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Live Blog Makai Kingdom: So it shall be written, so it shall be liveblogged
WillyFourEyes2010-12-10 19:04:57

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2: Checking In at the Beginner's Lounge

Episode 1: Pages of Tragedy

Zetta decides that it's time to get a new netherworld to conquer. He doesn't trust Pram to grant his wish without screwing it up (see: his dog house), so he asks Micky to do it ("in the name of Dark Lord Valvoga"). Writing down the wish in the Sacred Tome sucked away some of Micky's mana power. Pram states that more powerful and complex wishes drain more mana from the user, and creating a new netherworld would likely erase a lesser demon from existence. Ophelia, Dryzen and Micky argue briefly about what Zetta can do to repay him for granting his wish. Zetta thanks Micky, but also calls him a pushover.

There's now a Dimensional Gate at the castle, which Steve, Meredith, Kashiwa and others can go to travel between netherworlds. Steve approaches the gate, and heads toward "Beginner's Lounge".

Stage 1-1: Meet Micky

As Zetta travels down to the new netherworld, Pram insults Micky for being too soft on Zetta. Ophelia slyly notes to Pram that she left a little "surprise" waiting for Zetta as soon as he landed.

A new netherworld for Overlord Zetta has been created in the name of Dark Lord Valvoga.

P.S. Please enjoy the thrills and adventure. — Micky

Zetta notices the band of rogues coming toward him, and issues an ultimatum: "Listen up, you punks! The name's Zetta, and I'm gonna overlord your faces off!"

A tutorial on inviting fighters into battle ensues. You can have as many as eight characters on the field at any time. If all of them get killed during battle, the game's over. Enemy units are assigned a "point" score, and each stage has a point threshold that is needed to pass the stage. If that's not fulfilled, then defeating all of the units will be good enough. Extra points mean extra rewards at the end of the battle, up to a total of 1000.

There are three enemy units on the battle - two unarmed warriors, and a samurai with a Broadsword. Zetta summons Steve and his two not-girlfriends into battle to show them who's boss.

"You called, Master?" Steve asks upon landing.

"Yes," replies Zetta. "Get those idiots off my property!"

"You got it!"

Steve, Meredith and Kashiwa head toward one of the unfortunately unarmed mooks and kill him. The Samurai comes over and attacks with a technique that hits all three of them at once. Kashiwa stands by to treat her wounds along with Meredith's. Steve's tough and hasn't taken much damage, so he doesn't need the healing. Meredith tries to back off, but the two remaining enemy fighters beat her into submission. Steve gets angry and takes his frustration out on the one without the sword for killing off their friend. They eventually triumph, and gain a Hospital, a Rapier and some pocket change for their victory. When they return, Zetta places the hospital in the castle. Steve hurries over there to bring Kashiwa back to life, which luckily doesn't cost much for a character at her level.

"Whew," says Meredith. "That was painful. Those guys came out of nowhere."

"I know," replies Steve.

Kashiwa nods in agreement. "Yes...being punched in the face and passing out was certainly not the way I wanted to start my existence."

"I'm sure we'd be a lot better off if we had a few more people helping us out," said Meredith. "Having just three of us isn't going to be good enough. Who knows? They might even have four bad guys coming after us!"

Kashiwa sighs and shakes her head.

"I'm not sure if we should trust this Micky guy," says Steve. "I never trust anyone with more than one body."

The trio gathers around their remaining artifacts and Zetta's doghouse to ponder their next move.

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