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Live Blog Makai Kingdom: So it shall be written, so it shall be liveblogged
WillyFourEyes2010-12-10 20:28:50

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"Don't worry...this is exactly what I wanted..." she says. "When I found out I was dying, it frightened me. It wasn't death that I feared...I was afraid that I would die without telling you...I wanted to die in the arms of my beloved. My wish was to die in your embrace..."

"But didn't you just say—"

"'Die in your embrace', yeah, yeah, we got that part," says Meredith. "But why go through all that trouble?"

"That's screwed up!" says Zetta.

"I know it sounds crazy..." Salome continues, "but, I can't pretend I didn't want that. That's just how much...I love you."

"Shhh!" says Io. "It looks like they're having an 'Overlord moment' right now, if you know what I mean. Maybe we should sit this one out. We're not the heroes, after all."

"'Overlord moment'?" says Steve. "I don't get it."

Salome musters enough of her remaining energy to lift her head and ask, "Tell me, you love me?"

Zetta says nothing.

"That's my Lord Zetta...The invincible Overlord that I...loved." More blood starts to drip from her mouth. "Zetta, I see it...I can see your body...manly and strong, just like always...Fight the curse, my love. on, for me... I love you, Zetta. I always will... This is the last thing that I can do for you..."

With what appears to be Salome's dying breath, Zetta feels a powerful surge of Mana energy welling up within him...the same feeling he got when he became the strongest Overlord.

When he goes back to meet with the other Overlords once again, he is shocked to find out from Pram and Trenia that Salome is really, truly dead... Pram, for the first time during this whole conflict, is worried for him, worried that he hasn't been himself. She now blames herself for rewriting the Sacred Tome. Zetta asks her what he should do next - either remove the curse or restore his old body. He chooses neither, and pleads for Salome's life, for he forgot to tell her something before she died.

Pram is convinced that "something" is really "I love you", but Zetta vehemently denies it. Reviving Salome is out of her hands, and she admits that she only knew what was going to happen because she cheated and read ahead. After that brief moment of reflection, she demands to use the Sacred Tome. Zetta realizes that though Salome was only human, she was still an Overlord-class being, and restoring her life would take a colossal sacrfice. Pram offers to write the wish, but it disappeared from the tome shortly after writing it...she couldn't muster enough Mana power to make it come true. She gets angry and busts open the gate of the dead by...apparently turning Super Saiyan 3. Zetta and Trenia are able to faintly see Salome's spirit, but Seedle comes out of nowhere and sneak-attacks Pram, closing the gate. Seedle knows that Salome had been feeding Zetta all of her mana power ever since she left everyone behind, and implies that it's all Zetta's fault she was dying in the first place.

"Salome loved a man who was too caught up in his own power to realize she was dying! What a tragic ending...Was it worth it, Zetta?! Was all that power worth it? The only reason you're the strongest Overlord is because you've been stealing Salome's power!"

Alex comes to...Zetta's defense? (!!!) and tells him to kill Seedle and shut him up...and then says "screw it" and smashes Seedle with a Bolt of Divine Retribution.

Zetta can't believe Salome had been giving him her power all this time...and chooses not to forgive her because she didn't ask him first. He threatens to give her a "stern talking to" should he be able to wish her back to life, but then laments his existence as "a stupid book that used to be a fake Overlord that a dead human woman created..."

Trenia has had enough, and can't believe that she's stuck walking among the Overlords. She says that "he's done well", and it's time for her to change back...into the Sacred Tome, for she is its spirit and was pushed out when Zetta confined himself to it. Of course, this means that she had total knowledge of everything that was going to happen, but couldn't - or didn't - do anything about it (for the lulz, naturally). In a strange turn, Trenia thanks Zetta for freeing her from the book. She didn't like him at first because all he cared about was being the strongest Overlord, and wanted to see what would happen if he lost it all. As an "apology", she prepares to Confine her soul back to the Sacred Tome...

...and everything appears to be back to normal...kinda., the Tome implores him to write his wish down. His last memories of Salome come rushing back to him as he ponders his final wish:

"...You haven't changed at all."

"...Don't you love me, Zetta?"

"Can me a favor?"

"My love... Won't you die with me?"

"Soon, the curse will end your life. Let's die here, and stay together for all eternity..."

"Heh...I wouldn't answer me..."

The last page in the tome reads...

My beloved Salome will be revived in my name, Lord Zetta.

Roll credits and GOOD ENDING marquee.

After the credits, Zetta meets with Pram, Alexander and Salome in the Forbidden Library.

"Two days to live? How can I still be alive?"

"The One's curse should have taken effect by now," says Pram.

Alex notes that it's actually been five days since Zetta was cursed by The One, and really should have died. Pram thinks "The One" was a fake.

"Will the real The One please stand up?"

Says Ophelia: "It's a secret to everybody! ...Micky and Dryzen don't even know...Oh ho ho ho ho ho!"

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