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Live Blog Makai Kingdom: So it shall be written, so it shall be liveblogged
WillyFourEyes2011-12-03 09:30:39

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49: Everyone vs. Salome

"NO!" Zetta booms loudly. "You can't just up and quit now! We're at the end game! Salome's temple is just within reach. All we have to do is kill her and this will be all over with...I think."

"You don't sound 100% certain, Lord Zetta," says Steve. "Are you sure there's not something else we need to be prepared for?"

"O-of course I'm sure! Now prepare your best weapons and armor and move out!"


The others get behind Steve and follow him toward the Death Temple where Salome is waiting for them, red carpet, wedding dress and all. Zetta is freaked out by Salome's absurdly quick preparation, and tries to formulate a plan to stop her. She is steadfast in her determination to have her last wish granted. Since they're both dying, there's little else she wants at this point. Zetta says that he'll never choose death. Disappointed to hear this, Salome sheds her wedding dress and dares him to kill her.

Stage 9-10: The Death Temple (Final Battle)

Salome is severaly weakened from her encounter with Alexander, but still rather powerful, with about a dozen demon soldiers flanking her. Her demon retinue is equipped with powerful artifacts that the group hasn't seen much of until now.

Steve comes out first and tries to eliminate the magic-using Liches first (with some assistant from Chef Mugen), as Omega-level magic is one of the last things he wants to worry about at the moment. Some of the other party members pitch in and take out most of Salome's vanguard.

"I'm waiting, love," says Salome. "Why won't you come and get me? It's obviously what you really want, isn't it?"

"No way, Lady!" says Meredith. You come first."

Steve and his party wait for the guards to wade through the blood-stained carpet, and right into range of a combination strike from the crew.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God..." says Meredith.

"What is it, Merry?"

Steve looks ahead and sees Salome staring right at him, flipping through the pages of her Note of Death. Her wizardly assistant makes one last ditch effort to stop them, but is wiped out by Tessa's favorite Omega Laser.

"Ha! Now you're defenseless, Salome!" says Steve. "Just cut it out and let us end this game already."

Salome laughs. "A game? Do you think I'd waste my final wish on some silly little game? I was once one of Zetta's greatest pupils. You would be surprised at how much pain I can inflict on all of you. When I'm finished, you'll be begging for someone like Zetta to destroy the Sacred Tome again."

"You talk too much," says Astral. "If you're so willing to die, then stand still as I—"

"—try to cast cast Omega Fire on me? Pfft. I've seen brighter fires on matches," she sneers as Astral's fireball bounces right off her and into parts unknown.

Tessa tries to shoot her with another Omega Laser, but the Justice Gear breaks down. "Oh, man...ran out of juice."

"Forget about magic..." Zetta shouts. "Just dogpile on her...quickly! And most importantly, DON'T LET HER TOUCH THE SACRED TOME! If she damages that, we're all going to die."

"You heard the old dood!" says Charlie. "Beat her down so that we can all go home!"

Salome attempts to zap them with an Omega-level magic spell, but is frozen in shock as, like a bolt of lightning, Steve and his elite team come rushing toward her all at once. Steve finishes her off with a Moon Slash from the distance, and then twirls his sword around triumphantly.

"Pretty cool, huh?" he says.

Everyone begins to cheer and celebrate their victory as Salome falls to the ground, coughing up even more blood than she did previously.

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