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RobbieRotten2010-12-10 20:39:40

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Episode 14: Ready For The Bettys

The episode opens as Candace and Stacy, are listening to the radio as some dude is talking about a contest t in which one of the callers to the station will win a trip with some band called The Betty’s.

Candace: I just gotta win! Clearly I’m their biggest fan! Even my Betty boombox which rests on my Betty bedside table beside my Betty bed runs on Betty batteries!

Stacy: Obsession rocks! ///

You know, having crap loads of their merchandise doesn’t make you their biggest fan. I’ve got no P & F merchandise (Expect for a folder) and I’m clearly the biggest fan, but whatever. ///

Anyway, they win and they get on The Betty’s tour bus, where they meet the world’s coolest bus driver. ///

Dennis: Hell Girls, my name’s Dennis and I’m with the radio station

Told you he was cool . ///

So Candace and Stacy meet The Betty’s as they are in the middle of writing a song. It only takes like a minute for them to get annoyed, and tells the girls to clean up the bus, claiming it will help with the song writing process. Really, are you even surprised? ///

Back at home, the boys are trying to figure out what to do today.

Phineas: Hey, Where’s Perry? I wonder where he goes when we can’t find him. //

But instead of cutting to Perry, Phineas puts his hand onto the tree. That turns on the switch to Perry's lair, and the door in the tree opens. Yes, they stumble upon Perry’s hideout. Though I don’t expect this to be the main plot, as the title is based on the Candace plot, and that all Perry plots are subplots, no matter what, So, I won’t be disappointed if not much comes out of the boys finding Perry’s hideout. //

Phineas: When did you find the time to build all this ferb?

Ferb: Well actually I-

And Ferb is cut off by Monogram showing up on that big screen. That line is spoken by ferb, 3 more times after that, so I won’t quote the other times he says this. //

Monogram doesn’t notice the kids at first, and sends them off on a mission to stop Doof. After they leave, he tells Perry to go stop Doof, and protect the boys. //

Back on the bus, Candace and Stacy finish cleaning, then The Betty’s make them shred all their fan mail. Wow, what a bunch of asshholes.///

Candace finds out that one of those fan letters is hers (And it’s chock full of alliteration for some reason), but she doesn’t care about that. ///

Perry gets to Doof’s place, and starts to kick his ass, when the boys show up. Perry then locks Doofenshmirtz in his closet just before either the boys or the doctor can meet each other. ///

Meanwhile, The Betty’s order the girls to clean the toilets, but Candace refuses, and tells them off. ////

'Tink’: I feel like a bit of a Betty butthead.

Heh, that sounds funny. I can say that all day, but I wanna get through this real quick, so let’s move on.///

Crash: How can we make it up to you?

MissyI’ll let you bang my betty bongos! ///

….This is a family show right? //

And that gives them the lyrics for their song…just listen to what they came up with. ///

Crash(Singing): You gotta bang your betty bongos, and bring your betty bass guitar. And with the betty backseat….

Candace: You’ll go betty betty far? ///

Betty backseat, betty betty far? Either I have a perverted mind, or that’s innuendo.

Back at doof’s Lair, some laser goes off, and fires at the bridge that the bus is gonna travel on. The bus is on autopilot, and Candace tries the breaks but…

Candace: The Betty break broke!

Don’t you just love alliteration? Ya, me neither. ///


Anyway, the boys go off to rescues Candace, and Perry quickly ties Doofenshmirtz up and uses the automatic tennis ball machine with mops to gag him and destroys the ray. ///

The boys (while on the hoverjet) try to use the magnet ray to save the bus, but it fails. However, Perry is able to save it just in time. ///

The Betty’s believe Candace and Stacy saved them, and to show their gratitude they let them sing on stage with the band. ///


The boys get home, and tell their mom about their Spy adventure, (After landing in Isabella’s pool, don’t ask). And Phineas still thinks Ferb did all this. ///

Ferb: Actually I-

Linda: Wait a second, why are you two soaking wet?

Ferb: Ugh, I give up! ///

And that’s 6 Ferb lines in this one, which makes the most lines he’s said in one episode, at this point. ////

Linda: I wonder how Candace is doing. ////

And with that, we get the song of the episode. This one, has the exactly title of the episode. As promised, Candace and Stacy sing with them. Not a great song, but it’s catchy. It’s decent enough. And it has even more innuendo then the lines we heard earlier. After the song ends… ////

Stacy: What do yo think your brothers are doing right now?

Candace: Who cares?

And with that it’s….


Man, that took me 2 months to post, and only an hour to write. So anyway… ///

Final Thoughts: Good episode, it’s much more interesting then I make it sound, honest. I went trough this kinda quickly, cuz there wasn’t much for me to talk about. Some parts were pretty funny, and the song was decent. And the boys finding Perry’s hideout was interesting. //

Score: 8.7/10 ////

Edit: Crap, I fucked up with the spacing. There's no way I'm going back and fixing that, so let this be my worse episode recap ever,

Episode 15: I Scream, You Scream ////

The episode opens up with Isabella in the hospital, where she has just had her tonsils removed. Ok, it actually opens with a…flattering shot of Izzy’s mouth. But then it opens and we see the face of her doctor and it’s all better Also, the doctor is Stacy’s Mom. Well…I can see where Stacy got her looks from, if you know what I mean.

Phineas: So Isabella….Whatcha doing?

Heh, hearing Phineas say that is funny.

Phineas asks Izzy to help them out with today’s project, but her throat still hurts.

Phineas: You know, the best part of getting your tonsils out is you get to eat all the ice cream, you want!

“But you don’t wanna know what you eat when you get your appendix out, trust me”

Phineas: You could have the biggest ice cream Sunday ever made!


Phineas: Ferb, I know what were gonna do today!

Anyway, Phineas sends Ferb to some store to get some blueprints.

Then we cut to…Vanessa’s House? Yes, Vanessa’s house. Where we meet her Mom (And Doof’s Ex wife), Charlene.

Charlene: Remember, your at your Dad’s this weekend

Vanessa: Great, a whole 48 hours of evil.

Charlene: Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, your father is not evil

She’s right, he’s about as evil as a playground bully. Wait scratch that, at least bully’s can hurt someone.

Charlene: We just wanted different things.

Vanessa: Was one of those things TO BE EVIL? Because he's evil!

Uh Vanessa, you have seen some of your Dad’s ”evil” inventions, right?

Charlene: He’s Not evil Honey, No one’s evil.

I guess History isn’t her best subject. Well anyway, Vanessa can’t believe that Charlene didn’t know that Doof is “Evil”, and Charlene doesn’t believe Vanessa about his his “evil” doing.

Wait, someone makes crazy inventions, and a teenager girl tells her mom about them, and she doesn’t believe her? That sounds familiar…

So anyway, Doof has Vanessa go pick up some blueprints, at the same place Ferb was sent. They share the screen for 5 seconds, then we cut to Phineas and ferb’s house.

And after a tiny scene with Phineas and Candace…

Phineas: Hey have you seen perry?

About time!


Monogram: Doofenshmirtz sent his daughter right into our sting operation to purchase blueprints for a space Laser…inator. We intended to pass him fake blueprints but thanks to a rookie error, and by Rookie I mean CARL!

Then we meet Monogram’s Intern carl…who was really the women Ferb met at the blueprints place. Uh….no comment.

Anyway, Phineas told Candace what their doing is a surprise, so when she calls Linda (at her cooking class, you’ll see why I point this out later) as per usual, Linda isn’t exactly in a hurry to get home.

When perry arrives, Vanessa hasn't arrived at the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building, and Dr. D asks Perry to sit down in a convenient waiting area. Vanessa arrives and passes the plans to her father. After making sure this plan is “evil” she calls Charlene who just so happens to be at the cooking class, just like Linda.

Then….Song time! This one is called “Busted!”. It’s sung by Vannesa and Candace. It features a catchy beat, nice lyrics and….Interesting [[Fanservice Visuals]]. Awesome song, let’s just...move on.

Dr. D traps Perry in a cage. Vanessa plays along, and Dr. D explains his scheme, to use the Space-Laser-Inator to burn away a billboard blocking his panoramic view. Then he will move onto… nature! No! Beauty! No! And …morning talk show hosts. YAY!

Guess he IS evil…well minus the talk show host thing. He’s doing us all a deal of good with that.

Doofenshmirtz: Soon, there will be nothing can withstand the wrath of Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz!

Vanessa: Doctor? Since when are you a doctor?

Doofenshmirtz: (pulls out degree) They don't give these out to just anybody, you know.

Vanessa: Anybody with fifteen bucks, they do.

I was wondering about the “Dr” part too.

Vanessa calls Charlene about the space laser…inator, at the same time Candace calls Linda about the sundae machine.

Doof activates his machine which….makes ice cream? The hell?

Okay…so the boys activate their machine which ….shoots a laser into space? Well, the machine goes to space, they didn’t attach the laser, it’s still in the backyard.

Phineas: wait, these are the blueprints for a Space laser…inator. I was wondering what that thing was for. That must be the laser. It's a good thing we didn't attach it, huh?

So Doof’s machine got switched with the boys machine? …Awesome.

Linda goes into the backyard and of course there’s nothing there…..except for the Big Ass Laser. Uh….why doesn’t she notice it? It never goes away so…what the hell?

As you can imagine, Charlene doesn’t exactly think a sundae machine is evil, and Vanessa fails to bust Doof. Okay, I know I’ve heard this somewhere before…

So the boys end up making a normal sundae for Isabella.

Isabella: Wow, guys, this is amazing! I was afraid that you guys were gonna go overboard and build some sort of sundae contraption or something!

Phineas: Actually, we were gonna do that, but we accidentally built a space laser instead. Ferb, you're usually so focused. How'd you get those plans confused?

Yes, how did he? Monogram said the plans were real, so what happened? Then…we get a flash back to when Ferb picked up the blueprints. And…Vanessa walked up, Ferb saw her and…well…how do I describe this? I’ll let Ferb sum it up for you.

Phineas: Hey, Ferb, snap out of it! What happened back there?

Ferb: I was weak.

So…Ferb likes Vanessa. How...cute!

But it’s not over yet! No, we get a 2nd verse of Busted over the ending credits! In which….Candace and Vanessa shake it and..don Police Hats and Billy clubs Uh…No comment.

The End.

Final Thoughts: Defiantly a good episode. We find out more about Vanessa…and Ferb. There was some great moments, such as the whole Doctor part, and Carl’s debut. And of course…the song. It was…interesting. Nice...beat...ya…

Score: 9.3

Next Episode: Toy To The World ///

Now if you excuse me....I’ll be in my bunk

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