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Live Blog Do the time warp, doods! Let's play Disgaea Infinite!
EndarkCuli2010-12-10 19:01:31

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The Second Cycle - Let's Set Right What Once When KABOOM, dood!

Part 1

Willy Four Eyes: So go ahead and do it. :) Possess the poor little bast—I mean, dood.

NOTE: It was still Halloween when this post was first shown, dood.

Just to tell you how the past few hours of my life went, mother and I got about 150 trick-or-treaters tonight, which is reasonable considering how close we live to an Elementary school. I was standing at the door in a bright orange shirt and black trousers, as I didn’t have the time to come up with some elaborate costume this year. And before that, we watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and I swear to Baal I had no idea it’d even be on tonight when I picked out a title for this LB. Now that the kids have stopped coming, I decided to pick up and play for a little bit longer.

New in the ‘Extras’ section in the title menu is the ‘Characters’ option. Character portraits are animated in this game, and you can use this option to see the various emotions of characters encountered in the story. There’s only five currently available: the three protagonists of Disgaea, a regular Prinny, and the ‘Ghost Prinny’, AKA the soul of our protagonist. New music includes “Flying Prinny”, “Netherworld’s Whisper”, “Overlord’s Castle”, “You Go, Girl”, “Mischievous Steps”, “March Of The Planet Earth”, “Akuma Drops”, “Hell Pics”, and “AKUMA Galops”.

With all of that said, on with the LB!

So, since no particular button seems to be preferred over the other, I press the R button and possess Laharl. The bratty demon Overlord wonders why our past Prinny body isn’t doing anything, and soon realized that it’s asleep. I then press the R button a few times to see if I can body swap whenever I want, find out that I can, and decide to stick with Laharl for now. Sure, I could re-possess my old body, but sticking with Laharl will probably give you guys more options to choose from.

So, the same stuff from before plays out. Before Prinny runs out, a message comes up that tells us we can even possess people during the sprite events that pop up, such as when the Prinny ran into a bunch of stuff and fell out the window, and tells us not to miss our chances. We’re also told how to use the Options menu to set shortcut keys, but I’m happy with the default options of Select as Save and Start as…whatever Start does, I forget.

TickTock: [Prinny, in the past, flew through the window after getting chastised in the room, consequently making it one big mess!]

Our Prinny ghost can’t believe how inept he acted before. Laharl’s somewhat impressed, but decides that Prinnies shouldn’t be trusted with anything now. So, he decides to begin his own search for the pudding, and we’re going along for the ride! Time to stop our salaries from getting cut..and maybe save Laharl’s posterior while we’re at it, too!

Also, we now have access to the Time Table, which will let me see a schedule of everything we’ve experienced through our various trips in time…at least, until I somehow mess up the timeline while possessing people and cause them to take different actions. We can also return to the beginning of this loop from the Time Table by pressing the X button. The event we just witnessed is apparently called ‘Angry Laharl’, if anyone’s checking the guides on Game FA Qs and wants to know how early in the playthrough we’re currently at. The Prinny Diary is also available, which will allow us to view information that our Prinny has gathered. The only entry on it right now is “I gotta figure out why Lord Laharl exploded, dood…”

Back to actual gameplay, the time is now 9, and Laharl’s in the Throne Room. Laharl decides to head straight to Etna, and Ghost Prinny remarks that using force is why Laharl has so many…fans. But wait! Standing nearby, it’s…

CAPTAIN GORDON, DEFENDER OF EARTH!: Haa-ha ha ha! Who else would I be? I’m the 37th Defender of Earth, Captain Gordon!


…And suddenly, this LB got ten times more awesome. Captain Gordon goes on to say that there are cries for justice deep within the netherworld, which is why he hasn’t gone back to Earth yet. Laharl corrects him, stating that nobody’s calling for his help, and that he’s here because of…well, read Hydra’s next update. Sorry, pal, but it looks like our fates are now intertwined.

“DATABASE: Gordon” has been added!

“DATABASE: Thursday” has been added!

Captain Gordon states that he’s got a hunch something’s going to need his assistance, and Thursday detects something coming from Laharl’s bedroom. They think it could be an inter-dimensional intruder, but Laharl says all he saw in there was a sleeping Prinny. Ghost Prinny gets a bit worried, but TickTock says it was probably just her activation that caused the abnormal energy release. Laharl says that the energy probably radiated from his body when he was angry at Prinny, but Gordon still wants to investigate. We now get to hear Laharl’s thoughts.

Laharl: [They’re actually worried about me, aren’t they? How foolish…That idiot’s a hero, after all.]

Laharl asks them to clean up the mess while they’re in there. Captain Gordon states that he and Thursday are Defenders of Earth, not maids, and that the Prinny should clean up after himself. Laharl counters that a hero should be selfless, would do the deed without question, and that they should be thanking him for the opportunity.

“DATABASE: Defenders of Earth” has been added!

The time turns to 10. Laharl enters the hall, and is surprised that he still can’t find Etna. I take a quick look at the Time Table, and find out that this entry is labled “Laharl & Jennifer”, which probably means that we’re going to meet the third Defender of Earth of the game. Sorry, Kurtis, but I guess you’re just going to have to stand in a corner with Hoggmeiser and Maderas while we get through this.

“DATABASE: Hall” has been added!

Back to the game, right after I press the button to continue the dialogue, Jennifer shows up right on cue. She calls Laharl ‘Harlie’, and asks if he’s looking for Etna. Prinny doubts she’s involved in the assassination, but thinks that she’s too curvy to just abandon her anytime soon. Laharl, of course, still can’t stand sexy bodies and asks for her to leave. Jennifer takes this as Laharl wanting to keep a secret, and comes to the conclusion that our bratty demon overlord wants to ask Etna out on a date.

Laharl: Buh, whaaa?! Never, you fool!

Jennifer: I bet dates are crazy in the Netherworld. Like swimming in a pool of blood…or sharing a glass of brain goo!

Laharl: Stop making up those stupid stories! Your big boobs are giving me a headache. Your giant imagination isn’t helping that…

Jennifer: Oh, Harlie, haven’t you heard one of the most important reasons behind why girls’ breasts grow nice n’ plump?

…And just to keep you viewers interested, I’m choosing this moment to save and quit the game.

“DATABASE: Jennifer” has been added!

So, viewers, what do we do next? I want to do at least one full loop before going back to 7, so possessing Gordon and Thursday won’t be available for a bit, but that doesn’t mean you’re left without a decision to make! Do we possess the very sexy Jennifer? Or do we stick with the bratty Laharl?

Also, I wasn’t requested to do one, but here’s another Database entry for the heck of it.

Area No. 01 – Laharl’s Bedroom

A room with Laharl’s favorite coffin bed. The room is located at the Castle’s far end. Prinnies avoid cleaning this room because it gets messy in a second anyway. You could say that there’s almost no security system here, since Flonne was able to sneak in fairly easily. The security Prinnies were, of course, slacking off. Any vassals would gladly accept the fact that Laharl was assassinated.

…Looks like Areas and Characters get a bit more detail than regular entries. Anyways, see you soon!

NEW DATABASE TERMS: Defenders of Earth, Hall, Gordon, Thursday, Jennifer

Part 2

Willy Four Eyes: Become one with Jennifer.

Swingyshark: Oh, that Jennifer. Possess her.

So, as requested by popular demand, I possess Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!’s Hyper-Competent Sidekick Jennifer as soon as I load up my save file. Where were we last time? I think it was something about her chest. One heck of a cliffhanger, isn’t it? Also, there’s one new piece of music, “The Anthem Of Braves”. Continuing right where we left off…

TickTock: [Jennifer initiated a sex-ed course!]

Laharl: Damn it, I don’t care about what your curvy, bouncy body has to say! I just wanna know where Etna is!

Jennifer: You’re so shy, as always. I wish I could help you hook up with Etna, but unfortunately, I haven’t seen her.

Laharl: Th, then there’s no reason for me to stay and force myself to bear the sight of your sexy body. Seriously, where the hell is Etna?!

Jennifer: Best of luck, little Harlie! Oops! I’ve gotta find Thursday and give him this marvelous present!

…I feel as though I’ve been cheated out of some valuable knowledge. Oh well.

“DATABASE: Sexy Bod” has been added!

The time is now 11, and Jennifer is still in the Hall. Etna pops up, and Jennifer tells her that Laharl was looking for her, possibly so he could confess. Oh, if only that brat knew by how much he had just missed his goal…Anyways, Etna interprets this as a confession of incompetence, but realizes Laharl would never do that with a straight face. She does hope that Laharl improves in the near future, since she has to work for him and whatnot. Jennifer asks if she’s seen Thursday, and Etna says she heard Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!’s ‘stupid laugh’ coming from Laharl’s room. Jennifer decides to check this out ASAP.

“DATABASE: Stupid Laugh” has been added!

The time is 12, and now all three of the game’s Defenders of Earth are together in Laharl’s room. Jennifer announces that her ‘special gift’ for Thursday is a power-up unit, and we get a close-up of the device. I’m not the best at descriptions, but it looks like half a steel box, with red and blue screws on one side, and a USB port sticking out. Captain Gordon asks in his usual manner how she expects to improve their already-invincible buddy, and Jennifer says that she’s going to hook it up to his space jet engine to double his energy output.


Jennifer continues to say that Thursday’s calculation speed will increase, and that he’ll be able to play Blu-ray discs. Thursday’s really excited about that second point, but there’s absolutely no chance that it’s some kind of Chekhov's Gun…or is it? Anyways, Captain Gordon’s worried about fuel, but Jennifer says she’s already got a separate fuel pack ready to hook up to it. And if they decide not to use his new operating settings, they can at least use the new pack to quadruple Thursday’s usual running time. I should mention that a picture of the two fuel packs are shown while Jennifer explains this.


Jennifer goes on about the new upgrades, saying that they can cook Teriyaki Pizza as well. Captain Gordon gives off a big smile, and tells Jennifer to plug it in. She does this in a new ‘sprite event’, but ends up tripping over some of the junk Captain Gordon forgot to clean up, and TickTock kindly adds that she landed face-first in ‘Underpant Mountain’. The scene of her tripping happens again at various camera angles and zoom distance, followed by the entire screen going white. Ladies and gentlemen, whatever happens next will either be a horrible disaster unlike that we’ve ever seen before…or something really, really funny.

“DATABASE: Power-Up Unit” has been added!

The screen goes back to normal, and we see that Jennifer’s upper body is now stuck inside Thursday. Captain Gordon is off to the side, his sprite quivering in shock, and is surprised that she didn’t miss. Thursday then whirls around the room with Jennifer still inside, knocking literally everything in the room up into the air…though Captain Gordon does land a few seconds later, on the opposite side of the screen. Thursday announces that he’s about to connect the unit with the engine, but as soon as he does, he starts glowing red and shooting off sparks. Captain Gordon’s shaking like a willow tree in the path of Hurricane Katrina.

Thursday blasts up like a rocket, leaving Jennifer with a very noticeable afro, before falling back down nearby. The sprite event ends, and Captain Gordon christens him the “Super All-Purpose Invincible Robot +1” before wishing “Super Thursday” a happy birthday.

Thursday: Oh, a thousand pardons. I apologize for the delay. Erm, beep beep…blippity beep.

TickTock: [Thursday is speaking all sophisticated!]

Jennifer: What?! I didn’t anticipate any modification to his speech algorithm!

Thursday: No fault falls on you. You did nothing wrong, dear Jennifer. The blame is placed on this busted power-up unit. Erm, bleepity-bloop.

Thursday starts glowing red & shooting off steam and sparks again. Thursday tries to eject the upgrade, and in a sprite event, a few other pieces of junk get launched like a cannon millions of miles above. I can only imagine the damage all of these upward-thrown things will do to Laharl’s room. Captain Gordon’s a bit upset, but it turns out that the power-up didn’t get ejected due to an overabundance of internal pressure. Thursday starts freaking out like Will Robinson’s robot, and one of his fuel packs gets blown off and hits Gordon. Thursday starts blipping and beeping like normal, and we get an announcement that the Prinny Diary got updated!

“Thursday went crazy and something weird shot out of his body, dood! Was it the fuel pack?”

…Obviously, the Prinny can’t remember what something we were shown a few minutes ago looks like. Anyways, I exit the diary, and TickTock announces that Thursday’s all out of whack. Her words, not mine. Thursday charges out of the room, and Jennifer calls for him to wait before she and Captain Gordon run out after him.

The time is 13, we’re in the Throne room, and the Time Table says that the scene is called “Catch Thursday!”. I suppose if I had switched to Thursday, it would be called something different. I originally planned to just do two scenes and then give you an option, but it looks like Captain Gordon & Jennifer will be sticking together for a fair bit anyways. So, I decide to stick around and watch Captain Gordon and Jennifer call out to Thursday and tell him to wait.

Surprisingly, after the duo make one anguished cry each, the time’s 14 o’clock and we’re back in the Hall. Once again, one anguished cry each, and we’ve finally reunited with Thursday in the Shop area at 15 o'clock. The Dimensional Gate is in the background, and I must say, that’s one nice-looking swirling vortex.

Captain Gordon: Are you all right, Thursday?! You simply must calm down.

Thursday blips, and then goes back to normal. Jennifer notes that he has a short circuit and that his lid’s practically garbage, then apologizes to the poor little robot. Captain Gordon says that their friendship is too strong to break because of a little thing like this, and then Jennifer says she should go and fix Thursday up. Suddenly, the sound of Laharl’s laughter echoes through the castle.

Captain Gordon: Damn it! Thanks for ruining this heart-warming moment. It almost felt like OUR game, y’know?!

And then there’s an explosion. Ghost Prinny gulps, and realizes that he didn’t stop what he meant to stop. After hearing Laharl’s cry that he’s been assassinated, TickTock offers some words of encouragement, and we’re soon brought back to the Bedroom at 7 o’clock. Ghost Prinny muses that the busted power-up unit might’ve had something to do with the assassination attempt, and both TickTock and myself are inclined to believe him. Then, Prinny realizes that possessing people will only let him see how the assassination could’ve occurred, and that his body will still fall out of the window. Next time we play, I think we’re going to be able to use a new gameplay mechanic…

So, viewers, we have a choice! Do we let Prinny’s body fall out of the window again, possessing it to find out if doing so actually has a purpose? Do we use the new feature that’ll be revealed in the next update to stop Prinny’s past self from leaving the castle, and then see what’ll happen if it’s left in Laharl’s room? Or, do we go back to possessing Laharl, and possess somebody that we didn’t get our hands on before? The choice is in your hands!

And, since there still hasn’t been any Definitions in particular that you want defined, I’ll pick one out myself. Spoiler tags are up because I’d be spoiling Hydra’s next update otherwise.

Character No. 4 – Gordon

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 35
  • Height: 188 cm
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Likes: Pizza Shack Teriyaki Pizza
  • Dislikes: Cockroaches

The 37th Defender of Earth who protects Earth’s peace. Stereotypical American Hero. He came to the Netherworld to stop them from invading Earth, but he was repelled by Laharl and is now Laharl’s vassal. He spends his days cleaning with Prinnies. He was dubbed the “Netherworld Hero.” However, the Herodar fails to detect him.

NEW DATABASE TERMS: Sexy Bod, Stupid Laugh, Power-Up Unit

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