t have a magic bow, doesn’t mean Ishida can’t move like he used to. He then notices that the hollow is breaking the dimensional wall, which only menos should be able to, despite looking nothing like the Menos we’ve seen in the past. Meanwhile, there’s a crash in front of Kon, and Grand Fisher appears. we briefly cut to Urahara and Yoruichi realizing what’s going on, and then back to Ichigo, who, along with Shinji, is terrifying Afro-san. Shinji seems concerned about what’s going on elsewhere, but Ichigo just wants answers right now. Can’t say I blame the guy, Shinji’s been pretty damned weird so far. Shinji, who finally decided to tell Ichigo who he is, pulls out a hollow mask. This, of course, causes Ichigo to remember his own {{Superpowered Evil Side ‘hollow mask’ troubles}}. Shinji tells us that Shinigami with hollow masks are called ‘Vizard’ and tells Ichigo to join him. And… Back to Ishida! Turns out that the thing is stronger than your average hollow, but Ishida still has a few tricks up his sleeve. However, regeneration and the revelation that he was actually fighting two hollows make him lose the upper hand. And finally, Ishida is saved by somebody.

The title: If I’m not mistaken, it’s about Shinji’s offer to Ichigo; because part of the Vizard’s family or not. Failing that, it’s about who just showed up save Ishida, but his identity isn’t really part of ‘this’ chapter, I kind of doubt that. Content: So, hollows just as strong as Menos that are not five stories high and all-black exist. The actual meaning behind this will be explained in a few, but for now just keep in mind that the foreshadowing ‘was’ there. Shinji continues to be creepy, but you can begin to sense the slightest bit of goodwill from him; he ‘did’ warn Ichigo about the peril he’d attract if he got excited, after all.


Dec 11th 2010 at 11:44:58 AM

Good work Gil. [grin]
Dec 11th 2010 at 11:46:22 AM
Noimporta and I here a brief discussion about update schedules. I'm not bothering to copypaste it over.
Aug 18th 2011 at 2:53:40 AM
I always thought Shinji being upside down was just something Shinigami could do, that he was the only one to use. But now that you've explained it, it's so obvious. Really good work! I'm wondering about Grand Fisher, but I think Kubo may not have planned the Zanpakuto yet as Grand Fisher doesn't have one here. So maybe he overhauled the Arrancar designs and as such Fisher got redone.

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