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Live Blog MOM! Robbie Rotten is doing a Phineas and Ferb liveblog!
RobbieRotten2011-04-24 22:54:03

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Lawn Gnome Beach Party Of Terror

Episode 2:Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror

Ok The Title alone caught my attention.

So the episode opens as Phineas and Ferb are in thier backyard listento the radio.

Radio DJ: This is Stanky Dog, coming to you on the hottest day of the summer. Unless you live at the beach, I say take it easy and do nothing today. Yup, just find yourself a shady tree and maybe an aquatic mammal of some sort, and just blow the whole day off.

Phineas: Come On Ferb. If we let a little heat stop us from having the best day ever, then the morning D Js Win

Ok now that was a TRUE CMOF.

So Phineas and Ferb decide to build a beach. Yay.

Phineas: Where's Perry?

Right On Cue!

Monogram:Good morning, Agent P. Lawn gnomes across the Tri-State Area are disappearing, leaving gardens unprotected from the evils of black magic. We suspect Doofenshmirtz. Get right on it!

Lawn Gnomes. I've always hated those little bastards. But this neither time nor the place.

A few minutes later, Candace heads out to the backyard to discovers that Phineas and Ferb have built a beach in the backyard. A huge one at that.

Then we meet 2 other characters, Candace's freinds Jenny and Stacy. Ah, Stacy. *Sigh*,....Huh? Oh ya. Anyway, cut back to Agent P as he arrives at Doofs lair disguised as a Lawn Gnome. He gets trapped in a cage.

Cut back to P & F's beach as we cut the very first song in the series

This one is called "Hit The Beach". It's alright. Nothing much to say about it.

Moving on, Candace heads over to talk to Jeremy but is hit on the head by a falling coconut. She falls on top of a surprised crab, who then carries her off. The crab happens to carry her over to the limbo contest.

Guy: So THAT'S how low you can go. I've been asking that question for generations

And I've been not answering.

Limbo Guy: By winning the limbo contest you are now officially crowned "Queen Wahini of the Beach"! All Hail Queen Wahini!

Then we get...another song.

This song is called "Back Yard Beach. It's sung by Ferb(In a Different Voice). And It's AWESOME!

Back in Doof's lair, Dr. Doofenshmirtz has finally located the right remote.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz: And now Perry the Platypus, you will finally understand my pain. Back in Gimelschtump in the days of my youth, the Doofenshmirtzes were a proud family. But those were lean times for my father, and our beloved lawn gnome was repossessed. Who would protect our ancient garden from witches, spells, and wood trolls? From a tender age, my father decided that it will be me. While the other kids played kick the schumptel and ate doonkelberries, I would stand for hours. All through the cold night, as the spitzenhounds howled... My only companion was the moon. And my neighbor Kenny. So, since my lawn gnome was taken from me, I will destroy every lawn gnome in the whole Tri-State Area!

I don't know what to say that. All I can say is that I totally get where's hes coming from. I hate Lawn Gnomes too(For a completely different reason).

Back at the beach, we meet another character, Buford. He's obviously the bully. And he's pretty funny as well.

So Phineas and a bunch of other people enter a surf a contest and some funny stuff happens.

Announcer:Let's go to the judges. Ten to the fifth power, infinity, and oh! It seems that Phineas Flynn's radical surfing has made judge number three re-think Einstein's Theory of Relativity! Cowabunga, laws of nature!

Ok now THAT'S a true CMOF.

Linda calls and tells Candace she's coming home. Of Course, Candace is enjoying herself and Doesn't want her to know about the Beach.

Back at the Perry subplot, something happens that causes a volcano to rise of the water. And it spouts Lawn Gnomes. What.

Candace goes to stop Linda from coming. She ends up telling her a CMOF.

Some crazy stuff happens in thew Doof subplot which cause all the water to disappear.

Phineas and Ferb shut down their beach and Linda is none the wiser.

They sit back and listen to the radio again .

Radio DJ:Stanky Dog here with a special shoutout to my two new pals, Phineas and Ferb, for hosting a beach party that was hot, hot, hot. And speaking of hot, slather on the sunscreen listeners, cause tomorrow's weather calls for another scorcher.

Ferb: With a slight chance of scattered lawn gnomes

Another Classic Ferb Line.


That didn't take very long. 2 Recaps in one day. That's gotta be some kind of record.

Final Verdict?

Cons: Not one to found.

Pros: Almost everything. Much better then episdoe 1. The song=kickass.

Next Episode:Flop Starz.

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